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An out of body experience for haunting the end of your own life.
Versión de Magos y Tabernas para imprimir y jugar
a solo card game
A Fiasco playset based on the works of Shakespeare.
A collection of airport games
a book of 30 solitaire games
a talking game for three or more players
A Roll-and-Write game for 2-4 players about Scary Clowns
Board game which programmer versus bug
Cards you can use to contact spirits!
a meditation
A game about regret that you should never play.
A tile placement roll and write for 1 - 99 players!
An RPG about exploration & discovery in a world haunted by folklore and inspired by dynastic China and feudal Japan
A one-page role playing system for traveling!
These shows are what keep you going. They let you survive in this flat, unforgiving, inoffensively boring town.
a worldbuilding card game for two players
Very Intensive Brain Teaser Puzzle, need high IQ to compete
A storytelling game about two rival countries
A comfy, UNO-based RPG for short adventures.
A Sci-Fantasy Adventure Game
A 2-player card game inspired by the first run of the hit Giant Bomb video series.
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