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So yeah I worked all the day and I've done big progress, despite the fact unity acts soooooo weirdly whatever I do ! Here's a progress gif : 

The next big budget AAA produced by game freak and square enix (final version)

I'm sooo happy with what I did : 

  • Fully working fighting system, with 6 status working (I tested it this morning only and it was soooo buggy, but it looks good now !)
  • Fully working dialogue system with characters in the "town", you can look around, and search if there is a little creature to fight against

Also, I have a cool game controller and all of that, so I begin to se the end of the programtion, i'll be able to work on graphics soon ! What I should do tomorrow : 

  • Making the map and a system to navigate (or walk) between scenes. (I didn't did it today to make the scene system)
  • And adding a link  between the quests and the interaction with the scene (so if you look around and you have to find something here, you will, if you have to fight a monster here you'll be able to do it... Etc...)

Also : i figured that I was a bit in advance - the whole dialogue and scene system should have been created tomorrow and not today !! So tomorrow i'll be able to make more maybe.

That's everything for today : thank you for reading and until tomorrow, good luck and have a hug !!!