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The soothing audiovisual rain simulator is back!
Augmented 7 Wonders is an augmented reality app that helps you play the 7 Wonders™ board game.
digital pals to spruce up your desktop
Little cubepig paradise to be controlled by a twitch chat
Let's chat!!!
Record brainwave data utilizing the Muse
Android Beat player for DJ's, Turntablists, Rappers & Musicians.
A WebGL camera path demonstration of the Heiligenkreuzer App - Update - Wireframe Shader Edition.
Run in browser
Play 112 sounds from over 50 different animals.
Not a game, just a "word-based" clock.
A vital desktop app that runs in the background & occasionally screams at you.
Software you need to convert your Scratch game to a mac app.
An intuitive drum machine
A fun app for when people are gawking at you.
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A fun App that allows dancers to run on your Desktop
A small unity app to translate Morse code to English and back.
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