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I really like your art style.  Do these characters animate? Walk animations, swing weapon, etc?

It is not.  I have completed 3 additional stages and plan to upload them one a complete a few more.  Final game will have 20-25 stages.

Thank you for your comment.  The outside area was more challenging, but I toned it down (removed enemies and lowered encounter rate) because I wanted everyone to reach the ending for this demo.  Someday in the future, when I can fix the bad frame rate issue, I will make the outside area better!

Yes, truly sorrow about that.  I'm not sure exactly what is causing the frame rate to tank.  Glad you at least enjoyed the intro.

Pretty addicting game.  I got my house upgrade to a mansion and made it to level 7 forest.  I found the humor to be enjoyable.  Only thing I did not like was the dungeon battles.  I suppose I need to grind more to make better progress or find some weapons or more spells.

Very original game mechanic!  It's all about memorization and while it took me a few attempts, it was rewarding.

I had fun with this game.  It was a little confusing at first with the limited access to rooms but it all made sense in the end.  Nice original artwork and use of camera angles.

I felt that every NPC was speaking something out of the pages of a philosophical book.  Wish there was more to explore but I understand this was only a demo.

I'm amazed how this game runs pretty well, despite the HUGE landscapes.  The float mechanics are nice.  I also like the GUI and layout.  Unfortunately, because I don't have a controller, it was frustrating to play due to all the button presses required.  I also ended up getting stuck inside the floating rocks.  I would recommend to look into the collision detection.  Some of those enemies were difficult to hit.  You've got a grand project with this one and I look forward to seeing how it develops.

Nice use of the combat system.  A little too hard for me but visually, it was nice.

Fun but difficult because I dont have a controller.  I really like the power up/level up system.  Unfortunately, I did keep getting hit by monsters that fling me up onto the walls with no way down.  Other than that, I enjoyed this.

Excellent stage design!  I really like the colors and layout, reminded me of Mario 64.  The fighting system is really different and I enjoyed using my captured monsters in battle.  That combat music is a toe tapper as well.  Lots of potential here for a commercial success.  Keep up the good work!

Very cute yet short visual novel.

Nice graphics and music.  Clever use of the attacks.  A little too hard for my taste but neat project overall.

I like the size of the map, when fleshed out, it would be neat to explore places that are locked. You’ve got a great art direction to all your works. Keep up the good work!

I miss the old artstyle but this game has a nice look to it with more detailed environments.  The overworld map is a little empty for being massive but I understand this a demo.  Could of used a little more interactive moments to break up the mostly Visual Novel portions.  I could see this being a popular lite game on mobile phones once its polished up.

Not sure how to rate this one since its basically the same game I played last year.  Don't get me wrong, I really love the lore and environments.  Its one of the best SGB games I have ever played but I didn't notice anything new in this version submitted to the jam.

I got a good laugh out of this one. I'm unsure if I missed something but I kept loading the game and kept checking to see if there was a better ending?  Either way, I liked the map designs and humor.

Good story and interesting world building.  I played a pervious build so much of it is the same.  It can get a little confusing, but FeverDev does some amazing work with bringing complex topics to life.  Love the multiplatform support!

Honestly...I was rather confused with this one.  Other than going from house to house, I had no idea what I was supposed to do.  There was no narrative other than the text in the first house.  I collected coins but to what purpose?  Not being able to save was not cool.  That being said, this game has a very childlike innocence to it.  It was like a mish mash of ideas which was neat.  It's definitely different, not much gameplay, but I enjoyed the world and wondering what I might find behind each door.

Loved the music, the custom buildings, and the setting.  Reminds me of a Professor Layton game for some reason but it was a nice and short who dun it mystery.  A shame it was rather short.  I think it needs some finer tuning with the camera and people placement.  Would like to see this done on a bigger scale someday.  It was fun to play.

This was a lot of fun to play.  All the character animations were nice, especially the martial arts moves!  I liked the music but really wish the combat had something other than the default stuff.  I also really enjoyed the environments and story.  Obtaining drops to craft different gear was fun and so was exploiting the HP boost.  I made it to the end and look forward to more!  Unfortunately, there were no themes for the Jam but a fun game nevertheless.

This was surprisingly shorter than what I would have hoped.  I wanted to see more!  It was very sad and I can relate due to the numerous games I have played that shut down.  It would be interesting to see you make a EOH game story that takes place before the shut down.  I'm curious as to what kind of story and gameplay was available if this were a real game.  Good job!

That was an amazing review!  I can see that you really enjoyed it and nothing could make me happier than someone enjoying the experience I created.

Cool, any way to hear your work without having to create a new account?  Youtube vids perhaps?

Thank you for the explanation on how to import these. I have been importing them incorrectly.  Everything now has the correct textures and animates properly.

(1 edit)

Most of these assets are missing textures.  You would have one item with textures, building-01 for example but buildings 2-12 do not. One has to manual add each texture. This makes it very time consuming to use. Some buildings have 5 texture slots but only includes 3 textures. Alos, some textures are completing missing like the Battery, doors, fences, etc. 

Also, can you include a sample map?  I'd like to see how everything is used on a map for reference. Thank you.

Greetings, I bought this for SGB long ago.  What is the difference between these assets and those from before?

I did check the  “remove unused files” option.  Didn’t know it was safe to remove those files so thanks for pointing that out.  The project was about 2GBs so 500mb seemed good for a final. ;)

I like the assets used.  Did you make them yourself?  I really wanted to know more about the ghost tram so I look forward to more on this game.

Very witty writing with a feel good story.  An interesting concept.  The character artworks reminds of Last of the Air Bender. :)

Very unique with the black and white assets.  Was hoping for more but glad something was submitted.  The art style would make for an awesome horror game.

Maniac Mansion vibes to some degree felt here. Cool project/concept.

This was cool indeed! I like the graphical style and would like to see more.

Honestly, it felt pretty crowded with all the assets.  One has to constantly shift the camera angles.  However, the assets used were very nice and colorful.  The story was engaging, and you have lots of neat ideas to enhance the gameplay.

This re-remake has a PS1 feel to it, I love it! Feels like a tech demo with all the nice assets. Would like to see this ported over to Bakin!

Cool new mechanic. Too bad the enemies just keep spawning.

I felt invested in the story despite the demo being short.  I really liked the two main characters.  It does need some more game mechanics to keep the player interacting but it was a nice experience.