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Day 5 : give me some sleep please

Aaaaaaaaah it's 00:22AM HERE !!! I need to go to sleep so here is a very quick devlog : 

What have been done today :
  • Every spells are now added in game
  • Quest can engange new quest (before, quest could be engaged only when fighting / talking)
  • Fixed a bug (quest didn't always recognize the place you are and were never triggered)
  • Added every quest in the game
  • Added every dialogues related to the story in the game
What for tomorrow
  • Draw the 5 last backgrounds
  •  Add side-dialogues with pnjs. I just have to write them.
  • Find time to draw characters
  • Polish the game (main menu, end menu etc)

That's everything for today : thank you for reading and until tomorrow, good luck and have a hug !!!