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Ran this as part of my campaign and my group really enjoyed the three sessions they stumbled through the labyrinth!

That sounds like a lot of fun! I'm glad that you enjoyed it so much! Now excuse me, I'm off to write something about a holy hammer.

And another video! Thanks to Pen and Paper Info for running BÖESER! (German language)

The A5 mockup already was a great template and this one is as well. Thanks for sharing these!

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I wonder why I never posted this: check out Wandering Monster playing BÖESER on Youtube!

Copy the mailadress and replace the [at] with the actual sign @.

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Send me a mail to sushiundmolch[at] from the email you bought the english version with. I'll send you a link to the german one.

Is there any chance to take a look at a few cards? $15 is a high price for a Descended from the Queen game and at this price I'd like to know what I'm paying for

I had goosebumbs when reading Gerrit's final entry! Thank you so much for sharing his story with us. And thank you even more for your kind words! I'm glad that you liked the game so much.

This is amazing, thank you!

This is super helpful, thanks! In Affinity 2.0 the Resource Manager can be found under "Windows" not "Document". Thank you for sharing this!

Oh, I didn't struggle. It was a fair fight!

I backed this on kickstarter and just did my first run. Unfortunately, the poor soul didn't make it through (and never learned their true name). It's written very good with enough choices to make me interested in reading it several times! Great to have a choose-your-own-adventure book in the world of Mörk Borg. 

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Awesome! Thank you so much! I'm very happy that you and your players had so much fun with it!

Sure! I added a single page version.

Für ein Brot und ein paar Schuhe

Wär mein Beutel gefüllt, hätt' ich Essen genug
Im kühlen Norden wächst nichts außer Pfeffer
Meine Adelheid war mein allerbester Treffer
Sie musst ich verlassen, saß mit ihrer Schwester im Zug

Wie gern würd ich, statt an der Front, als Bäcker bestehen
Der Magen vom frühen Schnaps so sehr glüht
Der König, was soll sich sagen, er hat sich bemüht
Seine Macht- verzeiht, ich log - wird niemals vergehen

Öffne ich die Augen, denke ich ans Schlachtfeld, ans Leid
Mein Nachbar fand einen Schatz im Acker, mir blieb bloß Neid
Mein Vater wird heut' noch von den Feinden bewacht

Für ein Brot verprügel ich Kerle, was für eine Schande
Verlass mich nur noch auf die Jungs meiner Bande
Auf leisen Sohlen verschwinde ich sacht

Thank you so much! I'm happy that you had a great session. As in every rpg game I would say that rules which are not explicitely specified are up to the GM's (or in this case: the player's) interpretation. But here's how I would play it:

1. Staff of Enlightenment has no effect on the Mutator (and even if it had - the goal is to rip the scroll from the dead flesh...) 

2. In my playthroughs I always used the weapons and armor I took from dead enemies. That maybe should have been expressed more clearly in the rules. 

3. I always applied armor when A Chance succeded (having an advantage doesn't let armor vanish) but in the end it's up to your play style (and how diffcult you want the game to be). 

Thanks so much for your interest in the game! 

I was just wondering about the "which suddenly drops adventurers to the lower level" part. I have kind of an idea how to manage that but if it's like a pit trap it wouldn't really drop someone to a lower level, right?

Can anyone explain to me how a water pit trap works? I've never heard of that.

Ich bin gespannt auf das Endergebnis und freue mich aufs Testspielen!

And thank you!

You should do it. It's so much fun!

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It makes me super happy to hear that. I'm so glad that you enjoy this so much. Please let me know how it turns out at your table!

Sure, I thought about it as a standalone adventure not having your podcast in mind. You can easily send your players off. :-)

I'd love to see that fleshed out version. It's definitely worth it! 

The layout of this adventure is excellent. I like the Exposure rules and the clean and colorful descriptions of each location. The herald is very well fleshed out a makes a strong opponent!

I've never read (or played) the mountains of madness but this is such a great take on bringing lovecraft to Mörk Borg. I like how grim it is and how it demands everything from the players (sacrificing oneself to broken!). The map and art are great, the dungeon has much flavor and I'm not sure if undoing a misery by awakening Cthulhu is worth the risk!

What a great adventure! The cosmic threat is making the adventure a lovecraftesque one. There's so much thought in themes of ice and coldness and the ice field is such a great idea. Love the possibility to spend soulfire at the end and the high risk of having your soul consumed!

A forest which you can't leave is an exciting and creepy location. I love how this is based on some sort of puzzles and interaction instead of fighting and big monsters. Gives it the eerie feeling described in the text. I always love your art, you were the one inspiring me to try drawing own art.

Told you before, this is a very good adventure. I like the random hooks at the beginning which give some great story sparks. Making the players roll the HP of the Wendigo is ingenious as many others have already pointed out. The layout is done so well and I love the color-details on the white lines. Such great detail.

A great encounter to throw in between to adventures! I love the random tables and the idea of rolling once but saving the roles to determine the amount and skills of skulls. Makes a nice little challenge rewarding you with a mighty item.

This is a great adventure, well written with good flavour. I like the mechanics for freezing and hypothermia which serve the coldness theme very well. Tavern, just being a trap for feeding the swamp witch, is a great idea. Ale-chemy is just hilarious!

I found it very difficult to read. The font is like cramped together and could have benefitted from more space between letters and columns. And it doesn't have much contrast to the background, a border around the letters could've helped here. My impression is, that you tried to squeeze the information of 2-3 pages into one single page. I'd like to encourage you to try using bullet points instead of whole sentences, to let the text breathe a little.

The content is great it's just the presentation that doesn't serve it well.

Oh, Kunsama, you awful town of bitterness. That's an unusual hook, but that makes the story so interesting. Who would send the PCs to get the heart? Why would the PCs accept such a mission. Do they really take the poor girl's heart in the end? So much space for great roleplay in this great layoutet adventure. The town seems almost like a ghost town, so exciting to explore. It's like you can hear the wind howling when reading it.

I'm not used to reading long paragraphs in Mörk Borg but this text is well written and provides a lot of flavour. Many thoughts on the coldness theme, that make so much sense. Putting PCs at risk with the danger of freezing, falling into the lake and then robbing them of the benefits of a fire if they don't care enough about the place... Makes it so dangerous and challenging but doesn't seem unfair to me. The only thing that isn't clear to me is the creature stats. I'm not familiar with the term EPK and don't know where to look for the stats. Maybe throw in a hint?

This is an awesome encounter. I love how you refer to the core rules for your "survival rules" instead of inventing a new mechanic. That makes so much sense and is simple and comprehensible. Imagining the were moose waving a dead body as a weapon makes it a really strong and dangerous encounter. That's such a great idea.

I love that you take the jam theme  out on the sea and add pirates to it! The ship combat rules are so elegant, I really aprreciate that you didn't invent a complicated new rule but instead just treat ships like one (giant) creature. That makes it easy to approach and handle the battle. The adventure is nice and I like the moment when you think "oh, I got these pirate bastards" and then the lake wyrm rises!

Thank you so much, that means a lot to me. I totally agree on you with the toxic spore thought. Apace was limited, so I thought, GMs could think of a ability on their own. But your right: there should have been some info. Thanks for the advice and even more thanks for your praise! 

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Amazing! So great to hear! How was it? Oh I see. You haven't yet. Let me know how it went! 

That's a great little adventure. Love how you work with the 1 hour limit of the jam. The illustrations are beautiful and I like the idea of the adventure

This is a great written and tense adventure!