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Well made highscore based game! :)
My best was 320

Level 4 was the hardest one for me 😅

Ah I see, I understand what you mean! :)

I like the story of how the game was made, amazing that your whole family made a game together in such short time! :D

Minor complaints (I played web version so might have just been that also I guess) is that it doesn't detect my typing at the rate I type. And music is a bit loud, but other than that a great game! :)

I managed to do it! :D

24 is not bad either, and thnx for playing! :D

Thnx for playing, and I guess it's good I reduced the volume when I made the game, else it would be even louder! 😅

Did not thing I would beat my best anymore.. 21.51sec !

Never mind, just when I said that I did a run and beat it! xD

But it was pretty lucky.

Haha 😅 Well it took me many tries to get the best score, not sure I can beat my best either.

Aaaand 22.1sec ⚡

I did beat my own best time already! 👀 24.12sec

Try to beat my highscore! 😉🚑
26.98 sec

I really like this kind of puzzels, could have played much longer! 😄

No worries, hard to think of everything in 3 hours! 😄

A bit fast on my computer 😅
(144hz display btw)

Glad to hear that, and thnx for playing! 😄

Yeah I wish we had more time/energy last week to spend on making the game, and I had so much more planned. 
Oh that's a interesting bug, I don't see how it would do that, but I have to look into it, haha! 😅
I'll add more options menu if/when I have time.

Thank you for play and giving feedback! :)

Thank you for playing! :)

Thnx for the feedback and kind words! A tutorial is probably a good idea for the future, but I barely got the interaction with tools and the map working in time, haha. :D

Thank you for the kind words and feedback! I hope I have time to continue working on this or a similar game soonish. :)

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Thnx! And yes it seems like a greate engine with a lot of potential! 

Yeah I think the game has some potential, if I don't continue on this I at least some day want to make a bigger farming game. :)

Kinda gave up when I got to 10k oxygen 😄

Got 760 points at most! :)
But seems like it sometimes it's just impossible to continue because of the randomness (at least I'm guessing it's random what item is served).
Otherwise a pretty solid jam game! :)

Thnx for covering games made for this Trijam! 😄

Thnx for the suggestions/feedback! 

I like the idea of a trail effect, had not thought about that! 😄

I'm working on a new version, but making the points system is taking me much longer than I thought it would, haha 😁

Haha, yeah that's pretty much all you can do. Didn't get the points system done in time 😅

Working on making a post jam version like how it was ment to be! 😊

Haha 😂

Love the cute art! :D

Gameplay works as expected. Some sort of highscore or more levels would have been nice, but understandable not all can be done in 3h. :)

It was painful, but yeah I definitely learned some things! :)

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This is the kind of puzzle game I really like and could play for a long while if there was more shapes and/or levels! :)

One thing I would have preferred is, that rotate button would have been the same is in normal Tetris.

But for your own sake, add at least one screenshot of the game as a cover image. You will get more ratings and plays, and who doesn't want that! ;)

EDIT: Working on making the games itch page look better does not count into dev time in case you was not aware! :)

I got 212 points.

Nice twist on Mario Bros. And the negative feedback loop I think was pretty well implemented also.

Only thing I would have done differently is the controls, I would prefer to use Up/Down arrows rather than keys 1, 2 and 3. Or maybe using something like keys W, S and X to get the controls aligned with what happens on screen! 


Points: 212

Nice twist on the game! :)

At least it was hectic to make it! 😂

Thnx! I guess I learned I should stick with complete game engines for short jams, or something like that! :3

I really like this, kinda like a puzzle game for programmers! :D

Game didn't work until I refreshed it like 3-5 times. Probably not your fault but just thought I would let you know.

Nice simple memory game though!

I think it bugged for you