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Kind of wish I had made a browser app

A topic by KodingNights created May 16, 2022 Views: 140 Replies: 7
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It seems really hard to get ratings without it!


Yeah, I've noticed that phenomenon as a general trend in Jams, which is also understandable given browser use is a significantly lower barrier to trying out a project.

I ended up adding a browser-based demo of the speech/audio produced by my tool in an attempt to at least demonstrate the kind of output possible. (Not that it had an impact AFAICT but I at least had fun creating the demo. :D )

If my tool didn't require another tool (speech synthesis system) in order to function at all, I probably would've tried to create at least minimal/cutdown support for browser use/demo.


I agree, I think most people just want to stop by, play a few browser submissions, and then yeet off of the jam. I mean, it doesn't help that my submission requires a few Gigabytes of setup if you've never touched Visual Studio and CPP. 


Yeah I actually tried to download your engine. :-) I never ran it proper but I read the available source code and the docs. Looks nice.




This really goes for getting people to interact with anything you create. It's important to both lower the barrier to entry (in-browser version, tutorials, accessibility considerations, etc.) and to make it enticing (videos and gifs, boxart, general aesthetic). A jam will bring people to your storefront, but you still need to get them inside.

Just because you know what you made is amazing, doesn't mean anyone else does. It's something I need to work on as well.


Your entry had an installer right? Downloading and extracting is fine, but installing something from a jam is a bridge to far for me. But I second your concerns about web based tools getting more ratings. phlp is right about lowering the barrier, but this trend really kills custom c++ etc. code and favours pre made engines like Unity or Webframeworks.


Thanks for the insight. It did not even occur to me that that would be a problem.