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Conquest of Cthulhu: An Adventure for Mörk BorgView project page

A Deathless Adventure to Raise Cthulhu
Submitted by Michael Mars (@MichaelMarsRPG) — 6 hours, 7 minutes before the deadline
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Conquest of Cthulhu: An Adventure for Mörk Borg's page


CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Most Deathless (You know it when you see it.)#43.3333.333
Darkest (How deep into the darkness of man can you go?)#103.4443.444
Coldest (How far below zero can you get?)#182.1112.111
Most "Northern" (We're from Minnesota, it's okay.)#192.1112.111

Ranked from 9 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Seeing as how our very first arc on The Rolled Standard was Call of Cthulhu, as well as it being the only game we have ever revisited (besides Mörk Borg), I absolutely love what this is. 

The sacrifice of four souls for The Ritual of Awakening is going to be immensely heavy since the PCs hold the few they have very closely, and may lead to a side quest of sorts to be able to gather more in the chance that they won't have enough. I like this a lot.

I really appreciate how open this is in terms of my ability (or rather, privilege) to add details to the individual rooms of the "dungeon" such as monsters and loot and whatnot. One of my favorite things about Mörk Borg (and OSR TTRPGs in general) is the simplicity and openness to interpretation that a lot of the content allows.

This is very well done, according to my tastes, and as an offering in general. I look forward to playing through this as this would make for a fantastic late-arc episode and an extremely impactful one, at that. Nice job, much love.


So I’m going to be honest upfront, there are two reasons you should take my feedback with a grain of salt. 1) I’m new in this wonderful hobby, so naturally my sense of what’s right or wrong will not be finely attuned. 2) I have never played Call of Cthulhu which I espect really makes this a different experience. Nevertheless:

Overall I would say, that from a design perspective I like how simple and clean you have kept the text. It would be interessting to see if you could fit it in one page. But overall it’s really a nice map and a well kept grid. The title text is also really interesting and playful, ads to the tone already. Your body text is not my style, I find it a little hard to read, perhaps using a typeface that includes bold and regular could help?

Not having played anything in the Chthulu-genre it’s a little hard to get for me personally. And I was wondering where the players would get all the souls from? Both in 3 and 6 you need souls to sacrifice. But I don’t read any NPCs or monsters – maybe I’m intended to fill that as a GM? I do however appriciate the bit in the end about undoing a misery only for Chtuhulu to awaken, that seems like an interessting trade-off. Who's the lesser evil? 

Nice job overall. I'm quite sure that someone more capable than me would be able to give this a great run!

I hope you do not take this as a harsh piece of feedback, it’s just probably my lack of knowledge and experience that left me a little clueless.


The souls plays entirely on the Deathless mechanic that this jam runs off of. The PCs collect Soul fire from monsters and can use it to bring themselves back from the dead. They also start with 1 from my understanding. As for monsters, that is indeed meant to be filled by the GM on the mountain itself. I would combine it with my Silent Night taking place on the mountain for a stalking horror that they could theoretically lure in to sacrifice.


Totally makes sense, I forgot about the deathless mechanic as I didn't use it myself. That's a great job from your side! Well colour me impressed once more. :)


I've never read (or played) the mountains of madness but this is such a great take on bringing lovecraft to Mörk Borg. I like how grim it is and how it demands everything from the players (sacrificing oneself to broken!). The map and art are great, the dungeon has much flavor and I'm not sure if undoing a misery by awakening Cthulhu is worth the risk!


This is a unique entry. It's kinda weird to find that word is descriptive of my thought since it is inspired by the Chthulu Mythos, and although I do love the mythos it usually isn't described as unique in it's modern world incarnation.

What makes this entry unique is its intent. The goal isn't to fight monsters, or really even solve puzzles. It feels like a piece of bigger whole that is made around the idea of embracing one evil over another to prevent and reverse the miseries.

And to embrace this, the players must make sacrafice of themselves and very likely others who will need to be coerced to participate in the rituals alongside the party by their will or against it.

Honestly, when I read this it feels like the plan of a villian in the game that has a kind of noble goal. Otherwise, I'm not really sure how to use this.

Maybe outside of this contest with additional supplementary materials this would be a more compelling dungeon/adventure?


Thank you for that feedback, this definitely would need context to fit into in a campaign and isn't very drag and droppable. In my mind, this would be best played in a game already featuring Eldritch beings like Cthorkborg with this being a machination of the cult that the party makes a Hail Mary to use to potentially stop the end of the world and buy time to deal with the new problem. Like personally, I would open with my Silent Night going up the mountain to have an eerie atmosphere and a stalking horror hunting those traveling here.