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Thank you immensely. I don't know how I forgot to add silver values – that's horrible. 

And nice catch, I feel like I've already edited that out once. But perhaps I forgot. 

I've just sent this past my editor to make sure we iron out some of the things before making a new version sometime this weekend.

Thank you, again. :)

Thanks! I ended up changing it to a crossbow, which will give you a +1 to attack rolls.

As well as changing hertical magic-trait, so that you know get d6 uses on your spells instead.

There are new files which are version 1.2. There will be more version. (haha.)

(2 edits)

The original idea with this is the weapon on the sheet is a ZWEIHANDER while the one you gain from leveling up is a MIGHTY ZWEIHANDER although I see that, as to your point, they average out. I think I might have to remove the ZWEIHANDER and perhaps include another weapon instead. Or make the other one even MIGHTIER. 

I will have to ponder about this too. Thank you for all the valuable feedback, it's really kind of you. 

Hahaha. In earlier versions I actually had two doors, but it was edited out as it seemed unnecessary. 

I had a mechanic which enabled you to fail a spell, which was also removed. I see now it left the heretical magic-trait a little obselete. I will amend it – thank you for the catch!

a fantastic over-the-top well designed piece of content. No matter the price it’s certainly too cheap, so pick it up now! 

Following the development of your map has been quite an experience. At first look it's so beautiful and then you realise how intricate it is, and you're hit with a giant sense of awe. 

Amazing work! 

I love this, really great art! 

Love this!

It sounds really interesting and looks great! It's now on my list of future solo games to purchase and play, just have to finish the others first. 😅

Great job! 

Great, thank you!

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Not a graphic designer? No problem, here is my list of places where you can search and find art which is public domain (free to use and abuse)

Wow, perfect. 

I just felt the names fitted so well together, so you definitely did a great job "bundling" them and then expanding on it.

I love this. Did you get the description straight from the bot, or did you adapt them? They feel too perfect. 

Am amazed by how much you get across the page with very little! 

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Cute and well executed, really like all the small details – the wooden sword, the reversed bucket, the small band aid. :) My favourite is the duck!

This is a wonderfully executed concept and a phenomenally well-written piece! Should be a stable in many games, as it clearly shows that even a small break at the local tavern can be filled with intrigue, random tables and weird rumours. 

Love it, love the art and love the layout! Oh did I mention the pop-up house? I love it.

Great job.

Thank you so much, I hope you get to play in on air as I'm really looking forward to hearing how you guys would fare in the cold. And thank you for your great work in this community. It means a lot. 

I should've added that in my comment, I realize you wouldn't be able to fit it in. :) So it was just because I was so excited reading your piece, that my brain started developing stuff – which really marks a quality piece of work. 

Cool! I totally see how this got be turned from awesome to finished A-level adventure by just adding another page. Or laying it out on a landscape A4. Because it's really not far from being complete. 

Just hope you realize that my comments are really just cherrypicking on something so well executed! One of the top contributions in this jam for sure!

Thank you.

Give me a follow and you'll see. ;)

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My only caveat in this well-written, well executed adventure is it seems a little combat-heavy so if rolling a 1 and someone has to die, it quickly becomes a TPK. Other than that I think you're a genius. The way you combat the one hour playing time (with an option of adding a bit of time) and the excitement about the package is really great. What is it? Is it a baby? And why is that baby going to grow up to become an evil necromancer?

It's a great layout, it reads nicely – well done. 

I really like Mysta Hyttet and I can see your love and knowledge for ale comes through. The rules for hypothermia are fun and I would think works well. They do what I tried to include in my random table, adds some flavour and fun without hurting anybody.

In general your DR-checks could potentially be a little on the high side, but that's just up for play testing. 

All in all a great adventure for dropping between two places, something you as a GM always need. And the setting and atmosphere reads really horribly. (in a nice way.) 

I really like this. It's easily understandable but still have so much replayability because of the tables. Great job.

There is also something really fun in doing a voices-tables. I was thinking you could also do a reply table? So if certain words are used by players certain actions happen. It makes it a little more dynamic, as it right now seems like the only outcome is flying skulls.

The item at the bottom is really exciting, I might steal that for an adventure. I maybe I'll just run this whole thing once someone peaks into an opening in a rock. 

Great job! 

So I love the layout. I love the written text. I love the atmosphere. 

But I'm a little at a loss to what to do with this. I guess it's a monster I need to build a story around? What I'm saying is I would love for you to flesh this out. It seems to filled with potential and greatness that I could easily see this as an end-encounter in something weird and horrible. Or the start to kick-off an adventure to figure out what happened to the dear townfolks?

Anyway great job creating something so well crafted. It's the best design in this jam in my opinion.

Small comment, for some reason I couldn't print your adventure. And I urge you to name your PDF as I couldn't find it when searching for it again. :) Small things, just wanted to let you know.

So I love that you took pirates! I was about to write a second adventure about a hidden grotto filled with undead pirates. 

What I feel you really suceed with is creating your own battle rules, which will hopefully speed battle up when there is only one hour of play.

I'm a little confused with how many Pirate Ice Cutters I meet in 4? And if I just go from 1. to 2. to 3. to 4. and so on? Also when Ingrid is introduced, does this means she jumps our ship?

I would probably just make som GM rulings on this because I feel like the theme and the flow and tempo of this story really works, so I wouldn't mind just inputting things. I would probably also have the PCs joined by a hireling who could fall into the icy water – because someone has to, right?

Great job! 

So a lot of good things are happening here. The title in itself is just so good, it gives me style, flavour and a unparalleled fear for a were-moose. I mean what the f***.

I also really enjoy a villain who strikes when the hero is down. Why bother? Just kill them when they are close to dead. 

One thing I would challenge are all the DR14-checks. That's quite a steep curve to pass. It also passes 35 % of the time, and then after a fail (which is highly likely) then you're down to only passing 25 % of the time. So it will roll rather quickly. I guess that's what you're after, since you want this ended in 1 hour of play. 

Another thing which could be nice was more than just traps and checks. Some treasure? Something you wanted to hunt? A smoke in a chimney? Why are the players where they are? And why would they enter the castle? Do they know a rumour.

Anyway this is all jazz that couldn't fit because you only had an A5. So I'm sorry! I just see so much potential which is the mark of good creative work. So all shut up and applaud your work instead. Good job! 

I haven't seen a random table that needs to be rolled that uses a modifier, so I really liked that you choose to roll STR because it's a STR-based activity to climb the mountain. Super clever.

The cold weather rules also really made sense to me. But the rest was very hard for me to understand, when do I encounter what and how? Sorry. It's probably just me. But it lacks a little. 

Your rules and tables are really on fucking point though!

Totally makes sense, I forgot about the deathless mechanic as I didn't use it myself. That's a great job from your side! Well colour me impressed once more. :)

So everyone is excited about this, rightfully. You succeed with creating a lot with very minimal writing. I, as a relatively new GM, can actually run this – which I think I need to soon! So good job. 

Overall I really enjoy this. There is a good mixture of jokes and seriousness. Of things combined together which makes for a coherent story/adventure. So great job.

I could totally see this used at least as a frame of inspiration in a bigger city setting, great job. My only comment would be that it seems to have been edited a little less than your previous work, as there is a place where is says "XXX" as you probably hadn't named Reb Selamew yet. :)

Just a small thing, but a quick read through might help you tighten it up a little.

(2 edits)

I really like this, as an element that you can pop into any adventure I think it works perfectly, as there isn't really a hook right now. That's fine it could easily be created, or combined with some of the other entries to make for a longer story arc.

The only thing I'm wondering is what is making PCs go further down? What's the hook for them? What's driving them forward/downwards?

As previously stated really like the clear and clean layout, great style! 

I liked that you used the Deathless-mechanic from The Rolled Standard and the jam, good job. I think this is short, sweet and fits nicely with the illustration. 

I like the 2.5 question, although I would prefer a little more motivation to stop the beast. Also if fleshing it out, it could be good to have different signal towers so you could really have something happen throughout – right now it feels like a long battle. Which I guess could also be really cool!

Great job writing this. It's short and concise but packs a lot of flavour! Would make a good zine.

I love the layout of this piece, it's beautiful done. I envy how you designed the exposure rules – I tried but it became way to complex and I had to scrap it.

The description of everything from NPCs to sitting is brilliant. All in all job well done.

First off I would say well written! Your paragraphs are a little long, so it could benefit from being put into columns, but I also appreciate that you haven't tried to make this into a graphical weird piece. It's straight and in that there is beauty. Perhaps giving the image a border or inverting the colours would make it complete. 

When it comes to story I really like it, but I'm left with a feeling that the first paragraph would be a little unfair to the players – perhaps I'm judging it too harshly. But I don't feel like I have a say as a player, I'm just left to run. Maybe that's actually a great feeling that you want? More power to you.

I'm also questioning how I escape this thing? What's the goal? Am I just stuck?

The whole coldness and blutness of this area comes across great and (having used a Howler Bear myself) I love the bear!

Overall great job.

(1 edit)

I like the use of crows, not only is THE CROW WITCH an awesome name, but the Nattramnen is just so cool and her special power blackout the sky is freaking great. So visual it's amazing. 

You've done a lot with very little space and I could easily see this fleshed out into a 20-40 page zine with space for the text to breathe and the different factions, rumours and buildings to flourish. I also would love to feel more of the mummy, as the short description for me personally leaves an Egyptian-vibe which conflicts a little bit with the crows and the witch.

It's a little off the vibe of the jam, but it's still killer work. I still cannot fathom how much work you cranked out.

(1 edit)

Thank you, yet again, for the kind words and thank you for all the help you've given. It's really been incredible. So thank you so much! And congratulations on your own awesome adventure. I left you a comment.

There's a lot of good stuff in here and you get it across in very few words – well done.

There are a lot of potentially good stuff in here – who's sending us on this mission? What made some go mad and others survive (for now). I would love to have more of that sweet sense of a town in knees, trapped by winter, hunger and the undead. "23 mutilated bodies inside and 7 Risen Ghouls which feast on them." I mean if that doesn't spark images I do not know what will! And the fact that I imagine my group would rip the heart from the girls chest and flee while the parents battled it out is just freaking dark. Great writing.

The wife is in the mayor's home, so the population would be 3? Or doesn't she count because she is a Ghoul? It's not a big thing, it's just a ruling I would have to do, just had me wondering if you intended something different. :) 

You could consider using Italic when you write out speech, and then do bold when monsters and NPCs appear? Would maybe help me scan the text.

All in all, short sweet and super clear. Really liked it. Well done.

So I’m going to be honest upfront, there are two reasons you should take my feedback with a grain of salt. 1) I’m new in this wonderful hobby, so naturally my sense of what’s right or wrong will not be finely attuned. 2) I have never played Call of Cthulhu which I espect really makes this a different experience. Nevertheless:

Overall I would say, that from a design perspective I like how simple and clean you have kept the text. It would be interessting to see if you could fit it in one page. But overall it’s really a nice map and a well kept grid. The title text is also really interesting and playful, ads to the tone already. Your body text is not my style, I find it a little hard to read, perhaps using a typeface that includes bold and regular could help?

Not having played anything in the Chthulu-genre it’s a little hard to get for me personally. And I was wondering where the players would get all the souls from? Both in 3 and 6 you need souls to sacrifice. But I don’t read any NPCs or monsters – maybe I’m intended to fill that as a GM? I do however appriciate the bit in the end about undoing a misery only for Chtuhulu to awaken, that seems like an interessting trade-off. Who's the lesser evil? 

Nice job overall. I'm quite sure that someone more capable than me would be able to give this a great run!

I hope you do not take this as a harsh piece of feedback, it’s just probably my lack of knowledge and experience that left me a little clueless.

I really like the premise of this adventure. I would love to see it fleshed out into a real mini-adventure, in the same veins as Graves Left Wanting or The Death Ziggarut.

(2 edits)

Thank you for the comment, it's a really well thoughout piece of feedback that I value quite highly. So thank you for taking the time. I totally see your point about robbing players of their agency. It's one of those comments that, once you read it, you re-read your own adventure and go: Why did I design it like this? 

I considered fleshing Mörkshire out for a further adventure/mini-setting, it's heavily inspired by Darkshire (WoW) but in a Mörk Borg-way. Hence the name. :) 

Thank you for the comment on the Wendigo, I TOTALLY see your point about the icy breeze. Once the rating is done and over I will go in and amend based on your comments, this feedback is just so golden, as this is my first adventure and I've only been doing TTRPGs since 2021 I really need experienced people helping me out, so once again:


(It looks like you commented twice, so I just removed your other comment. It was a duplicate.)

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I really like the choice of just making this about one place. Simple, focused and tightly written.