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oh that depends on what you want to could be moving barriers and cannons that shoot fire, if you have in mind to make a puzzler, enemies to shoot while you swing around if you want to make it could even give it a side-view, gravity, swords and giants if you wan´t to make it an attack on titan fan game. Personally i had fun messing around with the 1dg, because of the sense of speed it gave me. maybe bigger, more elaborated levels would add to that

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Great amount of content and deep gameplay. Incredible for just 72 hours. Even thou i usually don´t enjoy this genre of games, one of my favourite entries!

Thank you! I will fix that once voting time is over.

this is one of my favourite entries! Great idea and implementation!

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surprisingly addicting, was here to just try it out shortly, ended up playing 5-6 rounds. Good job!

great idea, once i understood what the goal of the game was (unfortunately i did not read the description), i really had fun. also, i like the clever name you gave it

really fun! before i could even notice it, this game got me hooked with it´s simplicity and addictiveness

is no one talking about that nice visuals? i love how the starship, planets and moons are drawn!

simple but really cool graphics. nice idea to write the instructions in pseudo code.

 simple, intuitive and really fun! sad that such a great experience was over in a minute..please continue developing this, i want more!

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Thank you for your feedback.I really appreciate it. It was a big fight against bugs to even bring it to a playable state. The last day was just bug-fixxing. I think I was a bit too ambitious (originally I had planned way more content). Impact and blood are planned, but I  had to cut them due to bugs. You´ll probably see them in the future =)

Thank you for your feedback =) I´m really happy you had fun! I was planning on adding impact, but then bugs got in the way, and i spent the hole time trying to fix them (with more or less success, but at least it´s playable). For health, I am also planning on adding a "wounded" walking animation, since i felt an UI gets in the way of the atmosphere/feeling i´m trying to communicate to the player. I didn´t find any wounded animation on mixamo, so I guess i have to make them myself, and since that´s really time consuming, i opted to do that in the future.  PS: thanks for telling me that the game how i uploaded it was not working, and also thanks for telling me how to make it work. =)

This is truly amazing and really addicting! I love everything about it. 

This is truly amazing and really addicting! I love everything about it. 

thank you, i did as you said, is it working now?