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Day 3 : Small progress but neard to the end of the programmation ! 

It's day 3, and I'm near to the end of the programmation side. I'm going to bed soon - 11:10PM here - but before that, here's a little progress : 

As you may be able to see, quests are now available and completable, wich means the game is now considered as "fun" (by myself only welp). I've also added a map system (the "move" action wich i've never shown in any screenshot), and I just begun to draw the assets for the game. So ; what's next now ?

  • Drawing every scene of the game, the map, and adding a story to the game. (tomorrow)
  • Drawing every characters of the game (friday), making sounds and songs
  • Adding songs and maybe animations to the fighting system (wich would be great)
  • ... And then, i'll have finished my entry. BUT since I want more, I could be able to make another system : an inventory system ! With products you can use both on enemies during fight or on you outside fights. Maybe i'll also add a quest panel wich let you see every quest of the game - the ones you have finished, the ones you have in progress and the ones you don't have unlocked yet). I also want to add a use for the clock so things can happen during a certain hour... Well, there's so much thing I could add ! Maybe little games... Let me know what would be great ! 

That's everything for today : thank you for reading and until tomorrow, good luck and have a hug !!!