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A paranormal mercenary roleplaying game
a campaign kit for FIST
A Powered by the Apocalypse narrative wargame of satirical scifi skirmish storytelling
a funnel mission for FIST
a mission with a puzzle boss for FIST
Six trifold pamphlets for FIST
A framework faction for FIST
A five act campaign for FIST, centered around pigs and butchery.
deliver a magical girl's corpse to her resting place. a FIST: Ultra hack.
a merchant NPC for FIST
a themed miniboss squad for FIST
injury and treatment rules for FIST
a micro-bestiary/faction pamphlet for FIST
An index card-sized Character Keeper for FIST.
A gameplay expansion for FIST
Use FIST to play as Arthurian knights, going on quests and fighting for the King!
A one-shot, one-room adventure.
Cool Cars for Cool Operatives
A basebuilding strategy layer for FIST.
A haunted mission for FIST
A GM-centric expansion to provide inspiration
A new KEY TRAIT and several subtraits for FIST.
Can FIST solve the self-replicating BIELEFELD-HASSELT EQUATION without succumbing to the infinite complexity?
Mercenaries disguised as kids on bikes? Stranger things have happened.
New Traits, Roles, referee options, and vehicle rules for FIST by b. everett dutton.
a series of linked tables to design your own traits for FIST: Ultra Edition
Warning Order #1: A FISTful of Tables
Adds pre-mission options, new Roles and Traits (including playable animals), and Complications to earn WAR DIE for FIST.
Three beginner adventures! Random tables and advice! The keycode to the bathroom!
A D66 table of armor tags for FIST!
A bloody, dismal scenario for FIST
Seven factions for FIST, plus 35 hostiles and 21 mission hooks.
A supplement for FIST, new traits, personal 'quirks,' mission prompts, death and resurrections for a COST
Six missions for FIST by b. everett dutton, all revolving around themes of paralife and undeath.
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