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That's just fine, next FeverDream game jam, we will allow you to continue development and submit it once more, being able to bypass the Theme!

This game was incredible! The visuals and story touch the heart. Everything came together so well, the audio, the art, the writing (which was very impressive), to make a memorable experience.

Go ahead play the submissions, or maybe spruce up your own! I will be recording playthroughs of your projects soon, and our judge will also be playing and rating the entries to see who wins and gets to add their own challenge to the next jam!

I can't wait to see what everyone has done!

I have the skills and tech to make a really cool multiplayer game featuring many of the characters from YNFGs, but I do not know how to make characters fast in VRoid.

I was thinking of doing a racer, or a shooter, or perhaps something else! Please contact me if you know how to use VRoid!

I did all I could, I promoted on discord and emailed itch to promote the jam. I even posted it on Twitter! Follow for the next one <3

Because of the random itch outage that happened right on the deadline, the submission period has been extended a day! Get your entries in and/or bug test and improve your submission! <3

Thank you so much! If you do not mind, could you post a comment on the Game's page? it helps extremely!

Thank you! You are still in the intro! The game doesnt yet tell you this but only the transparent things are meant to be shot. You then open your inventory and throw a firegem at the glass in the room near the water to progress. Eager to hear how it goes from there.

To get rid of the cursor, right click. Soon the cursor problem will be fixed up!

If you haven't started, now is the time to get busy, and if you would like to, post some pictures of your project here!

Thank you so much for the comment! 
-There is a way to avoid the monster, you have to hide from it's line of sight and it'll retreat to the corner of the hallway, using this trick you can wait it out by moving from room to room when it's not looking at you, and letting it pass by-


Download is fine!

Thank you so much for your thoughts! And I am glad you found that hilarious 

any engine is fine,  and I would recommend keeping to the theme to the best of your abilities. Rather than "forest" perhaps make it more abandoned garden-ish

Interprete her as you like, and here is her texture- if you need the FBX I can upload it somewhere, though it's essentially the same as the Marie / c_011b  model in SGB just with added floating eyes  

I announced the Theme 9 hours before start, so technically people could start 9 hours early if they wanted to.

If you have questions, go ahead and ask here or in the Discord-

Also, feel free to post about your project in a community topic!

Please give us the theme so we can start! Also, I can't join via the discord link!

Thank you very much! 😄So glad you liked the ending!

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AmalgamAsh is doing a playthrough of Floral Disaffect

I wasn't able to finish this game by the rating deadline, but so far I'm really impressed! Will leave another comment later on the main page to help boost the game

My favorite part of this game is the setting, and the lack of music in some areas made me get immersed far more than I expected. I'll be playing more of this game later.

There are a few spelling errors, but other than that I didn't find many issues other than that perhaps the game is a bit too easy so far.

Wow I love this game! I ended up spending a lot more time playing than I expected for a game called "Tiny Adventure" lol. The art is adorable, and the music is very fun. Great work! It took me a moment to figure out how to play the game, but once I got the hang of it I have since been going through it a lot easier.

Aww it's a shame you don't plan on finishing it, it's a cute game and I was enjoying it. Always a fun time playing your game Pancakes!

The presentation is indeed strange, because I was unable to make custom art for most things (due to getting to this jam late)I had to use other means to have any presentation at all. 

I am glad you enjoyed the Story. On the comments about gameplay, Were you reading every ability you gained during the fighting parts of the game? I have playtested every Ouiki class and found if you use abilities as they are described to be used, you can play through about 80% of the game without losing a single character even once. For example, if you chose Coda Dreamer, Ouiki can use Flame Slice early game, then give Fire Force on Servitor, then servitor can use Servitor Strike and deal over 900 damage and that is at team level 11.

I can get into every class and the combos they have, but the game's difficulty really isn't that high if you take a brief moment to familiarize yourself with the skillset.

On top of that, items are plentiful, so if you don't just heal every turn and outside of combat with Mehetabel, you can even make another character heal so at the minimum, you are able to make it through fights. 

Impressive work, I had no idea you could do a lot of this in BAKIN!

It's cozy and I love the characters you've made. The mechanics are comfortable and easy to understand.

The only issue I found were many spelling errors that are easy to fix.

Excited to see more!

(Yes Homura, I am indeed gangsta)

Absolutely loved the art style, and world you created. The ending was very nice too. The game was perfectly dark and hopeful at the same time.

Very funny and goes hard, for a game that takes place in the 90s

This is so cool! Great work with the sounds and animations for the combat in this game!

Upon reaching the 5th floor, the game would not load the next area. I was hoping to finish your game, but I did enjoy what you have! SOLDIER was my favorite.

Which class did you choose for Ouiki?
Lucid Dreamer
Coda Dreamer
Flesh Master
They're all VERY different and offer some nice replayability, did you like the class you chose?

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🎈💖Please leave a comment with your thoughts and the things that you liked when you rate!


Oh, Story Mode is definitely the thing to play, Arcade was a little bonus I added, that's why it's the second option in the main menu and not the first.

Thanks! I got it in 💘

Sorry, the way DB work for volume settings is strange. Were you able to escape the maze?

May I please get some grace? I have been super busy this whole day unexpectedly

Thank you!