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A lightweight tabletop RPG of gothic action-horror inspired by the greatest vampire video game series of all time!
A game about blood, mystery, and surviving immortality together
Asymetrical Dungeon Crawling Action
A two player tumbling tower game about keeping your cool
slice of afterlife
A ttrpg to play while keeping a vigil. Compatible with sleepovers and campouts.
A playbook for Masks: A New Generation. Play a cursed hero who is hunted due to the source of their powers
An assymetric ttrpg inspired by classic movie monsters, for 1-3 players
A monstrously fun tabletop social game for 3-6 hideous creatures of the night
You installed the wrong DLC and now you must fight mathomagic dracula. Universal TTRPG DLC.
Gothic Horror + Dracula + Jane Austen
A pilot playbook for Beam Saber
Vie for Dracula’s favour or become dinner
Magic, Mystery, and Mother-f**king Dracula
a tabletop roleplaying game of vampiric horror
Have you ever wanted to beat the shit out of Dracula? Well now you can!
Dracula in the world of The Blood
A game of chance. With vampires
Hidden role RPG game in 12 words
What would it be like if Jonathan Harker and R. M. Renfield had a correspondence?
Solo card game where Dracula in the bat form, wants to fly through the city.
An epistolary game of vampiric grudges for two players
A 1-page, improvisational, collaborative story-telling rpg in which monsters sue each other.
A church, it's full of Draculas!
Dracula wants you to obey... what do YOU want?
Work for Dracula as he sends you to battle cosmic horrors. A hack/restructuring of Liminal Horror
A game about breaking up with Dracula
A scenario born from a meme. For use with Risus
A Spooky Expansion for DREAM STARS
Your ex-boyfriend is back in town, itching for a fight. Oh, and he's Dracula.
A pair of stat blocks for d20-based games
A Game of Vampires, Memory, and Drinking
You know about how Dracula can't come into your home unless you invite him? It's based in truth, but not like that.
Dracula Owes You Money, and you're going to get it back. now on YouTube!