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anyone else new to game dev?

A topic by Jonah-H created Sep 03, 2020 Views: 443 Replies: 23
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I am new to game development and was wondering if anyone else was?


Hi Jonah, I'm not new to game development, but I am a beginner. This is my first game jam. 


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My first full game is on my profile as a video I think, I'll try make it playable on your browser.


Same, my second Game Jam after the Brackeys GameJam 2020.2


omg same! :D


same here!


This will be my 3rd Game Jam... 2nd one using Godot... which I only started using... 6 days ago now...

Don't worry, first ever for me too. I have no experience in game making. It will be a mess XD

I am fairly new to this game dev journey too, but i did get some exp points :p by working on rly small "projects" but this branche is so vast u can never learn too much(which i hope my first game jam here will help my with).  GL and HF btw when GameJam starts^^

I am new, just learning programming language. I am using godot and I barely made 2 sets of 2 tutorials. But I handle something well in the graphics part. 


I am a beginner. This is my first game jam. 

Me! This is my second Jam. I'm no pro.


This is my first game jam, i know a little bit of construct so i hope it wil be an good game.

This will be my first game jam if i am able to submit...... Just started Godot 4 days ago

i started with unity but im trying godot out now and its much much faster

i am also learning how everything works but this is my second jam so im not to worried 


as a begenner byself having never finished a game, i am glad to read this, and see that i am not alone. i wish you all the best, and hope that we all can do our best

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i've been making games for 3 years...but i still can't finish a game, i still have never published a game, and i still can barely make 3d assets or code or use blueprints, tutorials are the only way i can get anything done lol

This is my first game jam. Very excited


this is also my first game jam

no not new but this is my vary first game jam

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I’m new to, I’m hopeing to build my skills

My socond jam