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Submitted by Dijjidog (foo-tech) — 15 hours, 58 minutes before the deadline
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Interesting game, the wall-walking thing felt pretty weird, was it added on purpose?

I've enjoyed the level design and also flying Suzannes are a nice addition/easter egg :D

Developer (1 edit)

congratulations you are the only person I know who found the Suzannes it was a bit of a tribute to the blender game engine or what it is now UPBGE (the game engine it was made in) the wall walking was a bug I semi patched but then turned into a feature but I realise people have been exploiting it which I will stop with an update that's complete but I won't publish until the jam is over. Thanks for playing!


haha. Cool game idea. really enjoyed it!. It somehow felt a little bit trippy. Good job guys!

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for playing! I didn't know it felt trippy...

maybe just the game engine or my friend's art style idk. I would have described it more as uncanny but whatever.


The trippy felling could be because I play games on a much higher fov. But still it was a really fun game to play!


ahh i was considerating making the fov 15mm but I decided that 24 was enough


Ayy, beat this one. Some pretty nice aesthetics and sounds in here. I have two main complaints. The box pushing mechanic is pretty janky. You have to bump into the box, but only slightly and it's pretty slippery after you push it. Having a portal style "press e to pick up" mechanic would work better, but honestly would eliminate most of the challenge. My second complaint is that you don't move along with moving platforms. You have to move yourself to keep up with them. It's funny because on the last puzzle I was like "oh sure, the boxes can stay on the moving platforms just fine, but not me?". The wall climbing is also pretty janky, but kinda in a funny way. Pretty good game. Thanks for making it!

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for completing it! I agree I need to figure out a way too fix the box pushing maybe another feature that alows you to throw the box but I don't know! Yeah the physics system in my game engine is pretty old and I didn't think I had time to put in a solution to you not moving on platforms! the climbing on walls was a bug that I semi patched but then decided to turn into a feature so that's why its so weird! also I'm glad you liked my friend's art and my sound design! Also once again, thanks for completing it! (also my friend came up with the name)


If anyone falls through the floor at the beggining it can cause problems with the rigid bodys and is caused by the assests loading in the wrong order, I'll fix it soon as the jam is over! But until then  RELAUNCHING THE GAME FIXES IT.


Really shows how using some obscure engine can help to make your game stand out, visually. Nice atmosphere with the sound design! Quite creepy.


On my PC (with the recommend download version) it does start normal :)
The game does look very unique and remembers me a little bit of Portal because of the puzzle-aspect. All in all it is fun, but a little bit unpolished. And i have to admit that i don't see the topic implemented, or did i miss something?

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thanks for playing! And yeah it is a bit of a buggy mess which I will hope to make an attemp to fix soon as the jam is over! I thought I did a good job with the theme seen as you have to die to open the next door but I admit it was a bit lazy in hindsight! And the reason it looks unique is probably a combination of my friend's art skills and the fact that I used quite an uncommon engine! Also yes i did take too much inspiration from portal. out of curiosity, how far did you get on in the game? Anyway, thanks for the advice!


Ok yes now i understand the topic 👍 (Maybe a "you died"-Message would be helpful 🙃). And also the Engine was very special, i searched for it because i never heard of it before ^^
I have to admit that i didn't got very far, but i reached the next level after the introduction of the box. I'm not a good puzzler is the problem. I think the box-pushing-physics are a bit wanky. If a player could just pick them up it would be better.

But like already said: Your Game is unique and creative and therefore something special. :D


Thank you so much!


The executable is pretty unstable. It crashed once before I got it working. Your game has a neat atmosphere! I couldn't get too far into it because it's very difficult to push the cubes. It's hard enough pushing them in a straight line, when I saw that I was supposed to push one up a ramp I was like "nope". Regardless, good job finishing your game!


thanks for downloading! I dont know why it keeps crashing on some PCs but at least you got it working! it might work better if you switch to and from versions of the .7z (reccomended and lp versions). And yeah I'm starting to think I should have invested more time into the box mechanic.  also spoiler alert: you don't have to push the box up the moving ramp!


The window launches but closes almost immediately without loading anything. Sorry.

Developer (3 edits)

ok, i haven't herd of that, ever! I'll try to recreate the bug so I can tell you how to fix, what version are you using (does it say lp in the title) but until then the only thing that I can reccomend is re launching or reinstalling because if a single file is missing it can cause problems also it has bad performance optimisations so try running a different version of the game (on the itch download page) also check that all your system 32 folders are in place


Its giving me an error when i download it, any ideas?


what browser are you using if it's chrome hit the up arrow thaen hit 'keep' if there are any issues please let me know!

Developer (1 edit)

also if it doesn't let you run it download 7-zip here: then right click on the .7z file go to 7-zip then hit extract then ok then if when you launch the .exe just and it comes up with a virus warning just press more info and dont run. (DON'T USE AN ARCHIVE CONVERTER IT DOESN'T WORK)


if you're using the google drive version just don't


if anything I told you doesn't help maybe attatch a screenshot of the error