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Is AI Real? Is she Real? A surreal unique adventure about Artificial Intelligence.
Submitted by FeverDev (@FeverNyx)
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Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

I remember playing an earlier build of this game during the RETURNERS jam last year! It's cool to see it return again for this jam.

The amount of detail and effort you put into this project is very impressive, FeverDev. I love all the custom graphics that you made, and it's satisfying to explore when you know there's some kind of secret to be found in each map.

The soundtrack is awesome, too. Did you compose it yourself? Edit: After downloading the soundtrack, I realise now that you did, so a better question would be how did you make the music? I'm curious to know which software you used.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thank you so much, I love your work!

I compose music in Sonar X3, Studio One, and FL Studio, some of the music I got permission from the creator to put under my name for Anonymity, and they use FL Studio.


Just added the downloadable OST, hope people like it! If so, tell me your favorite song on the game's comment section 馃巻


Wow, I am very impressed by the scope,  the story and the characters of this game! Full disclosure, I haven't played your other games yet, even though I plan on doing so, since the lore seems to be connected. (?)

It took me a while to play this because I had to keep taking breaks - because the atmosphere is actually very haunting and it got to me, but also because I got stuck or a little lost a few times.

I really like how many different themes are hidden in this. There's so much to see! It really does feel like a fever dream at times so it's very fitting.

There's some very dark subject matter, especially when talking to the black cat, and it felt like such a raw, personal story somehow.

I also think it fits the theme on a spiritual level, with its sense of dread. I was a little overwhelmed at times.

Although I have to say, I'm embarrassed to admit that I have been stuck now and I'm not sure how to progress. (Spoilers ahead)

I met the girl who talks about the stars, and dried her off with a towel from Katie's house, then she went through the wall in my house.

Now I'm awake, I can visit the underwater cave with my swimsuit and I can visit Katie's house (except for where she is sitting because my character doesn't want to be noticed by her) and I can go into the cave. I can also cook and eat things but the game doesn't let me go to sleep. I have touched the orb and jumped down to where the giant head-shaped rock is a few times.

After searching everything multiple times I watched

Hikiyami Moriko 's playthrough, even though it's from an earlier build I believe and they did a few things in a different order than me.

But at a certain point they will go to sleep and meet a man, but I can't do that :(

Maybe there is something I missed?

I hope I'll be able to experience the whole game before giving a rating so I won't rate it yet, but I cannot stress enough that I really really liked this game :)


I should probably clarify that I do plan on rating the game, I was just hoping that maybe somebody could please help me find out what I missed so that I can progress further 馃檲

But if that's not an option I will rate based on what I played so far :)


Thank you so much for the kind words!
You said you can't sleep? Because that should be the next step, is sleeping (If you have energy, you can get rid of it and sleep again if you open the closet and go to "Key Searching Program" a few times, makes you very sleepy) and then experiencing the time event, then sleeping again and returning to the orb area. If you sleep and end up in a strange town, go up the stairs and find the corner with the dark door. Then when you wake up, explore and maybe got to the wall that has the block in the way, then return to sleep again, that should get you past this problem. Super sorry!


You're welcome and thank you for your swift reply!

I was able to fiinish it with your help and I'm glad I did! That ending was really something. So well done and meta!

I must say it was a little scary and frustrating at times but it was really worth it. <3

(Was that a Stanley Parable reference near the end?)

Thank you so much for this experience :)


That's great to hear! I'm glad you enjoyed it! (I dunno what Stanley Parable is) 馃巼If you don't mind, could you leave some positive thoughts on the Comment section of my game's page? Trying to boost that with people's thoughts of the finished game since most of the posts right now is from the early demo 馃挅


The Stanley Parable is another game, but apparently it wasn't a reference after all xD

Yes I will do that as soon as possible~!


Good story and interesting world building.  I played a pervious build so much of it is the same.  It can get a little confusing, but FeverDev does some amazing work with bringing complex topics to life.  Love the multiplatform support!