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Got something 14k in score. Nice gameplay! :)

Really like the game overall, but would like to be able to choose difficulty with arrow keys! :)

Managed to somehow win with 0 left! :D

Love the art, music and the gameplay and it fits the theme very well! :)

Managed to win with 0 left :D

Love the visuals and music, but unsure if I'm playing it correctly.
Is there a gameover or does it go on forever?

Might stream Saturday or Sunday evening if I have time.

(Sunday more likely)

Keep getting this error, no diffrence in what I type D: 

Quick thinking

forgot to post it here 

I'm probably streaming around same TIME as last week.

Stuff got in the way so starting an about hour later

I'll try and do trijam stream/dev tomorrow, if I have any energy at all. :)

Some time after 16:00 (Finland) probably. Click this link to check time DATE & TIME

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Game unfortunatly not working for me, just get a black screen :'(

Edit: running on windows 10.

Only complaint I would have is I can't see how much life I have left, but idk if that is intentional? :)

Only complaints I would have is the targets sometimes go outside of screen and score is not shown when gameover. Otherwise pretty playable :)

My highscore was 112 :)

A map or radar would have been nice :)

Adding at least one screenshot or tumbnail would be nice!

I think I know what bot xD

Thank you for the feedback!
And yes I agree on the high score, I wanted to make that but didn't have time to implement. I will continue working on this defenetly and make something when I have time! :)

Fun game! :)
Even though I lost 2-13 (I think)... :P

Okey thnx, tryed to look but I guess I was looking in the wrong place! :)

I'm not sure if the right place in the forum to post this.

Anyway I found this game that is a complete rip-off a tutorial and the person is even taking money for it.

The game:

The Tutorial:

You need to give a new link, the old one wont work since it has expired.

"The instant invite is invalid or has expired." It says when I try to join.

I have not done much of any group projects, only worked with a few that have made some music, otherwise I have done everything myself.
Discord works for me too! Have not seen any PM here either.

Greetings to you too Peter! :)

Hi chaosbread!

I'm far from proffesional, but I have done gamedev for about 2 years with both Game maker:Studio and Unity (witch I has mostly used the past year). If you have any questions about Unity or just want to talk gamedev, feel free to contact me! :)
Any place to chat work for me (as long as it's something I use).

Just uploaded a update. Now the game has saving and also fixed so collisions works!

First progress:
But I still have to make the saving for player inventory to work.

And btw I usually talk about progress on my games on twitter. ;)

Sorry I was not able to make the saving last month, but just wanted to say I'm working on something to get the saving working! :)

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And here is the link:

Thnx for showing interest in the game, I had kinda abandoned it since there did not seem to be much interest...
But I will try to take care of it this month hopefully! :)
Been very busy working on the football game.. ;)

Okay. That's a feature I would like. ;)
(But just a suggestion)

Have not tested it yet (for some reason the itch download did not work at the moment) but was wondering if you can upload multiple builds at the same time?
I personally use batch file that uploads a win version, when it's done a mac version and after that a linux version.