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The Rotten Wooden Room TALPView game page

Text advantue for game jam TALP
Submitted by roadkillcandy (@roadkillcandy) — 39 days, 52 minutes before the deadline
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Graphics (optional)#82.3002.300
Cheatsheet (optional)#81.5001.500

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This game has an interesting and unique tone - a mix of stressful, unpleasantness, and dirtiness combined with beautiful and royal things. That was neat to me. The art was unrefined, but at least had a unique style. The game was fairly easy to play but still a bit of a challenge, so it seemed a good difficulty level for kids, I think. And thanks for including a map (I personally always like having maps)!

(Mild spoilers in the rest of this review) I noted some suggestions: There could be more descriptions when the player examines stuff, even for un-important features just for fun, e.g. the books (look for all nouns in your descriptions). And some more synonyms could be added (e.g. "axe" should work as well, not only "pickaxe"). For the art, I suggest using png overlays with transparency, e.g. so when the mole leaves, the icon in the image disappears too. Search "overlay" on the Adventuron Cookbook page for example code, and let us know on the Discord server if you need help. It would have been nice to have a mole image, and a unicorn, at the appropriate places. And have them leave using the overlay feature.

I like that we get to help the unicorn twice - once around the middle and once at the end. And I personally didn't mind the one empty room with no purpose, it seemed like a bit of extra silly fun! =P


A nicely themed game, although I still don't know how we ended up in the rotten wooden room at the start!

Spoilers in following comments.

A couple of issues with the tutorial messages: first, there's no 'mole' object visible in the tunnel, even before you get rid of the mole.  The only reason I knew there was a mole there was because of the tutorial message.  I know you can't turn the tutorial off in this game, but there should be a 'mole' object there to make it consistent.

Secondly, the tutorial messages don't update after you've completed the puzzles in those rooms - it still tells you to examine the mud and talk to the mole even after you've done those things (and in the mole's case, even after the mole has gone away).

Another thing: I'm confused about what was achieved by unlocking/opening the sturdy door in the coal room.  When I first entered the room, I could already go north, south, east and west, long before I found the key or unlocked the door.  Unlocking/opening the door doesn't seem to do anything to the game state.  Is one of the directions supposed to be blocked when the door is locked?

I really loved the ending with the unicorn!


Short game with relaxing puzzles... save for the last door, I can't get it to open! But I'll give it another try later.

Only thing that puzzled me is the story: your stated goal is to save the unicorn, but that happens inside the game's first half or so, then what's going on? :D

Host (1 edit) (+1)


Nice game, and unique graphics.

I created a "game transcript" which basically shows things that I tried in the game, and how the game responded, I also left some notes near the end of the play session.

I kind of got stuck with which verb to use with the pickaxe, I think  I was supposed to use it on the gems.

You could also do with making your tutorial messages, conditional on things existing, or some boolean variable, so that a tutorial message that is no longer relevant doesn't keep getting shown. I suggest using the : tutorial "" command in on_tick {} for your tutorial messages.

You could do with a few more examine messages too.

Here is the transcript: