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Peace. Kids playing in mech wreckage. A ghost. One last journey to find a final resting place.
sift through the memories of these ruins you once knew
A 2 Player TTRPG about Relationships Reforged in Conflict
A Pilot and their Mech sit across a fire. They will die tonight.
a tragic letter writing mech romance
We wanted nothing more than our home.
A pilot has died, but the war continues. It is up to us what we should do with what remains.
An exploration of the relationship between a pilot and a mech, and how they have changed each other.
You're a fan of mechs and their pilots: spectate their glory.
Two hours for one last conversation.
A game about living after you leave your mech behind
A mech-building poetry game!
a sad game about broken mechs and the pilots who die in them
Play as a group of children in a junkyard piecing together a mech and the story of how it got there.
A GM-less game about emotions, isolation, and a big robot .
a 1-3 player game about what gets left behind and lost
A 3-player game about helplessness and responsibility.
A Queer Game of Opening Up & Trusting Your Emotions
A game about what we don’t get to say
​This is a game about being someone's bespoke chess-piece.
a short ttrpg about fraying connections and the futility of war
It's the night before the final battle.
a two-player game about sensory feedback, emotional connection, and trust between pilot and mech
A 2 player ttrpg about saying goodbye to your partner
An hour long one-player game about the interpersonal relationships of a mech squad.
#sadmechjam. Return Broken, Doomed to Falter Again.
keep the fire burning. oil your rusting joints. tell stories.
Your pilot is dead but their memory remains. A mecha RPG for 2-4 players.
a mobile suit, its newest pilot, and the ghost that haunts them
no war but the sad war
An Emotional Mecha Game For Three or Four Players
Two or more player micro-RPG for the #SadMechJam
alt title: my dead twin's ex lover
an emotional mecha jam between an engineer and mecha
A combat mecha pilot's traumatic experience causes them to travel through time.
A 4 player RPG about giant robots and feelings unrelated to giant robots
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