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Aw, cuuute! In that case, I'll make sure there's enough pizza for Screechy, then. (and that Briqua doesn't steal any of her share!)

Oh, I gotcha. A cool temperament should be helpful for someone like Karl while he's trapped in that maze.

Screechy's actually gonna have a cameo in my game! Assuming she likes pizza, of course.

Looks fun! I'm down for a good maze game.

Karl reminds me of a guy named Sion... are they brothers? hehehe

Hah! My game's gonna be done by that deadline no problemo, boss!

Thanks a lot for hosting this jam, Patchwork. I'm interested to see what you do with this 'thank you game'.

You're welcome!

Hi, Jihei1880.

1) If you've already created your project and uploaded the file, all you should need to do is edit the project and change this last option from "Draft" to "Public".

2) Your project should now show up as "published" on the dashboard and allow you to submit it to the jam.

Glad to hear it!

I also see the quest file now, so it looks like you're good to go.

Hello, naidmer.

I don't see any downloadable files on your quest's page, so I have a couple of suggestions that may help you out:

  1. Not sure if this would cause problems, but if you haven't already, set the file type to either "Book or Document" or "Documentation or Instructions".
  2. Make sure "Hide this file and prevent it from being downloaded" is unchecked.

The only other thing I can suggest is to double check if you remembered to upload the .pdf in the first place... ;)

Thanks for playing this janky nonsense, Ash! That logic checks out for a game like this... a short is still pretty generous, honestly.

Don't say that! It'll make me wanna procrastinate more!

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Cool game, Patchwork!

If my submission still has no ending by March 30th, I'll eat my hat...

Oh, that's a bulky boy, indeed. Godot seems like a good choice. What do you think of it?

You mean the one you're making in Unreal, right? I actually saw your teaser of that on YouTube! It's looking good so far, which probably means my computer won't be able to play it very well.

I've had a lot of trouble finishing my Endra game...

I don't know why, since I have most of the plot in my head already, but maybe it's just a matter of forcing myself to work through it.

Or maybe I need to work on my patience with story-based projects. Writing dialogue is fun, but it can also be frustrating for me at times.

Anyway, not sure if this update is particularly valuable or anything, but just felt like sharing, 'cause I feel guilty for taking so long.

Hey, GhostBit. I watched your VOD on twitch, and it seems to cut off abruptly while you're playing Many Coins. Not sure if this was intentional or not, but I thought I'd mention it, anyway (especially since my game was one of the two you hadn't played yet😭).

Either way, I'm glad I joined this jam. All of the submissions were very unique, and it was neat to see how each dev took the theme in a different direction.

Thank you very much for hosting the jam, GhostBit.

(and to all jammers, congrats on making a bunch of cool games! Remember to rate the other submissions, if you can!)

Thanks a lot for the feedback, GameFavorites! I totally agree with your criticisms, and I'll keep them in mind when I update the game.

Thanks, bloatedloaf! And big congrats to ya!

I agree. I should add that, and maybe a few more things to this project.

Thanks for the feedback. πŸ‘

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I know this post is super late, as the jam ended eleven days ago, but I just wanted to say thank you to B.A.D. Collective for hosting this jam.

It was a lot of fun playing all these "bad" submissions and see how everyone interpreted the idea of making a bad game.

Working on my game was some of the most fun I've had yet as a developer, and now I know how much fun it can be to make something bad on purpose.

Anyway, that's all I wanted to say. Thanks again.


You're welcome, 9domingo6. And thank you, too.

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Thanks, Linkish! Grid-movement is cool, right? It's a feature of the engine I used. Nope, no good ending. Just poop. (edit)There is now a good ending in v1.1.

Wow, you got to this game quick! Thanks for sharing your playthrough, lordjin. Looks like I have a couple bugs to fix haha and your feedback was very helpful, too.

Thanks for including my game, alienmelon.

That's exactly what I was hoping to accomplish with this game, but in the stupidest way possible.

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I was punished for being French twice and forced multiple times to blow up hundreds of files on my Windows 95 while trying to avoid teleporting vampires. I believe I reached some kind of ending when the game called me a "f*cking weeb" and closed.

Thank you for this incredible experience.

This is the best .jpg I've played in a long time. Very hi-res graphics. You should be very proud.

Making spaghetti with particles is fun!

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Thanks, Ash. Much appreciated.

Thanks a lot! For some reason I thought you were gonna hate it, so reading this was a relief.

I'll continue working on it and try to make it into a complete story.

This was a good time. Well done.

I think you're giving me too much credit, but I appreciate the support.

Okay, that makes sense. Thank you very much for the info and feedback.

Hello, realm master Patchwork.

Here are some screenshots of my project so far:

Aqua & Briqua's House Floor 1

Aqua & Briqua's House Floor 2

Aqua & Briqua's House Attic

I've been having my doubts about this project and I'm not sure if it's good enough, but that might just be my inner critic talking.

Either way, I'm sticking with it unless a better idea comes to mind.

Also I have a lore question. Do any of your characters have tails or no?

for hosting another awesome game jam. It has helped me get my creativity flowing again, and I now have a new project to work on.

Congratulations to Ophidian Ren, Angel Star Studios, and Kumachan on getting the top 3 rankings (*top 4, cuz Ash made his too good hehe), and well done everyone for making and submitting a bunch of really cool projects.

I'll be back next time AmalgamAsh summons me with another game jam... maybe... and if so, probably at the very last second.

Bye for now.

- Jason

Hey all.

After reading AmalgamAsh's most recent community post, I thought maybe it would be helpful to have a place to share screenshots of the completion of our voting. (which hopefully reminds and/or encourages anyone who hasn't finished yet)

Here is mine for starters:

*If you don't have time to play the submissions, remember that you can watch Ash's videos on them as an alternative.

Get to rating these lovely projects, folks!


That's all there is for now. Development started very late, so this was all I could put together before the deadline.