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Double Shot TempleView game page

Made for United Game Jam 2020 with Aragon-Diego
Submitted by Viut (@viut24) — 4 hours, 19 minutes before the deadline
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Relevance To Theme#373.8003.800

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I really like music and artstyle. I didnt really feel much of "cooperation between characters" other than levers.


Music and style is super fun! Would be good if the lever/button things were explained a bit just to give the game a bit more direction.

Hey! Glad u like the music and the style :) We didn't have that much time to design the tutorial, but it's true, we could have explained it a little bit better. Thank you for your honest opinions:) 

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Fun mechanics!! But I think it was a little hard sometimes


Yes, some times feels unfair, we need to fix the iFrames timeings. Regardless, I hope you had fun playing :) 


The game is Nice. I also like the music. It is fun to play and also engaging at the same time.

Tnks:3 Hope you like it :3


Interesting concept, I would love to have more sound feedback and maybe more reasons to switch between heroes. Speaking of them, nice pixel art characters!


Tnks for playing our game! Definitely the game needs to have more feedback, and better explain how the switch mechanic can be used to avoid losing life or losing enemies. Hope you like it :)  and tnks for your honest opinions 


Nice game! The only thing I would suggest is giving the player more feedback when they get hurt.


Yeah right?!, our game lacks of "when hit" feedback, that alone can make this game much more fun to play. Hope you like it,  tnks for playing our game :) 


Good amount of feedback, it's fairly clear what you have to do.

It was a little too hard in the beginning, and I think it'd be nice to have some brief invincibility after getting hit so you can't get insta-killed haha.

Nice game tho, cute art style UwU


Glad you liked it!

We did add some iFrames to the player but I think they end too quickly, so it's still very possible to get instakilled if you get cornered :(


Cool game dudes

Hey! Tnks, Glad you liked it :D


The music is soo cool! The boss aswell, but besides that I couldn't really make good use of the player switch mechanic.

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Tnks :) some people use this mechanic when they feel they're going to be kill ,it makes the enemies go away :) 


1. Rogue like shooting game with 2 playable characters that work together to get through a temple.

2. Switch between 2 players to get to the bottom of the temple.

3.Made in collaboration with:

    Music by: Abstraction