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I did check the  “remove unused files” option.  Didn’t know it was safe to remove those files so thanks for pointing that out.  The project was about 2GBs so 500mb seemed good for a final. ;)

I like the assets used.  Did you make them yourself?  I really wanted to know more about the ghost tram so I look forward to more on this game.

Very witty writing with a feel good story.  An interesting concept.  The character artworks reminds of Last of the Air Bender. :)

Very unique with the black and white assets.  Was hoping for more but glad something was submitted.  The art style would make for an awesome horror game.

Maniac Mansion vibes to some degree felt here. Cool project/concept.

This was cool indeed! I like the graphical style and would like to see more.

Honestly, it felt pretty crowded with all the assets.  One has to constantly shift the camera angles.  However, the assets used were very nice and colorful.  The story was engaging, and you have lots of neat ideas to enhance the gameplay.

This re-remake has a PS1 feel to it, I love it! Feels like a tech demo with all the nice assets. Would like to see this ported over to Bakin!

Cool new mechanic. Too bad the enemies just keep spawning.

Perhaps it's a culture thing but I didn't understand the story or the jokes.  I didn't have any vested interest in the main character.  I felt like I was missing something with the game mentioning characters that I had no idea who they were.  However, I found maps to be interesting.  I liked all the random stuff littered around.  I was exciting about buying the super powered equipment but there was no way to get out the shop, perhaps a game bug?

I felt invested in the story despite the demo being short.  I really liked the two main characters.  It does need some more game mechanics to keep the player interacting but it was a nice experience.

The custom assets were original and really fit the look of the game.  It had a pokemon capture the monster feel to it.  The battle system was nicely developed.  My only gripe was the story.  I couldn't really follow what was going on other than a revenge story.

A hilarious work of art!  Would like to see more of this story continued in the future.

A very polished experience that left me speechless many times.  The music was very fitting and the world made me want to explore more at each corner.  The building was the selling point for me and I appreciate the attention to detail in the town.

You nailed the jumping mechanic!  A very interesting and pleasant experience.

PROS: Nice town design.  Looks great in first person or 3rd person views.  Fun puzzles.

CONS: The room with buttons and the relic must be missing an event.  After activating the relic, it does not recognize that I pressed the red button.

OVERALL:  Nice idea but needs more work.

PROS: Very unique to see a "D&D" like choose your own adventure game with this engine.  Nice graphical overlays.

CONS:  Rather short but understandable for a game jam entry.

OVERALL:  Could use a bit more visuals but choices but a solid game overall.

PROS: Very engaging world building through visuals and text.  The music is top notch with an eerie and hip sound.  The story keeps in interesting in what will unfold next as I progress in the game.

CONS: A little bit lost at on what to do at certain parts.  A tad bit slower paced than your other game.  

OVERALL:  I think you have a gift for creating some truly wonderful and engaging worlds.  I would like to see more of this game.

PROS: I really like the concept and you really surprised me with the FFT-like combat system.  The music was simply amazing and really fit this type of setting.  The transitions into battle was a nice touch.  Would like to see more of this but I understand the limitations brought about by SGB would probably make this a chore to program.  

CONS: I don't use a controller, so it was difficult for me to grasp the controls via keyboard.  Despite the linear story and route, I felt very lost on what I can or cannot do in this demo.  Would be easier for the user to know which item was highlighted in the shop if the unselected items were greyed out.  The fact that I could attack from far away gave me mixed feelings.  If the character was a ranged attacker, I could understand.  I could not find a way to use the other party members in combat.

OVERALL: Despite the cons I mentioned, I really enjoyed playing this unique concept.


Thank you very much for the nice compliments! It means a lot to hear that the work put in paid off.  I hope to continue to make more memorable games going forward. 

Hi, there are two boxes you need to check in "edit game data".  Go to your camera tab and check Free Movement and FPS Style.

Thanks, I made them via a character generator called Sutemo.  It’s available on itch.

One of THE best games I have played in while is the best way to sum this up.  It starts off a little strange but it all begins to make sense as the story unravels.  The environments are very captivating and the soundtrack is perfect!  It's one of those rare games that you enjoy the map design so much, that you keep going back to make sure you didn't miss anything.  At the same time, I kept staring into the distance and wondered if certain places were reachable or just eye candy for my imagination.  I played this in one sitting and just could not stop enjoying every bit of it till the end.  Truly a gem that rivals even anything put out by big game studios.  Looking forward to the completed product, a must buy!

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The BEST mech building game ever!  I spent hours building my mech in the same way one builds a Gunpla, piece by piece.  I don't think any game offersthis much customization, not even Bandai's Gundam Breaker games!  As for the game itself, it's OK but the graphics are awesome.  It's heavy on the melee side similar to Dynasty Warriors which is kind of a bummer since I'm more of an Armored Core mech shooting lover.  I highly recommend checking it out!

Thank you for the remarks!


This collaboration of various characters from various games was a unique idea.  It was very "Charming" as AmalgamAsh likes to say.  You definitely used a wide array of assets on this one!  I played it twice, thinking I missed something but I think I explored everything?


The slow walking movement in the mini game.  You could walk through a few assets.


That intro somehow hit me.  I know it's just text, but what a starting narrative!  I really liked the assets you made here for this project.  It made for a very convincing home layout.  The humor, while dark, is what I enjoy in my games.  I'm usually a stickler for lack of music but somehow, the quietness gave it a more "real" feel.  I felt like I was really in that house and enjoyed walking around and trying to find all the points.  I'm looking forward to your next chapter!


I'm going to have to get nitpicky here since this game  was made by a "ProVet".  A fault of SGB perhaps but the laggy sound effect when you enter a room was noted.  I felt that 3D view made all that hard work in your environment come alive.  Having the isometric view as the default takes away the element of immersion, especially since we are confined to a single house (At least in this demo).  There were some objects that you could kind of walk through.  Not sure if that could be fixed with eventing or just a limitation of SGB's importing of external assets.  Lastly, there was no way to return to the title screen after the ending.  Just watching confetti rain down and controlling an invisible character on an empty map.  Sorry for digging into the bottom of the barrel here but otherwise, this game truly shows your ProVetional talents! 


Very cute portraits and like the ability to switch between characters.  The game has potential if/when it's polished up.


Unfortunately, I could not find a way out.  Unless I'm missing something obvious (Its very dark) but I keep getting stuck in an area where a cat appears behind me, I can't go forward because another cat is there, and there is some random battle in the center of the area.  I restarted multiple times but same thing.  I think the lack of music is also hurting the experience.  I would recommend something eerie at a low volume.  The lack of music made it feel very empty (in a bad way).


Fitting music for the mood of this game.  Quite an original story on a subject often displayed.   Very rare to see a "stealth" sneaking stage in an SGB game. It was touching, that is the best way to describe this experience. 


The event in which you carry the chicken needs to be turned off or allow passthrough.


Amazing illustrations for most of the enemies.  Character portraits are nice too.  I really enjoyed the dragon quest the most.  It was an enjoyable game and I look forward to more quests and refinements.


Sleepy Woods was a little tricky at first but I solved it.  I got stumped on the Dance stage trying to solve the door number puzzle.  I was hoping you could carry over some skills or EXP when you finish one quest.  A shame the stories are not linked.

If there is a way to display the required level or name above each location, that would be awesome.  That was a popular Yanfly plugin in RPG MV but don't think it exists in SGB.   There was a way for squeeze by the forest to the east and enter the incomplete town.  If not intentional, simple invisible block or event should prevent players from accessing that area.  Other than that, I`m a fan of pressing the action key on an event location rather than “If player touches” events for over world maps.


I really dig the overworld map.  Nice and colorful with an easy to understand system of having to be a certain level in order to enter.  You have a very good eye for 3D maps.  The elevation on your towns is superb!  There were many hidden paths with treasure which made it fun to explore every nook and cranny.  There were even some areas which there was no way out so I had to reset the game however, I kept coming back for more! The music was very soothing as well.  Looking forward to this project developing as this was quite an enjoyable demo!


The intro ran too fast to read the text.  I only had about 2-3 secs to read whatever was on screen.  I would say to wait for player input to move onto next message.  I would also suggest to remove the "Touch to initiate" events.  Too many times I got stuck and forced to read the same NPC message countless times.  After three or four battles, my characters became nearly unkillable so please adjust the balance.  Also, I found no way to stop the Auto battles.  Therefore, I was forced to just watch the party spam their normal attacks for every fight.  Lastly, it was a little too crowded in some areas with enemies.  Since they respawn when you leave and re-enter a map, I would suggest to space them out even further or tone down the numbers.


It was very different to say the least.  There were some funny moments which gave me a good laugh.  It was bizarre in a good way.  Nice use of Unity to touch up the graphics and lighting and bit.


The TV, while funny, had no way to turn it off. I accidentally went the wrong way at the start and ended up in the last part of the game.  Was this a bug or intentional?  A lot of text was cut off, didn't properly wrap around.  There were some parts which may offend some people (not I but just sayin).  Lastly, the camera angle was too low, unless the intent was to view the world from the eyes of a 5 year old.


I like the music and the feeling of a crowded, yet lively city.  It's probably one of best "Sandy" villages I have seen.  It has potential.


I was rather confused on what to do.  I spent a good amount of time wondering the town talking to NPCs which did not say anything about 90% of the time.  Also, I got killed, a lot.  That's a big no no in game design, especially when the player starts a new game and all the enemies can one shot you.  I recommend, removing all the random battles in town, especially for a first town.  I even had a full party and we all got wiped out by one imp.  Please adjust the balance.  Lastly, even for a demo, some dev notes would help.  Tell the player that because it's a demo, you can't do X, Y, or Z.  I hope I didn't come off too harsh but even for a demo, I got killed way too fast just by simply walking in town which didn't make for a pleasant experience.


Those shades of blue are beyond explanation.  What superb visuals!  It had an art project feel to it and a lore which made me curious as to how, where, and when am I?  Nice custom assets and artwork!  The camera panning in two of the stage was buttery smooth.


It was a bit of a head scratcher but I could not find a favorable outcome given the three choices.  One stage (Dirt, I think) does not flow smoothly with the camera.


Love the art style.  It has that old Saturday morning cartoon vibe too it.  I found the story to be engaging.  I was able to complete it in under 10 mins with no errors apparently.  I wish it was longer, I would like to see more cases to solve.  The navigation reminded me of Flash based web games from days of past (A good thing).


This might be more of a Pro but It felt like it could have been created with any game engine since I didn't notice anything SGB, minus the dialogue boxes.  It was too short but I understand it's only a game jam entry.   Lastly, I kinda wished there was more "interaction" with the environment.  Walk around town, search houses for clues, etc.