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Haha 😂

Love the cute art! :D

Gameplay works as expected. Some sort of highscore or more levels would have been nice, but understandable not all can be done in 3h. :)

It was painful, but yeah I definitely learned some things! :)

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This is the kind of puzzle game I really like and could play for a long while if there was more shapes and/or levels! :)

One thing I would have preferred is, that rotate button would have been the same is in normal Tetris.

But for your own sake, add at least one screenshot of the game as a cover image. You will get more ratings and plays, and who doesn't want that! ;)

EDIT: Working on making the games itch page look better does not count into dev time in case you was not aware! :)

I got 212 points.

Nice twist on Mario Bros. And the negative feedback loop I think was pretty well implemented also.

Only thing I would have done differently is the controls, I would prefer to use Up/Down arrows rather than keys 1, 2 and 3. Or maybe using something like keys W, S and X to get the controls aligned with what happens on screen! 


Points: 212

Nice twist on the game! :)

At least it was hectic to make it! 😂

Thnx! I guess I learned I should stick with complete game engines for short jams, or something like that! :3

I really like this, kinda like a puzzle game for programmers! :D

Like the concept, but would like it even more if it had some sort of puzzle element to it! :)

Game didn't work until I refreshed it like 3-5 times. Probably not your fault but just thought I would let you know.

Nice simple memory game though!

I think it bugged for you

Theme suggestions for next Asset Jam(s):

  • Remote controlled
  • Bottles & Bowls
  • Furniture
  • Pets / Animals
  • Garden 
  • Swords

Was thinking of semi-generic things that could be used in game jam games! :)

Where is the 3D models? :)


I did a quick search and found this tutorial that shows how to enable and set Stereo Mix as default in Windows 8. It's only 26sec long so it's straight to the point! 

Hope it helps! 

And yeah this program is far from perfect, I mostly just made it for fun and some seemed interested in using it so I made it available for anyone to use. :)

Other than collisions being a bit of at some places it's an amazing game for the 3 hours!

Probably one of my favorite Trijam games so far! :)

Game seemed a bit broken, enemies not always attacking and sometime running into the lakes. 

But on the positive side you have very nice graphics and game was fun when it wanted to work! :)

Didn't have time to implement all I wanted in the game I was working on either. :3

Unorthodox vehicle sounds fun!

Haha, yeah it would fit well for Trucking Tuesday! :D

Not perfect, but I think it kinda makes it funnier. :)

Yeah it's understandable. At least you have a restart built in (I mean so you don't have to refresh page/restart game)!  

Well made for being your first jam! And almost everything interactable! 

Didn't like the movement but I see it has already been discussed. But can't expect everything to be perfect for jam game! :)

Well made for being your first jam! And almost everything interactable! 

Easy to understand and art was good. :)

Amazing how you 2 made all this in 48h!

That art is very lovely and gameplay pretty good. But it was not so obvious how the combat system worked until I saw how the enemies did it.

Only one bug I had problem with (web version) was after a combat the player was unable to move and I had to end the turn for it to move on.

But great work you 2! :)

Worked very well and graphics are very nice!

Only had a tiny bug: when you click anywhere to restart, it counts it as click into next game session. 


Thnx! That worked, was a bit confused at first what the goal of the game was. But I figured it out when I saw the 'F1 Help'. :)

Wasn't expecting so many levels though!

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Like the easy to understand gameplay, the ui for buttons is easy to understand for player1, but was a bit confused what N1 and N2 for player 2 was for a moment. (Could only play it alone right now but opened the 2 player mode acidentaly.)

I like the style of the graphics and models, and the happy upbeat music makes it even more enjoyable! :)

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Have tried running it multiple times (Windows 10) but all I see is this and hear the music. :'(

Haha! :3

Thnx for playing!

Thnx, glad it makes sense! :)

Sent a email!

If you want each member in the team to be listed as contributor you all need a account each.

Then when one of you upload it you can add the other users as Admins to the game.

Check this thread for detailed instructions:

Hope that helps anyone confused! :)

Really love this game, although I would like the controls to be improved a bit. Like you could use Left/Right arrow to change direction while on ground. 

But other than that it's maybe my favorite Trijam game (of all Trijams)! :D 

10 sec game

Burning farts

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Gave up after 2 tries, I can't get past the spikes.

Collision boxes are a bit too big though.


But I really like the gameplay and idea otherwise! :D

Managed to loose on 0:00 on my first try, haha :D

But did beat it also.

I really like the startegy of trying to hurd them and not getting stuck at the same time! :)

Good game, but it was a bit buggy for me. :)

Seems like a very solid game!
Was harder than I anticipated but managed to beat it once at least.

Love the cute graphics!

But sound a music very good also. :)