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A jam submission

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A short 2D horror experience
Submitted by Terran (@terranbyte)
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Nice atmosphere, sometimes it is a little slow...but this gives more tension.. good job.


Glad to hear the game is tense, that means I must've done at least a decent job with the spooky parts. Thanks


Good atmosphere, but the ghost's sound is pretty bewildering. And also that slow text got me killed once.


Thanks for the feedback. The text speed seems to be a common dislike in my game, though in case you didn't know you can skip the typewriter animation by holding down E.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Liked this short experience :3
The 2D Animations were really adorable and nice :D
Spooky Mood was achieved x3
But the camera tilt should be a bit less extreme and if you switch left to right it should do a smooth follow and not that abrupt.


Glad you like it. I really wanted to fix the choppy camera tilting, but after an hour or two I wasn't successful, and at some point I just needed to call it quits and continue with the rest of the game.


Really fun game! I got spooked way too many times though.. The sound and atmosphere was amazing and immersive. I liked the camera panning. However I do have a few suggestions.

- Checkpoints would be really nice to have

- It wasn't clear what I was interacting with. For example, I was interacting with the elevator instead of the locker and that got me killed in game xDD

- A bit more direction would be nice, still haven't found the lore yet.

Other than that 9.999/10 I guess xDDD


Glad you liked it. There is "technically" a checkpoint when you first pick up the toolbox but I get where you're coming from. I would've liked to add an outline to any object you'd interact with, but I thought of it way too late into development so there was not time to add it. The directions were made sparse for a reason, I wanted the player to figure out most of the stuff on their own. (Also a 9.999/10, I'm flattered)


Very good atmosphere, and the sound design makes it really immersive.
Excellent work!


Thanks for the kind words, I spent a lot of time on immersion so I'm glad to see it paid off.


The player could move faster.  Audio is nice!


Very true. I was gonna add the ability to run but I ended up not doing that, it would used up too much development time (Largely due to my spaghetti code).


Fun Game! text showing up were slow but not a big problem. at first a got confused on what to do but when i know what i have to do it was pretty hard but i managed to finish the game somehow.                          the graphics are very good and shows a scary vibe and also the audio suits the game, overall a good game!


Glad you enjoyed my game. It was kinda hard to get the text to feel right and even then not everybody would like it.


In the beginning the opening of the gate is way too slow. Even the sound ends early. What my problem is that I should be able to enter it when the garage door is higher than my head.

Still related to speed, the text speed is WAY too slow. I think you should double ot triple it.

Also, the interaction button. E is pretty common as an interaction button, but do you have any reason not to include space or left click? in the beginning I tried pressing left click, space and enter. Then I remembered something that it was E. I probably would have figured it out, but it just makes more sense to include space as well, I think.

Another thing is that the monster's sound really doesn't loop well, it feels like it's being cut off all the time.

I got stuck at the end. I replaced the fuses, I did the thing to the right, but I cannot pull the lever on the bottom floor.

But now, the things I like about the game:

It has a pretty nice atmosphere, I enjoyed walking through the building. The sounds were great, the graphics were consistent.


Thanks for the feedback, I think the slow opening in the beginning is caused because I used WaitForSeconds in a coroutine instead of WaitForSecondsRealtime, the clipping audio is just caused by my own dumb code written at 5 am. Also, huge thanks  for finding the bug at the end where you couldn't finish the game.