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∞ angela quidam's (experimental?) games, zines and stuff

a collection by dan qui dam · last updated 2023-11-10 02:56:13
des dinos et des billes
supplément jeu dessin

[French only but only 3 paragraphs of rules!]

solo newsletter test

Extracts from my newsletter (

Solo-focused contect sent directly to your email box, on the 1st and/or 17th of each month.

[EN/FR] 2 symbiotic characters, 1 block tower
[FR] Une ludicarte de visite, pour une jam.
[FR] mini-zine pour la jam Altérité
Run in browser
a zine for a cool game jam
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[FR] Texte de 3 pages sur les cabinets de curiosités
[FR/EN] mini-zine-zini
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jam submission. it's like twine, but worse. in a pdf format
[1 idea per day for a month] "ttrpg inktober"
​jam submission. I'm ashamed because I guess I could do better (worst).
[2 pages – 10 min.] "Gosh, I don't know what I'm doing"