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​a little ritual grieving game for anyone who has ever loved a dog
a two-player rpg about dancing with your past
my 2005 game of losing control under stress
make a movie. don't get caught
A journaling game for one player about remembering your fallen friends through their remaining mechs
a silly rules-light tabletop game inspired by death and darkness
A game about rodents who are also rumrunners
A game about groundhogs with a mission.
A short 2-page RPG where you play as birds who fight crime.
200 fantasy plot hooks for enterprising GMs to use as seeds for adventures in their roleplaying games.
Gang of animals just doing crime to show the humans who's boss
A Game of Bee Vengeance
A Game of Mechanical Mortality
You've just finished your ninth life. Time to steal a tenth. (3-6 players)
Only one more has to die...
A Post-Mecha Legal Battle
A 2-player game about an Engineer, a Pilot, and the Machine that binds them together. #sadmechjam
let's build a mech together!
A game about burried memories.
You and your nemesis are fighting. You’re also flirting.
A scene game about psychic mech pilots who live on the moon and the conversations they have.
a two-player game of acceptable sacrifices.
A game about what we don’t get to say
a two-player rpg about piloting a mech and sharing a mind.
TTRPG exploring the emotional links between young Mecha Pilots
a mobile suit, its newest pilot, and the ghost that haunts them
A game of battle partners piloting a war machine.
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