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Post apocalyptic world. Top Down Shooter
Submitted by CouchableGames (@CouchableGames) — 3 hours, 47 minutes before the deadline

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Sound / Music#401.7392.200

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Did you us any pre-existing assets in this game? If so which ones?
Infinity Blade Particles, SFX from (remixed myself)

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Once I actually read you needed a controller :P It was a really fun top down game. I really like the gun system in place a lot. However do you think the 1000 ammo for the assault rifle is enough lol. Honestly good job and I hope you will continue to develop it. 


hey thanks man! That's really uplifting. Yeah I am continuing to develop it. And planning on release on Xbox. Possibly PC as well. As for the ammo amount. The restock points at the moment refill it. And finding a new one in the loot boxes gives full refill also. 

Planning on having enemies drop ammo on a chance. And the ~850 ammo cap is pretty standard for shooters I've played :p the updates I've made so far have increased difficulty quite a bit 

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Cool! Where will the updates be made as I will probably watch and see if down the line I want to buy it! Also, I was just wondering what types of graphics will you do for the players.(3/4 top down, top down, etc.) Also, you probably need to release on pc first as xbox has a much smaller market and should only really be for games that did well else where or are "tripple A" titles. 


I still wanna release on console overall. However, I've been putting a lot of thought into it, and will probably do PC first, not only that, compiling for xbox is a bit of a pita. 

Updates will be posted here for a little while till i get happy with a "demo" version, I plan on streaming development of it. Or atleast making some youtube content on dev work I've done, or just update videos of new features.

The angle has been changed for a 3/4 ish camera angle, which I think looks much better than pure top down. As well as keyboard+mouse controls have been added. Among other QoL improvements.


Sorry, I would like to have played this, but I don't have a controller, so I can't :( Sorry dude. Some Keyboard/Mouse controls next time would be appreciated :)


that's fine mate. Thanks for trying.


Why is there no keyboard controls ?


I design it with console play in mind. The game page says is designed for controller.