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[Devlog] A meadow of opal

A topic by Hishicorne created Aug 28, 2017 Views: 307 Replies: 7
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Day one : the begining

So, I'm begining to work in this jam... 10 days after the begining ; BUT I still have plenty of time. So I decided to make a little rpg with point and click feature combined with a turn based combat system (a bit like Final Fantasy and Pokemon), with 6 differents status conditions (that should work, not tested but implemented). I began to wrote the script for the combat system at 8PM - it is now 11:33PM here. And I think I have done about the 3/4 of what I should do for the combat system (it represents 469 lines !!). So, I'm happy with it. 

(A part of the script, censored so you can't see wich status condition I've included - but they are very common  - not a big deal)

I'll be using litJSON will permits me to play with json files easily. Also, every fight will be a one vs one fighting, so I have no need to have another class for every enemy. The CombatStats class contain everything I need. I'm going to bed soon, so I know what I have to do tomorrow : 

  • Finishing the turn-based combat system (and maybe add a luck system since I have a int for that)
  • Making the map and a system to navigate (or walk) between scenes.
  • And begining to make some sprites.

That's everything for today - hope tomorrow i'll have more to show. Until this, good luck everyone and have a hug !!!

(PS : Please, excuse me for my very bad english. I'm a bit tired so it must be worst than at usual...)

So yeah I worked all the day and I've done big progress, despite the fact unity acts soooooo weirdly whatever I do ! Here's a progress gif : 

The next big budget AAA produced by game freak and square enix (final version)

I'm sooo happy with what I did : 

  • Fully working fighting system, with 6 status working (I tested it this morning only and it was soooo buggy, but it looks good now !)
  • Fully working dialogue system with characters in the "town", you can look around, and search if there is a little creature to fight against

Also, I have a cool game controller and all of that, so I begin to se the end of the programtion, i'll be able to work on graphics soon ! What I should do tomorrow : 

  • Making the map and a system to navigate (or walk) between scenes. (I didn't did it today to make the scene system)
  • And adding a link  between the quests and the interaction with the scene (so if you look around and you have to find something here, you will, if you have to fight a monster here you'll be able to do it... Etc...)

Also : i figured that I was a bit in advance - the whole dialogue and scene system should have been created tomorrow and not today !! So tomorrow i'll be able to make more maybe.

That's everything for today : thank you for reading and until tomorrow, good luck and have a hug !!!


Wow, so many in so little time!

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Haha yep, I work fast when I'm motivated but the code is pretty messy...


Day 3 : Small progress but neard to the end of the programmation ! 

It's day 3, and I'm near to the end of the programmation side. I'm going to bed soon - 11:10PM here - but before that, here's a little progress : 

As you may be able to see, quests are now available and completable, wich means the game is now considered as "fun" (by myself only welp). I've also added a map system (the "move" action wich i've never shown in any screenshot), and I just begun to draw the assets for the game. So ; what's next now ?

  • Drawing every scene of the game, the map, and adding a story to the game. (tomorrow)
  • Drawing every characters of the game (friday), making sounds and songs
  • Adding songs and maybe animations to the fighting system (wich would be great)
  • ... And then, i'll have finished my entry. BUT since I want more, I could be able to make another system : an inventory system ! With products you can use both on enemies during fight or on you outside fights. Maybe i'll also add a quest panel wich let you see every quest of the game - the ones you have finished, the ones you have in progress and the ones you don't have unlocked yet). I also want to add a use for the clock so things can happen during a certain hour... Well, there's so much thing I could add ! Maybe little games... Let me know what would be great ! 

That's everything for today : thank you for reading and until tomorrow, good luck and have a hug !!!

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Day 4 : polishing, adding assets and first real dialogs !

Day 4 is over for me - 11PM here - and here are my progress for today : 

  • Made a system that handle a complete translation for the game (en / fr and maybe more)
  • Made a system to switch the language of the game
  • Drawn 3 awesome backgrounds (out of 5)
  • Quest can now be triggered when entering a place
  • Programed the millascenous system

One of the place you'll have to visit : the Diamonds Meadow. Such a good place for fighting ugly monsters trying to [spoiler canceled]

The game looks now a lot more polished ! Tomorrow, I will have to : 

  • Draw the 2 last backgrounds
  • Write the quests and the dialogue for the quest (easy but it takes time welp)
  • Find time to draw characters

And, after that, I may consider adding sounds and songs to the game ! ♥

Oh, and now the game have a title : 

Do you recognize the flag ?


Day 5 : give me some sleep please

Aaaaaaaaah it's 00:22AM HERE !!! I need to go to sleep so here is a very quick devlog : 

What have been done today :
  • Every spells are now added in game
  • Quest can engange new quest (before, quest could be engaged only when fighting / talking)
  • Fixed a bug (quest didn't always recognize the place you are and were never triggered)
  • Added every quest in the game
  • Added every dialogues related to the story in the game
What for tomorrow
  • Draw the 5 last backgrounds
  •  Add side-dialogues with pnjs. I just have to write them.
  • Find time to draw characters
  • Polish the game (main menu, end menu etc)

That's everything for today : thank you for reading and until tomorrow, good luck and have a hug !!!


A lil' update because the game is now playable here :