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Hi, my name is Josh.View game page

Tactical third-person-shooter. I made this game in in 72 hours for the Minimalistic Game Jam.
Submitted by Taner (thenaar) — 2 hours, 24 minutes before the deadline
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Hi, my name is Josh.'s page


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I really liked the method of story telling. Unfortunately I lost all my guys in the first encounter but cheesed my way to the end. The distance you can shoot from is way farther than the enemies noticing you.


Thank you! I will fix that once voting time is over.


Pretty cool concept, but the implementation is quite buggy. Most of the time my guys were just spinning around like crazy and maybe one guy was actually shooting. I see a lot of potential in the concept though!

Submitted (1 edit)

I can confirm that this works OK now :) It's a really cool concept, I like the way the story is told as you move forward, and being able to command the other troops was fun. It definitely needed a bit more polish, there were some spelling mistakes and bugs (particularly with the movement, I found I could rotate my character in strange ways and ended up floating up in the air at one point). Great job for 72 hours though!

EDIT: Also there needed to be more of an impact when the enemies were shot, like a blood splat or sound effect or something. It wasn't too obvious when I was hitting them.

Developer (1 edit)

Thank you for your feedback.I really appreciate it. It was a big fight against bugs to even bring it to a playable state. The last day was just bug-fixxing. I think I was a bit too ambitious (originally I had planned way more content). Impact and blood are planned, but I  had to cut them due to bugs. You´ll probably see them in the future =)


Unfortunately can't run this as it seems you forgot to upload the Data folder. Try packing the game in a zip folder and uploading the whole thing! :)


thank you, i did as you said, is it working now?


It is! Fun little short game. Would have been nice to have some indication about the health of the player/troops. Also, sometimes it felt like the troops' shots aren't doing anything to the zombies. And I think zombie deaths could be made to feel more impactful, as it is it kind of just changes into a death animation and that's it. Maybe I would add some blood particles or something else that would make the zombie death stand out more.

I liked the corridor-shooter idea and that you can give orders to troops.


Thank you for your feedback =) I´m really happy you had fun! I was planning on adding impact, but then bugs got in the way, and i spent the hole time trying to fix them (with more or less success, but at least it´s playable). For health, I am also planning on adding a "wounded" walking animation, since i felt an UI gets in the way of the atmosphere/feeling i´m trying to communicate to the player. I didn´t find any wounded animation on mixamo, so I guess i have to make them myself, and since that´s really time consuming, i opted to do that in the future.  PS: thanks for telling me that the game how i uploaded it was not working, and also thanks for telling me how to make it work. =)