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An open challenge to create a turn-based game in a month. All skill levels are welcome, from beginners to professionals.

Hosted by 8 Bits to Infinity, a game development community improving creative and technical skills through rapid iteration and honest, critical feedback. 

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Extra Time = Extra Playtesting

For this jam, I (Joshua McLean) will be streaming feedback twice. The first "checkpoint" stream will be open to any games in progress from the jam for playtesting. Then, I'll be doing the usual post-jam stream for final feedback of finished prototypes.

This jam is a full month long, so we encourage you to submit to both streams and find others to playtest during the jam. You can look for feedback partners on the 8 Bits to Infinity Discord.

The theme is... "The world keeps changing"

31 days
 Create a game with a turn-based core mechanic
 See Challenges below for  extra, optional limitations

Enter the Jam

Click Join above to enter. This is not an obligation to submit a game - simply a declaration of intent. You'll be signed up for the jam newsletter and alerted when the next part of the jam has begun.

Then, join the 8 Bits to Infinity Discord (a place to chat) and introduce yourself in the #introduce-yourself channel. Share your work, form a team, and learn more about game jams and development.

Now is a good time to get to know your tools! You may want to try a free tool like UnityGodotDefoldUnreal, or others.


Theme Suggestion  
Sat 4 July 2020 
Theme Selection
Tues 7 July 2020 
Jam Start 
Fri 10 July 2020 1PM ET
Jam End/Judging Start  
Mon 10 August 2020 1pm ET
Joshua Feedback Stream
Checkpoint: Sun 26 July 2020 12 Noon ET
Final: Sun 16 August 2020  12 Noon ET
Judging End
Mon 24 August 2020  1PM ET

Stream Schedule (all times in EST ~ schedules subject to change)

Important Rules

Entries which break these rules or have no clear relation to the Requirement will be removed without notification. If you want clarification on why your game was removed, please contact Joshua on Discord.

Main Rules

  1. Team: Up to four members, one submission per team. All members must be 13+ years old.
  2. Submission: Answer all questions completely and honestly.
  3. Accessibility:
    1. Must work in Windows 10. Web builds are fine.
    2. Any game-critical text must be in English.
    3. Cannot require unusual peripherals (allow keyboard and mouse as a backup).
  4. Credit:
    1. Credit all assets in your game including CC0 assets and your own work (put your name on your game).
    2. Credits must be accessible from game start (title or credits screen).


  • General-purpose code, i.e. character controller, project template, menu functionality, AI library, etc.
  • Freely available assets including open general-purpose source code.

Not Allowed

  • NSFW content including but not limited to sexual content (including language), nudity, and excessive realistic gore/violence.
  • Game code or custom assets made before the jam.

Requirement and Challenges

Make a game with a turn-based core mechanic.

This could be an RPG, digital card game, digital board game, turn-based strategy game, or any other genre that relies on players taking turns.

Turns need not be consecutive, or "wait for action" turns. An active system like Active Time Battle in the Final Fantasy series is acceptable, as long as it's clear players (and enemies) act in turn.

Some examples of turn-based games/series:

  • RPGs: Final Fantasy (up to X), Dragon Warrior/Quest, Persona, Pokemon
  • Card games: Magic: The Gathering, Hearthstone
  • Strategy: Advance Wars, Fire Emblem, XCOM
  • Board games: Chess, Settlers of Catan, Pandemic, Risk

Want more restrictions on your jam experience? Here are some optional challenges:

  1. Blindfold: The game is playable without any visuals due to sufficient audio design.
  2. Cooperative Competition: Opposing sides work together toward a shared goal (in addition to or related to their opposing goals).
  3. Educational: Players learn a "real world" skill or concept by playing the game.


Entrants rate games on the following criteria for Developers Choice, which also serve as a guideline to determine Judges Choice:

  • Fun/Design: Enjoyment of the game. Are the mechanics interesting? Do I want to play more?
  • Technical Implementation: Polish and complexity. Does the game push technical boundaries or have special tech to stand out? Are there few, if any, bugs and typos?
  • Music/Sound: Audio presentation. How well does the music/sound fit the game? Max 4 stars if external assets used.
  • Graphics/Animation: Visual presentation. How clean/consistent does it look? Are animations fluid? Is there clear understanding of color, contrast, and other visual skills? Max 4 stars if external assets used.
  • Theme/Limitation: Implementation of jam theme and limitation. Is the theme prevalent? How unusual is the interpretation? How strictly does the game follow the requirement? Out-of-the-box thinking on the theme (not taking it literally) will score more points.


Two prizes are awarded: Judges Choice and Developers Choice.

  • Judges Choice will be chosen by a panel of judges with a variety of opinions about what constitutes a "good" prototype.
  • Developers Choice will be chosen by rating games here on If this is also the Judges Choice, the second-place game will win Developers Choice.

The winner of each receives the following:

  • Priority feedback from Joshua on an updated version of your game with at least two weeks notice. The game will be streamed to completion (defined at Joshua's discretion).
  • A special discord role in the 8 Bits to Infinity Discord server.

Each entry qualifies for one prize, regardless of how many members are on the team.

In addition, winners will be added to the list of 8 Bits to Infinity Jam Winners.


What tools/engines can/should I use? 
Use anything you like! We recommend a proper game engine to save time - something like Unity, Godot, Defold, Unreal, etc.

Not sure what to use? Ask on Discord or in the community. We have a lot of experienced members familiar with various tools.

I'm awful at music/art. How could I ever make a game?
Our jams allow external assets credited appropriately. We insist you credit everything, even Creative Commons Zero or Public Domain. If you use external assets without credit, your game will be removed from the jam.

Find free assets on Open Game Art. Joshua also has free, royalty-free music on his website.

I don't know how to program. Can I still make games? 
Absolutely! Many systems require minimal programming. The best way to learn is to get your feet wet, and a game jam is a wonderful no-risk way to try out new tech.

Am I required to use theme? 
Not technically, but it is a voting category, so you will score higher overall with a good use of the theme.

Should I build for Windows/Mac/Linux/web/[insert system here]?
Yes! Build for as many systems as you can so more people can play your game. We recommend finding someone with the target system to test your build long before the jam ends so you can be sure it works.

I didn't finish. Should I submit?
Yes! Game jams are about creating prototypes. A finished game takes years. You can still win with a cool idea, even if the experience is brief.

How can I get more people to play my entry? 
Play games from the jam and on, leaving quality feedback. Ask the dev politely to play your game, so they know you're looking for feedback. There's also a new feature on that shows your entry when you comment on the game's jam page so be sure to do so there.

Can I make a multiplayer game?
Yes, but we don't recommended it due to the extra difficulty giving feedback.

Can I make a 2D/2.5D/3D game?
Yep! There are no graphical limitations to this jam.

Can I enter other jams with the same game?
Absolutely, as long as you follow all rules and time limitations for each jam. Note we lock submissions, so you won't be able to upload new builds while this jam is being rated.

Where can I ask more questions?
Ask in the community for this jam (see link at the top of the page) or on the 8 Bits to Infinity Discord.


All submissions
Browser playable (7)
Windows (15)
macOS (9)
Linux (5)
Android (1)

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A Magical Girl RPG short story! Tama has a painting in the art show, but strong feelings may be hiding within.
Role Playing
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A rhythm game where you terraform a planet to the beat of the music.
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Make fashion choices in a world where trends keep changing
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WW2 Turn based Game for Turn Based Jam (8 Bits to Infinity)
Place tiles to make words as the language keeps changing.
Your next choice could go either way...
Maya leaves her home and life as a lowly baker in search of a greater destiny.
Don't lose control in this fast paced, turn-based, card-racer!
A Rogue-Like where you change the layout of the map.
Survive in a world that changes based on the choices you make
Work-in-progress recreation of a childhood favorite turn based game.
Made for the 8 Bits to Infinity turn-based Game Jam!
Card Game
a survival deckbuilding game
Card Game
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A small game about managing a species in a changing environment!
Prototype for turn based jam 8 bits to Infinity
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Play in browser
Simple JRPG prototype for 8 Bits to Infinity's Turn Based Jam
Role Playing
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