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You have 30 seconds
Submitted by lonewolfdesign — 2 hours, 16 minutes before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Thought Provoking#142.0002.000
Judge's Persoanl Approval Rank#151.0001.000

Ranked from 3 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Jam Judge (1 edit)

I am sorry to say this, but.. tho trying several times, I can't find anything to give your game a star.  Controls are confusing.. graphics.. done in a few seconds in MS Paint and nothing outstanding nor creative.. Gameplay? I can't tell.. There's no explanation nor propper control to get to any gameplay at all :( I'd suggest, try to put next time some real effort. 

Edit: I came to think of it, maybe the game just bugged. If there'll be an update, I'll give it another try.


This was confusing to play.  I'll ignore the thing with the restart button since you've noticed that; why have a restart button at all, though?  At first I thought it was a racing game, so I pressed up on my keyboard to begin the track, but I just hit the top of the screen.  Then I realized maybe the goal was to get the goal?  So I started doing that.  It's not well explained at all.  It doesn't help that your car is the same at the other cars.

The game also doesn't feel very fun to play.  The car itself feels a bit draggy until you get to higher speeds, and turns are a mess, often becoming slow and tedious.  At first I thought you could get hit a certain number of times, because I got run over ~3-4 times until I finally got game over, but on my restart I ran into a car and instantly died.  I also got a game over upon restarting again when I got a game over after a car simply passed me (I was just sitting there for a moment).  Pretty sure these are bugs; I'm not entirely sure how many "lives" I have, or why I died the first time.  These are serious bugs that needs to be fixed.

Also, why doesn't this game have a timer?  It looks like you used Construct 2 to make it, and a timer can be implemented on Construct 2.  "You have 30 secs" doesn't really help, since I'm not sure how much time has past; you don't tell me when the game ends, either.

All in all, this needs a lot of work.  I probably won't play it again until the bugs are fixed.

Submitted (1 edit)

I agree with everything Naomi said. The game could do with... Mostly just bug fixing at this point. The premise isn't entirely faulty, dodging stuff and collecting other stuff is a big part of a lot of games! If the enemy car spawned in random locations (not sure if this was just me but it only went up one line) then it may be more challenging, but again I guess this is a bug. I actually do like the way the car bounces off the walls, I feel like if this was explored then it could make for a good fast paced dodging racing game. But for this game I would recommend some major bug fixing!