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[Devlog] Rhapsody on a Killswitch

A topic by Geminite Tech created Mar 17, 2017 Views: 582 Replies: 11
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Rhapsody on a Killswitch is an instruction manual on how not to be human.

With visuals inspired by old vector graphic arcade games, Rhapsody is a story told through the eyes of the first android 'born' after humanity has been wiped out almost completely. Aurora knows she isn't human, but that doesn't stop her from being afraid, both of the unknown threat lurking outside the walls of her home, and of her human creator, who's been acting strange ever since Aurora could see her face.


Have a screenshot of the interface. I incorporated point-and-click elements, so players can click around the room and interact with various objects.

Deleted 337 days ago

Thank you very much!

love the look! Excited to play!


Thank you!

Hey Geminite Tech,

This looks like a really cool project! I was wondering if you'd allow me to create some music for it before the jam is over. =]



My website:


Hey, your music sounds awesome! I think I'm set with music for now (ironically music is my strong point - art and writing are my weak spots), but if I need additional songs, I'll hit you up!


I got a smile on my face reading your comment, I'm exactly at the same ironical situation haha !


Have another screenshot!


A bit of a boring screenshot, I admit, but there is progress being made!


Looks like our robot protagonist is getting curious and poking around other people's computers.


30 minutes before the deadline, Rhapsody is finished! Or, well, the demo is.

Check it out, and congrats to everyone else who finished!