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i liked the game a lot <3

a bit laggy


browser: firefox

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runs perfectly on manjaro kde, i have prevailed in brutal mode!

i wanna be the hat?

that is a great game, love the concept, would like to play more levels!

nice idea, but why linux version is mentioned in the description? could run through wine-4.21 (Staging), but still


wow, the 'esc for controls' is very nice thing.

wonderful palette and music. very good for 3 hours.

the only thing is: i expected some kind of animation on hitting the grave.

geat game overall!

i enjoyed the game, pizza delivery people are best!

game is too loud

the hood is destroyed, game is nice.

first of all, thank you for linux build!

the game is amazing, i have not beat the game yet, but i love solving this kind of puzzles so much that i would love to buy some kind of expanded version.

i don't know why, but the game reminds me of 'rochard' game, i think this kind of plot would fit your game perfectly.

also it would be nice, if lava inside the tube will look darker, so it could be more clear, which tube is yellow one.

awesome candies, awesome game!