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Love these packs however I would love some female warriors as well!

Too bad these only have idle animations

Thank you for your feeback!

Yes the character is slow but you can buy upgrades to move faster.

Also, the 'gem magnet' can also be improved with purchases.

Seems like I have to fix the modulation color! :-D

Thank you for your feedback. Working at the music as we speak! (Using MuGen of course!)

I actually have some other feedback that favors the spearman so I don't know, to each his own I guess. Tuning the characters, levels and weapons is a big job, so I am currently looking for playtesters.

Hi yes I am!

I'll check it out.


Twitter: @kodingnights


Thanks for your report. What system/browser etc are you on?

In the prelude there are some issues:

- When going outside my objective is interrupted by needing to clean the solar panel

- When aligning the port thruster I can continue 'aligning the circle' even after it is aligned so it becomes unaligned again. It still says 'aligned' though

Hi good to see you back! Your quality feedback really helped improve the program a lot so I look forward to more!

7 souls harvested and only one unfortunate mishap!

Fun little game, like the variety in characters. Music reminds me of sierra games. was just released! Try it today!

Looks great!

Thanks for the insight. It did not even occur to me that that would be a problem.

It made me finally make the level editor I have wanted for years

See the animated gif for a map/box2d world generated by the tool

Can you save the image? 

An undo button would be nice... :-)

What does the +/- buttons do?

Also when closing the application it complains about unable to run script.

Yeah I actually tried to download your engine. :-) I never ran it proper but I read the available source code and the docs. Looks nice.

0 bytes?

It seems really hard to get ratings without it!

A good starting point for a code centric start of a gamejam game

I had fun with it


I feel like Dali

Good starting point

Fun and well made

Looks great!

I like it! Great for ideation. Check out my project MuGen, it's in the same vein.

According to the rules, yes

Love it! Reminds me of good ol' Deluxe Paint on the Amiga


Does the submitted tool have to be any of the above?

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Any suggestions to how I can update the manual/tooltips to make this more clear?

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Silence part % might silence the bass. Also for some song types it may make sense to silence the bass for some sections (a breakdown or the start of a buildup for example)

The option to select which instruments play which sections of the song is on the todo list.

This is great feedback. I am aware of the instrument bug, it has been fixed in version 1.5

I can add language selection. For now you have to change regional settings on the computer.

I will add scroll bars for small screens. 

I can add notation selection as well, unfortunately there are more than two so I guess I have to research the different ones.

Yes I have thought about that. It could be solved as loading/saving of profiles. 

Most of the information can be found on Google of course but it would be nice to be able to just switch between profiles to get the style settings you want.