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You did this. (looking forward to the print run.)

This is truly brilliant. You should print this on disposable cups.

I never responded to this AWESOME playthrough and I'm so sorry. So thank you, it's so wholesome and I LOVE the story about Puffin as well as the illustration! 

Great job. Thanks for taking the time to going through my silly little game. :) Give Puffin a scratch from me.

haha, glad you’re equally cursed with a poor sense of humour. 

Thanks for the image and kind words. Means the world to me! Hope your players die horribly in Fathmu’s prison. 🤘

Thanks, man. That's kind of you! It was great fun.

Of course. :) And thank you for supporting me! Solo'ing it sounds awesome.

There's no opportunity to write privately here, so if you have Discord can you reach out to me at:

Or send me an email at

Where did you buy it, just out of curiosity?


It's once again a fresh breath of air in the TTRPG-scene, really well done.

The striking visual direction and the provocative words make this a truly remarkable adventure.

I haven't had a chance to run it. Maybe someday, as it's really well made.

Fun little table with a psychedelic layout, well done!

Wow, the art is really nice, but well done on the layout as well Iko. Looks really nice.

Hinokodo once again with a beauty. Not only in terms of graphic design and layout but also in terms of game design and ideation.

Shit, you're good.

Thank you, David, glad it made you laugh. 

I'm considering building it out with random tables one day. 

Wow, the design is beyond amazing. Well done!

Uh, interesting question. Do you have some preferences yourself?

The obvious ones are the official adventure, Rotblack Sludge. It's a boring answer, but it's so well designed. 

Other Johan Nohr stuff that comes to mind is Goblin Grinder but also "Blackpowder Weapons for the Rich and Foolhardy". I love the idea of using the illustration as graphic separation, and as an aid for hierarchy. 


Philipp Teach did an adventure called ISBJÖRN which I think is quite fun, simply for the playfulness. Philipp has improved over the years, but the main idea is still conceptually super strong.


Tales and Poetry of Sarkash is a very well designed and different take which I appreciate for the boldness of doing something different.


Christian Eichorn is in general really skilled, unfortunately I only have Purgatory which I really enjoy. He also did a "word"-dungeon, where he used the description of the rooms to space out the map. I found that quite clever.


It's not MÖRK BORG, but I really enjoy the courage of Attack From Space which I've backed for the same reason. 

Hope it gives some inspiration, I'll add more if I stumbled across it. I'll also share my Pinterest where I have a MÖRK BORG-board. 

I made a video explaining how this script works, you can find it here: 

Episode 2 of this wonderful series:

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A new and awesome podcast actual play giving Trapped Within their best AND MORE!

Cool, going to give this a read soon! 

Thanks for the nice words, means a lot!


What a fresh idea to try to combine LIMINAL_ with CY_BORG, fun. 

Great work.

Awesomely written, reads as something told by an old man in a known neighboorhood. Great writing!

It was ... Ehm ... hidden ... Hurtfully so ...

Haha, glad you found them! 

And thanks for the comments, means the world to me. Hope your players suffer!  

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I was thinking it was your only weapon. Your choice mate. You could roll a d6 for weapons and if it's a 6 your dagger is just d6+1. Remember to name it, that's important. 

Oh shit! I just saw this. Reach out if you need help. 

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thanks! 🤘You will receive the download-code soon!

If you want to watch a fun Actual Play of a very early beta version, check out this video from Wandering Monster.

You could consider giving this a try:

Thank you immensely. I don't know how I forgot to add silver values – that's horrible. 

And nice catch, I feel like I've already edited that out once. But perhaps I forgot. 

I've just sent this past my editor to make sure we iron out some of the things before making a new version sometime this weekend.

Thank you, again. :)

Thanks! I ended up changing it to a crossbow, which will give you a +1 to attack rolls.

As well as changing hertical magic-trait, so that you know get d6 uses on your spells instead.

There are new files which are version 1.2. There will be more version. (haha.)

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The original idea with this is the weapon on the sheet is a ZWEIHANDER while the one you gain from leveling up is a MIGHTY ZWEIHANDER although I see that, as to your point, they average out. I think I might have to remove the ZWEIHANDER and perhaps include another weapon instead. Or make the other one even MIGHTIER. 

I will have to ponder about this too. Thank you for all the valuable feedback, it's really kind of you. 

Hahaha. In earlier versions I actually had two doors, but it was edited out as it seemed unnecessary. 

I had a mechanic which enabled you to fail a spell, which was also removed. I see now it left the heretical magic-trait a little obselete. I will amend it – thank you for the catch!

a fantastic over-the-top well designed piece of content. No matter the price it’s certainly too cheap, so pick it up now! 

Following the development of your map has been quite an experience. At first look it's so beautiful and then you realise how intricate it is, and you're hit with a giant sense of awe. 

Amazing work! 

I love this, really great art! 

Love this!

It sounds really interesting and looks great! It's now on my list of future solo games to purchase and play, just have to finish the others first. 😅

Great job!