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120+ quirky, magical, low-powered items for tabletop RPGs to encourage creativing thinking without breaking the game
A Guide to the Fungus of the Dying Land
A compendium of powerful objects to spice your RPG.
A potions supplement for Bastards.
A supplement of new races, classes, and objects for OSR RPGs and adventures (Labyrinth Lord compatible!)
A collection of unique merchants & items for Mausritter
A four page supplement for Mausritter with new items, a background and an mini-adventure
A selection of magic items for Mausritter.
Flycheese reimagines items form the Dragon magazine.
Over 20 new and wacky items for your Pathfinder First Edition game!
Paper Wargame - Battle Gears Booster Pack
Tired of coming up with prices?
15 creatures and associated items for PF2e!
30 eclectic, usually weapon-adjacent items to sprinkle into your 5E campaigns
Rag and Bone presents a number of powerful new items and a mysterious new merchant to provide them to your players with!
18 different monsters across 5 different factions, 6 magical items, and a free map now on YouTube!