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Day 4 : polishing, adding assets and first real dialogs !

Day 4 is over for me - 11PM here - and here are my progress for today : 

  • Made a system that handle a complete translation for the game (en / fr and maybe more)
  • Made a system to switch the language of the game
  • Drawn 3 awesome backgrounds (out of 5)
  • Quest can now be triggered when entering a place
  • Programed the millascenous system

One of the place you'll have to visit : the Diamonds Meadow. Such a good place for fighting ugly monsters trying to [spoiler canceled]

The game looks now a lot more polished ! Tomorrow, I will have to : 

  • Draw the 2 last backgrounds
  • Write the quests and the dialogue for the quest (easy but it takes time welp)
  • Find time to draw characters

And, after that, I may consider adding sounds and songs to the game ! ♥

Oh, and now the game have a title : 

Do you recognize the flag ?