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Is this still on?

A topic by Caotic Pixel Studio created Mar 21, 2020 Views: 296 Replies: 7
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It's been a while since i've been on itch and i've recently just stumbled upon this challenge. However, upon checking the entries section it seems like there's only one entry despite the fact that the deadline is just 9 days away.

Considering the aforementioned fact (adding to that is the recent global pandemic), is this challenge still on? Or is there any news somewhere that the deadline is moved to a later date?

Thank you.


there are already a bunch of entries, but they dissapeared one by one. My guess is they don't use Pixel Game Maker and get disqualified.

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Yes, indeed!


It’s very likely still on... I am in the community discord and several entrants are not finished working on their games yet me included. There will not be a ton of entries. I’m estimating about 20 max. More entries will trickle in closer to the deadline. I promise you that. 

But judging by the number of registrants, and contest results similar to this that have been done in the past, I know there won’t be 150 entries. Truth be told, most of the time only around 5-10 percent actually finish and submit to these kind of things. That goes for any popular game jam. Maybe I’ll be wrong :)


Yes, the contest is still on!

We are  very looking forward to seeing what the community has prepared :)

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Yep, expect to see some great stuff from us - as always.  We never disappoint.  :)


I'm glad it's still going on, as I just began work on my game due to wanting a project to tackle while I'm stuck inside.


Does game language affect results?