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Robôs são usados para fazer trabalhos humanos e precisam de cápsulas de sentimento para funcionar.
A game about androids considering their mortality in the last moments before they power down.
A 1-Hour Game About Love and Hopelessness for 2 People
Robot girlfriends across the battle-line
A single-player TTRPG about an artificially-intelligent being in an oppressive society.
A board game about connecting scrapyard parts to build a robot... to get more parts
Divine machines ask you and your partner(s) to be vulnerable.
A cyberpunk larp that uses the concept of AI to explore conformity, resistance and what it means to be truly human.​
a collection of compendium classes, advanced player options for Dungeon World
A TTRPG about imparting your experience to an automaton, teaching them in your last moments
Robotitos: Juego de mesa para aprender a codificar
Lancer is a mud and lasers TTRPG focused on mechs and the pilots who crew them.
A solo play, one shot, narrated TTRPG about war, anxiety, paranoia, identity and purpose.
You're a fan of mechs and their pilots: spectate their glory.
A mecha pilot rpg about vulnerabilities and sharing them
A 2 player ttrpg about saying goodbye to your partner
A tabletop roleplaying game about big robots, terraforming, & found family
Two hours for one last conversation.
A 2-Player Game for a Mech, a Pilot, and a War.
A GM-less game about emotions, isolation, and a big robot .
A crew of mecha pilots and support, stranded on an island.
A micro horror game about brutality and weakness
a 3-player game about loss, memory, and (if you are lucky) recovery
Lightweight, PbtA ruleset for mecha anime
Play robots building nukes and having feelings.
An RPG about falling in love with a killer robot
Cards, dices & robot-building !
Sabotage your fellow robots in this anti-deck building game!
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