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It is. I should have added some kind of landmarks along the way, but the game adds different platform types as you go.

Depends on how many other ideas are competing with this one. I think it's worth iterating on a little bit and leaning into the reloading mechanic. If it works, there are plenty of other firearm actions that would lend themselves to your game: leverguns, pump shotguns, and others I'm sure you've thought of.

About 1/3 of my firearms are revolvers so I might be biased.

Feels like a lot of different buttons to press for very little reward. I think the idea is good and could be fun, maybe by paring back some of the other mechanics. For example, why does the player need to separately designate a target and fire?

I played it all the way through (with continues), so that's a good sign. Like chillygamesworld mentioned, the movement seems a little slippery; if I let go of an input the player keeps moving in that direction for a moment. The player hitbox isn't obvious (at least to me). Really unique theme and I like the styling overall.

Thank you! "Brutal" was definitely the intended feeling.

Thanks! Sounds like I got that part just right.

Thank you! That sums up the core experience of the game pretty well.

Fun idea! I wish the box was a little bigger and easier to use.

Your comment made me realize something. The most interesting part of the game, which is the implementation of the limitation, is naturally what the player avoids. I didn't do nearly enough to force the player into difficult situations that, I think, are the most fun.

I'm glad you liked it regardless and thanks for playing!

This looks and sounds great!

Thanks so much!

Of course I'll play your game. I try to always reciprocate. 

The visuals are absolutely incredible! I love the scientists in the window in the background of every level. The movement does not feel particularly good; that should be the core of any platformer. Great take on both the theme and limitation. Good job!

You're too kind!

I'm pretty sure that's what kept killing me. It's always a good idea to size hitboxes to favor the player.

Of course! I try to always play, rate, and comment on any game whose dev(s) comment on my games.

This brings me back to when I used to drive an ambulance around the city at night at reckless speeds with the headlights off, only flicking them on briefly to scare off the ghosts.

This was a lot of fun and a great take on the limitation!

Thanks! I thought that would make the traffic feel just that little bit more "real."

Wonderful concept and good execution!

Thanks for doing that! It's always helpful to watch someone interact with your game.

Nice job!

Thanks! You have excellent taste in "Use of the Limitation."

Great take on the limitation! I considered doing something similar. Having to use the mouse to progress is a little annoying, and the collision shapes on some of the tiles stop your movement abruptly. It looks and sounds great. Good job!


Fantastic atmosphere. Well done all around.

Thank you!

Nice job!


Great concept!

Thank you!

I wanted to make the music dynamic, but I'm already at the limit of my musical ability here.

Great aesthetic! The rules seem simple but most of the time I'm not sure what killed me. The additional input on the keyboard is really jarring; it seems small but it really affects UX. I love the concept! Nice job!


That's not a bad idea. There would need to be some way to balance the intensity of traffic and the number of trailing ducks.

Great work!

Thank you!

Cute little game

I've never watched the show but now I'm intrigued. Combat does feel a bit like frantic rock-paper-scissors without one of the choices. The animations and overall aesthetic are excellent.

The art and animations look good. It was difficult to understand, despite the control explanation that seemed very simple.

I like your idea for the limitation. It would have been nice to see more emphasis on those choices from the start.

Neat idea. The animations reminded me of FF7 for some reason.

Great concept. It feels like there's a lot of noise, like the particle effects that obscure the incoming projectiles. The title card and title itself are intriguing.

Thank you!