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Submitted by Bardon — 2 days, 13 hours before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Era "Feel"#232.8464.500
Sound Design#281.8973.000
Graphical Presentation#292.3193.667

Ranked from 6 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

What style of retro game were you going for? (Year/Era/Console/etc)

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How am I supposed to play this? I genuinely don't know how to open this.


It is not for Windows, it is for the NES-Console from the 80ies. You can play it with an Emulator. The best Emulator for my game is "Mesen". In Mesen you can open and play it. You must only configure the "Input Settings" (you can play it then with keyboard or with real controller)


Nes game in retro jam? Cool idea, but it's inconvenient to pass, I had to look for an emulator somewhere)
I like the real true nes experience, that this game provides. But i dont know, maybe that problem was only because bad emulator, but sometimes colliders dont worked properly and i died when hit the tile near spike. 
But it's still a fun game!


thank you for playing! when you touch the spikes you die. on the trampoline you must jump,not move


It was really impressive to see somebody put together an actual NES game for this jam. Given the format, it naturally feels super authentic! I unfortunately encounter a couple of bugs, which prevented me from finishing the game, most notably that half the time the jump/bounce block a few screens in seems to damage me, perhaps with the hitbox overlapping that of the spikes beside it or something, and a few times, I accidentally softlocked the game by moving left on entering a new screen, presumably moving the character past the loading zone for the next screen and causing them to fall off the map. Anyways, great work on this and congrats on working completely within the NES limitations and making a piece of actual NES software!


thank you forplaying! when you move on the trampoline you die, you must jump on it. yes, the screen switching is troubling,first i had scrolling, but it didnt work right, so i made screen switching. I love the NES and I wanted to make a NES-Game for the jam,it is a retro-jam. it is very sad, that in this time no other retro-jams are available.

Nice to see another NES enthusiast. Also, maybe the reason why no one holds retro jams is perhaps b/c a lot of people are tired of games that have any kind of 8-bit art? Just a guess. I remember back in 2015/2016 getting a lot of people complaining about this on a 'retro' themed game I published on steam's greenlight -- back when it still existed -- because it had "pixel art." And to be fair they had a point -- mountains of indie 'retro'  games were being shoved out into the ether during the early 2010s. This probably soured a lot of peoples taste in retro. It too affected me, as I now firmly believe that if a game looks like it runs on the NES then the game should run on the NES. That said, I still use modern engines for prototyping and testing my retro ideas -- it's too time consuming to develop a prototype and refactor in 6502 ASM (well it is for me at least).


do you know the retro-platform-jam? why isnt soon another jam of it? i dont like to make nes-games for a jam, where are other games 190 mb big for windows are. i wanna make a nes-game for a real retro-jam. when such a jam starts you can see that some people make a game for it. why isnt now such a jam?

> why isnt now such a jam?

Well "retro" literally is defined as "imitative of a style." For jams that mandate authentic ROMs you'd be better off joining a jam dedicated to a -- or set of -- system(s), like the jam you mentioned. If you'd like one specifically for the NES, there is the  NES competition over at homebrew forum at (actually it looks they they are hosting it here on itch this year: .