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Topthat last a few minutes (51 results)

Explore physical games that last a few minutes on · Upload your physical games that last a few minutes to to have them show up here.

print and play deckbuilding game for one player!
A pamphlet sized map making game of leapfrogging through the cyclical histories of worlds.
quick, fun, & easy one-page dungeon crawl
A 2D platform game in a fantasy world
Single-player Dice Bossfighting
Blast the meteor before everyone else!
twine generator tools for dnd 5e
Someone's in your house with a knife. It's dark.
Open it if you dare but be quick about it, wouldn't want all the nasties to get out.
A tiny card game about tiny duels with tiny swords
A game about consent and cuddling
A hand-written and hand-made role-playing game where nobody has agency.
an experiment in sharing.
Juego de manipular el mapa para capturar a un lechón antes que los rivales capturen al suyo
A fighting card game of attacks and counterattacks for 2 Players
The Hottest New Debate & Trivia For Latino’s : (Alcohol & Non-Alcoholic Playing Options)
Secrets are valuable as long as they remain secret.
Order pizza with your friends, competitively.
Play the role of a novice shapeshifter practicing his magic skills in order to survive in the dangerous land of Atör.
Ein kooperatives Print'n'Play-Spiel für 2 Personen
A vindictive party game for nineteenth-century masters of literature to play at the end of the world
A political solitaire game about the 2014 Ferguson protests
field game with colored paper
A rule system for computer RPGs
A printable racing game for #paperjam2017
Escape a dungeon upwards as a tetramino block.
A short game about dating. To encourage empathy.
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