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a survival deckbuilding game
Submitted by atomicxistence — 14 hours, 42 minutes before the deadline
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Technical Implementation#34.0004.000

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Really like the idea and the pixel art / UX is great, but personally the UX doesn't do it for me and is a huge turn-off. I'd prefer for the battle itself to have more of a visual presence and not have the screen dominated by the menu UI.

A couple of  suggestions:

  • The UI could be collapsible so that you can reveal more visual information about the current state of the battle.
  • Overlaying multiple zombie sprites in a group would probably look a little more dangerous than just a single sprite. you could then reduce the number of sprites as their count decreased.

Overall a great entry; Great job!


Every game in the jam is supposed to be short, play it a couple times and you're good. This was the one game I kept retrying again and again and again to beat, and loved every second of it. This is very up my alley admittedly, but it is very well made. Great job!


You just made my day! Thanks so much and I’m glad you enjoyed it. 


It took quite a few tries (at least 10) before I finally beat the zombie horde :O. There were a few times were I was off by just a few :'(. I really enjoyed the depth of strategy that existed with just a few combinations. I tried a bunch of things such as get a few mid-tier weapons and then a dumpster and axe everything so you draw consistent damage, as well as buy as much caffeine as possible to get a huge chain going haha. Each strategy felt really unique which is surprising for a such a small game :).

A couple things I noticed that seemed off:

  • The caffeine card was labeled as drawing 1 card, but it seemed to always give 2 cards (I say seems to because I never saw it give one when I was paying attention at least).
  • The end turn prompt that pops up if you have an action card and an action, I could see that being helpful to popup if you have any playable cards (attack/scavenge cards) because there were a couple times I clicked Z on accident and also when I was learning the controls (there isn't anything - that I saw - that says Z ends the turn in the instructions).
  • For me it would feel better if the cursor wasn't automatically moved from the hand to the scavenge deck once you've played your last card. At first it felt nice that it would do it when I'd play all my cards, but I quickly found it getting in the way more often than not.
    • When using the dumpster card, I'd often use it last to get rid of leftover cards I didn't want, but since you have to hold down the X button, it'd often purchase the first scavenge card (which never was the one I wanted) making it very irritating.
    • There were also a few times when in the early game, I'd just play all my cards quickly but I'd click one too many times and buy an item I didn't care for, or didn't even see what it was.

First, I'm glad you enjoyed the game!  Secondly, thank you for the fantastic feedback.

- I'll check out the draw action on caffeine to be sure it's working properly
- Adding a confirmation for unplayed cards is a good idea, I'll look into adding that. The messages at the top have a prompt for "O to attack zombies and end your turn".  That prompt is on a timer though.  If you haven't ended your turn in say, 30 seconds, it will prompt you with how to end your turn. But adding another confirmation would help early turn ending.
- I have a slight "freeze" on button presses when it auto changes to the scavenge deck, for the purpose of accidental buys.  However it may not be long enough of a freeze.  I worry that not moving the cursor over may confuse a player that they no longer have control to look at cards in the scavenge pile.

I would like to add some animations of the cards going to your discard deck when you buy them and new cards being added to the scavenge deck, to help the player understand what just happened.  I think more visual cues would change the flow of the game a bit and may even help some of the things you mentioned.

Again, thanks for the feedback!


You are absolutely right. Caffeine was drawing two cards. Totally OP! Thanks for catching that. 


I really loved playing that, it was really fun. I felt like I had it by my second time playing it (my first time I kept skipping the turn instead of selecting things). By my third time I think I would have managed it with a couple more turns.


Nice game! The UI and layout looks good, very clean and easy to read. The gameplay was confusing at first, but I got the hang of it as I kept trying. Alas, my party was unable to resist the zombie horde, and I failed each time. Still, it was fun and I kept giving it another go!


My favorite!