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Matías Paredes

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Amazing game! It was complicated at first, but I managed to complete the map. Nice flow!

Increíble el arte y pulido del juego!

I really like your concept! I think we did similar things (We used minesweeper, you used match-3 Tetris). I really enjoyed it

The idea is so cool. I think you have to remake the jumping to make the platformer better. Also, I didn't quite get the Tetris, maybe you can add a tutorial? I loved the concept!

Really fun! I love Shepperd dogs, so this game gets a high rating from me. With a bit more art this can be better~

I liked it! I got kinda stuck after the blue gem (Also, I got like 15 papyrus because the room resets every time you exit and re-enter). I'm sure you can fix it for a postjam version!

Amazing work! if this is your first game ever, you'll do pretty cool stuff in the future. Keep it up!

Great aesthetic! The music reminded me of the main menu song from Subnautica (I love subnautica)

I'm officially the best employee! Neat little game, there was a lot of time to finish the tasks, so I had a relaxing morning :P

Amazing execution. Loved the characters, loved the concept. Really good!

I get the concept, it's definitely a good one. I'm sure you can make the game better with some art and polish!

I loved the concept! I challenge you to go even further with it. The character right now works the same as the mouse would do in a tower defense, but maybe you can add more interaction to them and add more mechanics related to top-down movement :D
I assume you're Brazilian because of the comment in Portuguese. Greetings from Argentina, neighbor!

Nice game! You can definitely post a post jam version later

This actually surprised me! The level design is really well made

Thanks for playing! I'm a fan too, so we'll probably make a post jam version with a final boss :D

Thanks for playing! I can add the review out of context with "I played this game more time than i've played the original minesweeper!"

Thanks a lot! I'm confident that the game will be better with those kind of queues :)

The damage is the sum of the "number" tiles you reveal. Bombs only give you information on where the numbers are (And finish your turn if you find one). Flags are just a visual aid. I'll write this down so we can make it clearer next time! Thanks for playing :D

wooo, amazing idea. I'd love to play a post jam version!

I didn't know what to expect from the title, but the game was quite challenging!

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I got the same feeling as when I played Age of War 15 years ago. Good nostalgia. Amazing submission! I loved the art and execution

The real challenge was the math :P
Cool game!

I would have loved animated tiles, but the art is really cool and the game works well!

Look at all those chickens!
I really enjoy platformers with grappling hooks, congratulations on the submission!

Really challenging! Congratulations on the submission :D

I love pico8 games! With some more polish this can be a nice game to share in the discord :D

It got me a while to understand, but I really liked it! Pretty challenging, but fun

Made it to lvl 7!
I thought it was easy, but after lvl 4 it got really challenging. I love both animals, so this game got me playing for a while :D

I really liked the idea! Got stuck in the rat minigame because I couldn't get the cheese :(

Added Web version!

Nice game! I got stuck in level 5, but eventually got it :D

Beautiful game! You delivered it perfectly. Is the beetle a metaphor for something?

Cool game! I would have loved to see some art, but the game works well~

How do you come up with things like this? It's brilliant! Really simple concept and loved the colors. Congratulations~

The web version is uploaded, but somehow the box for "File to be played in the browser" did not appear :(  (The game was in a zip file and the HTML is named index, so idk). I will try again on another post, and add it if the jam organizers let me :D

Wooo, thanks for playing it on stream! I'll definitely watch it after work

Thanks for the feedback! Time constraint took a toll in the game, we weren't a full team so we could only do some things :P
We'll definitely fix this in a post jam version, and also add some juice to the combat

I love the concept. You can definitely make this a mobile game!

I think the concept is amazing. I'd love to see this expanded further