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Submitted by Leo Garcez (@porraleu_) — 1 hour, 33 minutes before the deadline
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Good use of the name it's based on#84.0004.000

Ranked from 19 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Neat graphics! I included it in my compilation video series of all of the Pizza Jam 3 games, if you’d like to take a look. :)


This game looks beautiful.
It doesn't run very well on my netbook though.


Well, It's important thing to say! You changed the configs? Can improve the gameplay!


Nice little game! I liked the aesthetics a lot.   The music & art definitely added to the atmosphere of the game, so nice job by the sound designer & 3d artist!   One very small thing you could do to improve the game would be add some kind of effect/particle when you hit the enemies- I wasn't sure how much reach the sword had.  Anyways very cool game, thanks so much for sharing this!


Your feedback help a lot! I do the trail thinking in this. And the sound guy makes one for this, but we don't had time to implementate ): Thanks for playing and I hope u enjoyed (:

Great aesthetics, nice music, overall the game is pretty fun. Mechanic-wise the game feels a little clunky, specially when attacking and moving. The animations are nice for the most part, except the walking animation which I find a bit weird. In other words show of ball

The aesthetic is really great, and the idea is cool. Animations are a little bit stiff and the game is repetitive. But making a game that looks that great in 48h is quite impressive !

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thanks for the feedback, I hope you enjoyed! We had ideas for combos and more skills, but it was a little short for our experience :( Maybe I should not have focused so much on skills. Well, I don't know ahhaha.


Oh my god. I can't believe you managed to do this in 48 hours. This is amazing!
The music, the scenery and the graphics make up a really cool mix!
I can't wait for the post jam version.
Greetings from Argentina!


Thanks for the commentary, this is really gratifying. I hope you enjoyed! Your game is very funny too.
Greeting from Brazil


This game is really really fun ! The music suits the game very well and helps with the immersion.  I think it would be really nice if there were more attacking animations/attacking types cause when you attacked it felt quite stiff, and you could have put an "kill counter" or "wave counter" so you could have track while you're playin,other then that the movement was really good and you can have tuns of fun with it.


This game is really great. I'm very impressed with this considering it was made in 2 days. I think it would of been cooler if there were more fighting attack types.  When you went to swing your sword, it felt quite stiff. But saying that I really had alot of fun with this.  The animations and music were really nice. Great game, nice job.

-Callan and Kara 


Wow, thanks for your feedback. We tried to make more effects, but in the end we had many problems and we could not implemented :( but I'm glad you enjoyed the game! 



The level looks beautiful and the music is great. The attack felt a little stiff but the movement and dash ability felt good. The menu said there were other abilities but I could only use the first one. Overall very fun, Nice job!


Ty for your comment, the other abilities take a little bit time to released. The last one need something like 80 enemies. A preview of her development