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I liked the part where i had bones, not so much the part where i didn't

Mildly horrifying bit of a funky movement system especially since it's not trying to mimick an older game but it works suprisingly well, well done!

made it a couple months ago and it wasn't going to be used for anything and the thing I made for the game sucked

only comment lol...

...until NOW!

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oh i get what you mean now i don't speak computer drawing language and am very dumb (also I'm not the guy that did the art but am mostly responsible)

mybe put probably need lower res

haha i can relate I accedently renamed a project file to à_2 so that's what the final song was called so also congrats on 3rd place!

Thank you so much! I don't mean to brag but I was very happy with the music

Thanks! hope it doesn't happen again!

as I say really liked it! will definitely play again!

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ah we did re-use some textures from my other game (mainly my fault) and the charicter did go through many variations of the same png. Thank you so much for playing and giving feedback!

quite a cool game, audio and visuals are good but there's a bit of a steep learning curve! anyway my brother liked it so he'll be playing it again!

really cool game love the retro art style would definitely play again. but would like more conventional controlls (such as mouse and wasd) and don't see implimentation of theme. but love the retro rpg style and probably will play again.

love this game! very cool visuals definitely will try to complete it later! amazing! the only negative thing I have to say about it is the fact that you compressed it with rar please don't because it costs money and not all people have a rar extractor so I would reccomend using .zip or 7-zip as they are free. but great game! 

really cool, the visuals and audio are pretty awesome like the idea behing it but it's a bit too hard for me but then again im not really an escape room kind of guy! exelent game!


it's probably because I'm more of a python guy but the commands get confusing sometimes idk ill have to give it another try

erm, where do I download this i'd love to play, sounds interesting

very amazing game love it gonna play it again, the gameplay is good love the art style but it's a bit too hard and the music can be annoying. but really love it thanks for making!

very good game not a fan of the stuttery movement system but that's just me. really love everything the implementation of the theme, the art style and the retro style game play awesome entry!

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quite good, but a bit confusssing (the gameplay the tutorial is fine)

quite cool seems like a good idea would have been better to have a still camera angle than to see the border also the controlls aren't that great because when you start pressing jump before touching the ground it doesn't respond but I have a solution that might help:

#if you use :
if Input. is_action_pressed("w"): 
#instead of:
if Input. is_action_just_pressed("w"):
# it means it will test if you are pressing w every frame which won't work 
#unless you test if it's on the ground (it will float forever)
#but if you have a simple:
and is_on_floor():
#(which is the standard way of testing if you're on the ground in godot)
#It will work!
#This will help improve the game feel but might not work with you're system of you jump higher if you press
#longer, which in my opinion isn't necessary but you do you!

if you want more info on how to inprove game feel of platformers here's a great video where the tips can be applied to any game engine: 

all in all great game and can't wait to see what you come up with next!

looks good but you need to upload it buddy! :D

good game for a jam. very polished. but I think you might have gone a bit overboard with the graphics, whatever my pc was running it at certainly wasn't 60 but I really like it and will try to complete it after the jam!

good idea not sure if it ends at the blue screen would rather be able to use w to jump if I'm being honest the text and the background texture are too low res and not pretty. sorry. but I did enjoy playing and would like to thank you for making it :D

it's cool but i get a bit confussed on what to do

good game like the graphics and the theme was clear but I suck at video games and found it too hard

quite an amazing game, looks good but also glitchey is quite fun but sometimes is unclear on what you're supposed to do.

good game quite intresting to play but there were some confusing bits (or that could just be me being a dinghy) and the 3rd person charicters felt a bi out of place, they were good but out of place and i feel a 1st person camera would have been better. but all in all great jam game!

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what was strange about the graphics the art or the post processing and effects?

also thank you so much for playing and giving feedback! and I'm glad you liked it, it means the world! 

seems like a good game but really lacks a tutorial. I don't know how to play the game and couldn't get past the very first bit

hey, did you make this with pico 8?

the best community thread ever

I love murdering innocent beings so thanks for making this game


that could be a good submission into the obscure game engine club

what game engine?