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Thanks for telling me! I've added another 30 copies.

The instructions are different depending on what model of calculator it's being run on, but most (not all) Texas Instruments graphing calculators from the past 16-ish years can run GameBoy games.

For the Ti-nSpire/CAS/CX, it requires two things. NDless, the jailbreak application, and GBC4nSpire, the GameBoy emulator. Just get the correct version of NDless for your calculator by following this guide: (Select your calculator's operating system version)

Note: OS version 3.9 requires plugging the calculator into a computer every time you restart it, so I wouldn't recommend upgrading to 3.9 if you can help it.

Once that's done, you can put third-party apps on your calculator. In this case, we'll want GBC4nSpire. Using the nSpire Computer Link app that the previous step had you use, drag the "GBC4nSpire.tns" file from inside the "" folder onto the calculator.

The final step is to put the GameBoy ROM on the calculator, but one thing needs to be changed beforehand. Add ".tns" to the end of the file. In the case of Rulent Tower, it will read "" when it's ready. Now, it can be put on the calculator with the nSpire Computer Link app.

Once everything is ready and NDless is running, open GBC4nSpire and select Rulent Tower.

For other calculators, such as the Ti-84+ Silver Edition, just Google "how to play GameBoy games on (calculator name)."

Moving backgrounds and the tile/sprite limit are limitations of the GameBoy hardware, so I don’t think those are possible. 

Here’s Rulent Tower running on my calculator!

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It is beatable, but it's too hard, IMO. (I pushed through though, and I acquired the cinnamon rolls!)

Even adding cursor trails would help, but removing the reduced refresh rate of the cursor's position would make this way better.

Yep, same issue here. It took a few zoom-outs to be able to see the whole thing.

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: (


What are you trying to open it with? PowerPoint 365 is ideal, but versions of PowerPoint back to 2016 should be able to open it.

"THEME UPDATE: The theme is 'A Small World'"

The name is amazing!

It's not much, but if it'd help, I'd like to submit my silly little tabletop RPG:

If you don't mind one page being a little shorter than the others, I think the best place to cut a strip is the top of the second page of "creating characters":

It's a tabletop RPG played exclusively with 1 sided dice.

Yep, it's a silly idea, but I just had to make it.

Whether you play with a Möbius die or convert a D6 into a D1, this game removes all chance from the equation.

Very neat!


The voting period is over now. Can I update the page at this point?

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When I scrolled through the account yesterday, this is the tweet that reminded me of my draft. Now it's not a prefect match (the tweet is about the absurdity of a D1000, while my game is a TTRPG that is played using only a D1), but the jam would give me a deadline to finish it up, haha.

But of course, my project was not started with the intention of participating in the jam, and when I first made this post I was operating on the same interpretation as Achifaifa.

I just found this jam, and I think that I have a game concept that fits the theme perfectly, but I made a first draft of it about a month ago.

Can I participate in the jam using this idea?

I think that if you have any intention of selling this on PC, you should leave the keyboard support in, as while I mostly played it with my DualShock 4, not everyone owns a controller. Now that the keyboard-specific bug is fixed, I can't see any reason to remove it, haha.

Anyways, thanks for taking the time to respond to my feedback!

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Y'know, after playing a bit more, I honestly don't think that the difficulty is too much, at least on Practice Mode, for me. Sorry for the unhelpful feedback, haha. The controls (specifically the up/down weapons and flash shield) took some getting used to simply due to being different from any other shooter I've played, but I think I've crossed that hurdle now. I'm still having trouble finding ways to apply the down/up firing modes to gameplay, but it's nice to have them just for some flexibility.

Oh, two little bugs (that you've probably already fixed, but they're broken in the jam version): on the continue screen, you can move the character left and right with the arrow keys (I couldn't find any use for this, so I assume it's a bug), and during gameplay, holding left and right fire at the same time causes the player character to rapidly switch direction.

Super interesting visual style! I don't think I've seen anything like this before.

Very nice! The pacing is just right.

I'm making a kobold themed (physical) card game right now, so I searched Itch to see what others had done with the little guys.

That led me here, and I'm glad that it did. I really like this! Even though it's just a discontinued demo,  I'm glad that you made this. It's brimming with character and really well put together. Meeting the troll was a highlight of my run.

Your game is really good! There is some great puzzle platforming to be had here.

the greatest victory is that which requires no battle.

-sun tzu, the art of war

There are still some games with only one rating at the moment.

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Of the games I have played so far, this is my favorite (Edit: After playing more of the entries, it's currently my second favorite, but it's still very strong. For anyone interested, Ovs is currently my favorite, as while Ovs' art is weak, the gameplay is fresh and interesting in a way that really speaks to me.). The intro is dynamic, and the game feels like you could publish it right now and be better than all the mediocre games being sold on Steam and the like.

On a negative note though,  I agree with aandreaasperges about the art, (specifically, the beehive that the first boss comes out of was the biggest offender) and it's just a tad too difficult for me personally.

It looks great, but none of my controllers are supported.

I'd love to see support for one or all of the following in the finished version:

DualShock 4

Steam Controller


But yeah, the small amount that I can access looks pretty neat visually.

This crashes after the Pixel Game Maker MV splash screen every time that I open it.

I can't seem to get this to recognize any controller or keyboard inputs.

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Yeah, I had a build with audio done the day that voting began. I would have had it done on time if I didn't have a school assignment due on the same day, haha. 

Thanks for playing!

No problem. It has been set to unlisted.