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New Chapter Game's first game jam game: SlOme!
Submitted by andysonic1 (@NewChapterGames) — 12 hours, 55 minutes before the deadline

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Submitted (1 edit)

The art is nice, but not very well implemented. The main character looks grainy (pixely? I don't know how to describe it. I looks like it was resampled down with low quality settings) and there are some stretched textures on platforms that look really out of place. Is this your art or are you using free stuff? Some of the oversights are a little odd, that's all. The gameplay is pretty basic, which is fine, and the controls are alright. However, the platforming is poor, because it's difficult to see where you're going to land. Like Steven said, lowering the camera would help a lot. As it is now, it's awkward and claustrophobic. Also I wish there was some sound effects. Hitting enemies feels very weak, so a simple punch sound effect would really help with that.

Otherwise, the art is well drawn and the concept is solid for a platformer/run n gun game. Just feels very unpolished.

I feel like I've written a harsh comment, but I think the art is throwing me off. If it IS your art, then congrats on that. Work some more on the gameplay next time, though.


Howdy Cortop! We have several very talented artists on our team and one programmer who had never worked on a 2D game in his life, so that is pretty much why the game is so rough in the gameplay department and great in the art department. This was our first game jam together and I ran it nearly into the ground. We're planning on coming back stronger when we do decide to do another one!

You can check out more information about us and who worked on the game here: Check out the Credits section for a full list of who we are and what we are good at respectively!


Pretty good game, though it did end up crashing.  I liked the art, though I fell like making the camera a little lower would help with platforming and would allow the player to more easily see where they are going to land.


Gamebreaking bug and I'm pretty sure the dev bought the textures (or they were free.)