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"BTW, this house is somehow grenade-proof but not fireproof"

This game looks beautiful.
It doesn't run very well on my netbook though.

I could not figure out what to do after I left the first room. What am I missing?

Well done, really. I liked it a lot.

I am terrible at this game. but it is neat.
Also the room models and texturing are very good by game jam standards. Did you make them yourself?

Neat game. I'd like to see a "hardcore" mode where you start as the small fish and try to work your way up to a shark in a single life (so you automatically get upgraded every so many points).

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Not my genre of choice, but I really like how this game looks. Good work

Wait are the fun facts in the manual actually true?

Amazing use of the theme/10

Thanks, glad you liked it!

I didn't really have any time to address the problems when the robot population gets too high, so they can block off a lot of entry and exit points. If I work on this later, I will do something about this. Maybe send all the robots to the nearest building before they shut down for the night?

They do have some issues if the resources are far away. I didn't completely finish my pathfinding algorithms so the robots will give up if there are no resources nearby. Despite that I'm glad you enjoyed it though

I can't make pretty games, but I try to make interesting ones :P

Hey thanks! Glad you liked it.
Yep, I was awake and working on this for most of the 48 hours.  I did all the programming myself, but I had some help with art and balancing from friends. I'm glad you liked the character art, my artist friend didn't have a lot of time to put in but it really doesn't look too bad.
We might clean up this game later and add an end goal, full animation and sprite sets, and of course music and sfx. I think it could do pretty well on mobile. Thanks for the feedback!