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A solo TTRPG about metamorphosis.
A short, meditative game about the exploring the senses while sailing the sea.
A map-drawing roleplaying game of piracy, adventure, & relationships
A storytelling game about a ship, its crew, and the sea they sail on
A whimsical, nautical, drunken adventure for the Cairn​ system.
Beach and Ocean Adventure for Brave Zenith
A privateer journaling game
A poetry-prompting game about being at sea that uses a standard deck of cards!
A game about what we remember and where we hope to arrive
A Seafaring One Page RPG
A hopeful ttRPG centered around boats, exploration, and communities in an oceanic solarpunk world.
A Sink to Swim hack about sailing back
Ship playbooks for seabound wanderers
Weird fantasy space opera. Submitted as part of the HexDrive Zine Jam.
Fantasy, FIST, Into the Odd, sailing ships in spaaaace!
abyssal attraction
A micro RPG for the Age of Sail
A one-page ttrpg about heists on a boat.
A game of exploration in a fantasy tropical archipelago
An adventure of nautical horror - system agnostic so you can use it for your game of choice!
a story game about a doomed voyage
attraction abyssale
A boundary is drawn across the waves and enemies meet. Who will survive?
A tabletop game about hunting down a space whale before your friends do
Your pirate fleet must work together to overcome some of the greatest dangers the sea has to offer.
A TTRPG for ages 2-5; help Captain Cam brave the storm!
A game of fortune and misadventure now on YouTube!