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A jam submission

Hat on a HatView game page

A puzzle platformer made in 3 hours
Submitted by Gunnar Clovis (@GunnarClovis) — 8 hours, 3 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
How much do you enjoy the game overall?#14.6674.667
How well does the game fit the theme#15.0005.000

Ranked from 6 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I think your game succeeds so marvelously, because it wisely sticks to the basics, but fleshes them out as much as possible within three hours. An original concept, plenty of little special effects (very detailed and lovely executed), just the right amount of levels, combined with fun music and a neat, somehow fascinating simplicity round this off to a surprisingly entertaining experience. Very well done! ;)


Thank you so much ^-^


Other than collisions being a bit of at some places it's an amazing game for the 3 hours!

Probably one of my favorite Trijam games so far! :)


Thank you so much! That's very kind of you to say :) 

Yeah, there are quite a few bugs in this game I didn't have time to fix before submission, but overall development went well.

Thank you for playing! 


I'm very impressed! It was such a fun experience! The game was so well made, the art is really neat and the gameplay fits the theme so, so well!!! The only thing I'd like to point out is that the collisions were a tiny bit off. If two dead bodies are next to each other, I can't just slide across, i have to do a little jump! Other than that, 10/10! :o


Thank you very much ^-^ I'm so glad you had fun.

A lot had to be cut or left unfixed for the three hours, but it came out well. The art was very thrown together (clearly) haha 😅

And yeah... That's not actually a bug with the collisions, what's happening is your corpses are left behind at the exact frame you're detected colliding with a spike ball and not being snapped to position smoothly against the spikes, so they're left at off positions. I was unsure which I preferred and that was just an ad-hoc design choice. I kinda liked how the corpses (the symbol of death) would be misaligned with the perfect tile placement of the level elements, contrasting in that way, but the feedback is definitely that it should be made smooth which makes sense. The gameplay quality-of-life improvement definitely outweighs that visual element. Now that judging is over I can make those quick fixes and re-upload a better version! 

Thank you again for playing! 


Ok! That's very interesting to hear! I guess for players it would feel more intuitive to have it smooth unless it's visually clearly different alignment.


i wanna be the hat?


Hats were supposed to be a much bigger part of this game but they got cut for time haha... 


Good job, I enjoyed that one. The mechanic is sometimes hard to get right (wall jumping), but overall it works really well. I like the moment when the first level came where you have to "go around", made me chuckle. Also one of the later levels felt very Portal like. It seems falling speed is not reset when you die, so because I let the character drop for a long time I had trouble then to get solid ground beneath it.

I'm glad you spent the time you had making 10 levels instead of introducing new mechanics, the design work well and teaches everything you need to know! The music is not my most favourite one, though it suits the game's style. But the sound effects I do like.


Thank you :) 

I completely agree; the wall jumping is bit irritating.... 

And yes, I noticed that falling speed bug immediately after I finished the three hours haha 😅 that's fixed on my local build but I couldn't fix that for the jam. That just counts as a fail state you can get yourself into and need to reset the level for.

And thank you, I wasn't sure that was the right call about levels vs. new mechanics. Thank you for saying that.

And yes, the music is pretty awful haha... I was clearly in a rush for the three hour deadline and couldn't spend time to make anything nicer... I'll definitely be replacing that when I can.