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Telling the story of a weapon from its creation to when it stops being used
Paper-&-pen roleplaying in the mutant apocalypse!
A dueling and bluffing game for two
Weapons, supplies, artifacts, and spells for Cthork Borg.
A small supplement containing weapons & gear for Death in Space
Crossbow and Firearm specialists that maximize the use of arrows, bolts, and shot!
Gear & Crafting for the age of Stone & Sorcery
An RPG where you play as people who transform into weapons to fight their inner demons.
Bonds of the Dragonkin is a small, Fire Emblem inspired weapon and gear pack for GilaRPGs RUNE
all flails, all the time
The Killer's Weapon, compatible with MÖRK BORG and crafted for the Slasher Jam
A morningstar topped with a miniature dying sun, the size of a fist.
A set of random tables for you to build your randomly generated weird weapon.
Create short stories about powerful weapons in this solo ttrpg
A system-neutral toolkit for crafting fantastic and useful polearms
A Fun Magic Weapon Generator That Uses A Standard Deck Of Cards
An adventure game module that gives all weapons a chance to deal lethal damage
A first pack with 5 long and pointed magic items adapted for DnD 5e and for Brigandyne!
30 eclectic, usually weapon-adjacent items to sprinkle into your 5E campaigns
System agnostic way to use creature parts.
A Weapon Building, Zombie Slaying Game of Braggadocio
A one-page mini zine of powerful and cursed RPG weapons
Инструмент для быстрого создания эпического оружия
Gun-Toting Android Waifus Combat TTRPG
Gladii é um party game de cartas onde os jogadores administram gladiadores e constroem seu próprio armamento.
Upgrade & Trade your weapons, fight in cinematic combat, and become LEGENDS.
A collection of FieldTEK’s most popular weapon products. For Mothership RPG. now on YouTube!