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Yep, CSS! You can use your browser's inspector to see exactly how it was done, the .screenshot class and the associated .screenshot:hover are the two places to look.

I can't get this error to occur again (thankfully), but the first time I tried running this on my laptop, none of the tiles after the exterior scene at the beginning rendered properly, only the player character and the critter at the front desk were displayed.

The log file located at /AppData/Roaming/Clockwork Manor/logs/godot.log is insanely large (3.4 GB). Here's the beginning of it it:

Godot Engine v4.0.rc6.official.0cd148313 -
Vulkan API 1.3.215 - Forward+ - Using Vulkan Device #0: Intel - Intel(R) UHD Graphics 620
USER ERROR: Condition "slot >= slot_max" is true. Returning: nullptr
   at: get_instance (./core/object/object.h:972)
USER WARNING: Setting autoplay after the node has been added to the scene has no effect.
   at: set_autoplay (scene/2d/animated_sprite_2d.cpp:433)
USER WARNING: Setting autoplay after the node has been added to the scene has no effect.
   at: set_autoplay (scene/2d/animated_sprite_2d.cpp:433)
USER ERROR: Cannot remove TileSet atlas source. No tileset atlas source with id 2.
   at: remove_source (scene/resources/tile_set.cpp:494)
USER ERROR: Cannot remove TileSet atlas source. No tileset atlas source with id 2.
   at: remove_source (scene/resources/tile_set.cpp:494)
USER ERROR: Cannot remove TileSet atlas source. No tileset atlas source with id 2.
   at: remove_source (scene/resources/tile_set.cpp:494)
USER ERROR: Cannot remove TileSet atlas source. No tileset atlas source with id 2.
   at: remove_source (scene/resources/tile_set.cpp:494)
USER ERROR: Cannot remove TileSet atlas source. No tileset atlas source with id 2.
   at: remove_source (scene/resources/tile_set.cpp:494)
USER ERROR: Cannot remove TileSet atlas source. No tileset atlas source with id 2.
   at: remove_source (scene/resources/tile_set.cpp:494)
It continues like this, repeating the "USER ERROR" line over and over.

Trying to run the game again a few days later, it now works as expected, with a much more reasonably sized log file, haha.

It's not impacting me anymore, but I figured I'd tell you just in case it comes up for anyone else, and possibly to let anyone else experiencing the same issue know to delete their log file.

Wow, congrats! 

This was super cute!!

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This year seems totally possible, but I've been pretty busy outside of working on it, so finishing it this month feels like a stretch, haha. (I'll also probably be putting it on the back burner next month to work on a transformation-focused tabletop game jam that'll be going on then.)

If you follow me Itch'll notify you when it's out, but yeah, I don't expect that to be super soon.

You might find this page helpful (after exporting to HTML5)!

People will be a lot more likely to play your game if you allow them to play it without knowing that they need to import it into A browser-playable HTML5 file would likely be the most convenient option for players (and if I'm remembering correctly, C3's free version can only export to HTML5).

Nope, though I have been making slow progress on it for a while. The last time I posted about it publicly was this post, where I detailed my change in focus for the visuals/gameplay, though even that is a bit out of date at this point, haha.

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Here's the other secret ending (max out mercury level):

Day: -1
Encounter: UNDONE
Encounter text: The merchant demands his pound of flesh. The merchant demands his pound of flesh. The merchant demands his pound of flesh. The merchant demands his pound of flesh. The merchant demands his pound of flesh. The merchant demands his pound of flesh. The merchant demands his pound of flesh. The merchant demands his pound of flesh. The merchant demands his pound of flesh. The merchant demands his pound of flesh. The merchant demands his pound of flesh. The merchant demands his pound of flesh. The merchant demands his pound of flesh. The merchant demands his pound of flesh. The merchant demands his pound of flesh. The merchant demands his pound of flesh.

Then you would be presented with 4 options: HOWLING, SCREAMING, NEVER, and ENDING. Presumably, this means that your character has met the same fate as the others who used the mercury potions, and exploded into a burst of confetti. It doesn't display because application.quit() is called before the text can actually be rendered.

And hey, even though you've already seen it, here's the encounter that enables the secret good ending as well since it's pretty rare:

You pass by a young girl in a pink dress rifling through a garbage bin. She hoists herself out, apparently unsuccessful in her search. Spotting you, her eyes go wide as dinner plates. "LOUISE?!"
She vaults the fence and scoops you up in a warm hug.
"I thought I.. I'd never see you again! Mom told me you where under the bed, but I CHECKED and it... it was only socks there..." Big tears roll off her face and wet the top of your head. She kisses you there. "C'mon, lets go home. I remade my bed all nice and there's a tea party waiting for both'a us!" You make no effort to stop her as she cradles you in the crook of her arm and runs back for home. Just another twist in your great adventure... And she seems nice enough. You're looking forward to that tea.
You gently seperate yourself from her and explain that there's been a mix-up. Your name's not Louise, and you're a plush bunny by circumstance, not birth. She nods with a wounded expression, her cheeks still wet. You hate to see her like this, but it has to be done.
You promise you'll look high and low for Louise, every step of your journey, and she hugs you one last time. You feel warm. "Thank you..."

Healed for 10HP!

Oooh, there's some pretty neat stuff here! The roles in particular feel super unique.

It's been a little while, so this might be wrong.

(Encoded to avoid spoilers, paste into

Gurer'f n frperg nern nobir gur ebbz gb gur rnfg bs gur fgnegvat gbja. Oernx gur ivarf naq pyvzo hc gb pubbfr bar bs gjb vgrzf. Gurfr vzcnpg gur raqvat lbh trg, va obgu gur raqvatf jurer lbh fvzcyl yrnir gur gbja gb gur jrfg be zrrg gur qentba nsgre qrsrngvat gur svany obff. VVEP, gur pebja yrnqf lbh gb gur xbobyq freinag raqvat, juvyr gur phc yrnqf gb lbh orpbzvat n qentba.

Oooh, I really enjoyed trying this out!

Definitely consider adding the transformation tag, my TF games tend to get a decent amount of traffic from that.

Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

Once you know the route it won’t take a super long time to get back to the true ending, but the best way to see all the endings is definitely to make a save once you get to the final room so you can re-load there, or use the undo button at the top of the sidebar to select a new combination

They're definitely not super easy! The puzzles will give you hints in the game each time you get them wrong, and there's a full walkthrough in the downloads section, but I can definitely give a few hints here too!

Paste these into to decipher them. (Or you could do it by hand, with A=N, B=O, C=P. etc., but that's a bit tedious, haha)

  • Name puzzle (room 3,4):
    • Gurer ner gjb jnlf gb fbyir guvf chmmyr, ohg gur rnfvre bar vf svaqvat vg va gur ebbz. Vg'f jevggra va vaivfvoyr vax.
    • Gurer'f nyfb n frpbaq jnl gb fbyir gur chmmyr, juvpu vf n ersrerapr gb bar bs gur uneqrfg nqiragher tnzr chmmyrf, juvpu vf sebz Xvat'f Dhrfg.
    • Fryrpgvat vaivfvoyr grkg erirnyf vg.
    • Pyvpxvat naq qenttvat bire gur pbeerpg nern (be cerffvat pgey/pzq-N) jvyy erirny gur grkg.
    • Vg'f uvqqra haqrearngu gur qrfpevcgvba svryq.
    • Gur fbyhgvba vf avxfgyvgfyrczhe, gubhtu avxfgyvgfryczhe vf nyfb npprcgrq. (Ehzcryfgvygfxva onpxjneqf)
  • Notches puzzle (room 1,4):
    • Gur fbyhgvba gb guvf chmmyr vf enaqbzvmrq rnpu gvzr lbh cynl gur tnzr.
    • Qba'g sbetrg gung n qvny ahzorerq sebz 0-3 unf sbhe gbgny abgpurf ba vg!
    • Vg zvtug or urycshy gb qenj gur qvnyf (vs gurer'f bar cynpr va gur tnzr gung fhssref sebz n ynpx bs ivfhnyf, vg'f guvf).
    • Lbh pna fbyir guvf chmmyr jvgu gur zbqhyb bcrengvba, be ivn qvivfvba jvgu erznvaqre.
    • Zber fcrpvsvpnyyl, fvapr rnpu shyy ebgngvba bs n qvny ergheaf vgf inyhr gb 0, lbh pna qvivqr njnl gubfr shyy ebgngvbaf, fvapr gurl qba'g vzcnpg jung abgpu lbh jbhyq raq ba. Gur erznvaqre vf gur nafjre.
    • Rknzcyr: Qvny N: 0-9 unf 10 abgpurf. Vs jr jrer gb ghea vg ol 1333 abgpurf, vg jbhyq pbzcyrgr 133 shyy ebgngvbaf, naq gura trg ghearq ol nabgure 3, erfhygvat va hf frggvat gur qvny gb 3. (1333/10=133 erznvaqre 3, be 1333 zbqhyb 10=3)
    • Lbh'er noyr gb oehgr sbepr guvf chmmyr, trggvat vg jebat 4 gvzrf erfhygf va lbhe punenpgre gelvat nyy bs gur cbffvoyr pbzovangvbaf (nsgre nyy, gurer'f n znkvzhz bs whfg 100 pbzovangvbaf, fvapr gur znkvzhz ahzore bs abgpurf ba rvgure qvny vf 10), nyybjvat lbh gb cebterff jvgubhg fbyivat rvgure chmmyr.

Thank you!

Sketchbook 19 is just as excellent as always! I particularly like the "god, I wish that were me" trio and the little location/technology illustrations, but it's all really neat!

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I could totally have been doing something wrong, but this didn't run until I installed the JDK instead of just having the JRE.

If you'd like to get a lot more people playing this, making a browser-playable version could be a worthwhile option! (For comparison, Escape from Kettuloch's Twine port has been played 40x as many times as the Python version. It's just so much easier for players, haha)

But, beyond that, once it was up and running everything was working fine, and I'll definitely be interested in seeing where you go next!

*woof woof*

Finding both endings here was pretty fun!

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I always find playing around with TF generators fun, and this was definitely no exception!

 The fact that your program remembers the current state of each character and transforms that is definitely a feature I don't think I've seen in a TF generator before.

The new banner image is great!

Ah, thank you!

Ooooh, very nice to hear, more Gwen is always appreciated!

I'll definitely be trying to leave a comment for everyone who submitted (and get their games added to my TF games collection) over the next few days!

(...and once my semester's over I'll hopefully have time to finish the game I started, haha)

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Pretty fun! The transformation scenes were all great, and the abilities gained from them were well implemented. I'm pretty sure I've seen all three four endings!

What's the intended method of getting from the tightrope area to the final room? I ended up using the fire grenade's explosion knockback to clip through the rope above the platform, but that didn't feel like it was the way you meant for that section to be solved.

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octopus lives in brain now

octopus lives in brain now

I had a good time with this! Starting every dialog up at once was definitely a highlight, as was exiting through the gift shop before diving directly into the water, haha. I'm pretty sure I found every ending!

As for the long loadtimes, my best guess is that your audio clips are set to pre-load their data before the scene starts.
(Relevant sections: Load in Background/Preload Audio Data, along with Load Type)

The homeworld is proud of me!

Pretty fun little game, I'm definitely a big fan of all the post-TF dialog.

There's a good foundation here if ewe'd like to make some post-jam additions, but as is this is already plenty fun, and I think the challenge level for getting the true ending feels like it's in a good place.

Yep, I find the fact that the issue just... stopped happening after a point especially puzzling.

Let’s see…. I don’t think I can remember all of them, but there really was no pattern that I could discern.

The first time it happened was about 1 hour in, right after getting scratched by the jade cat. When the clock turned over to nighttime and I was walking though the central room of them temple to get back to bed, the game locked up.

The second time was in the village, after I had gotten the quest to get Ziba’s flower, grabbed the flower, and returned it (unfortunately, all without saving, which I imagine was partially to blame for my knowing that Ziba was a florist but not being able to select the relevant option, haha). Strangely, this one occurred not during gameplay, but when I left the game on pause for a while. IIRC, I was on the journal screen at the time, in the town.

The other three times it happened stand out less in my mind since I didn’t lose much progress as a result, since I was saving very frequently after the incident with the flower.

I do remember that one of them happened on the day that the old guy’s story event took place, but beyond that, I don’t have many details for that one.

Another, I do remember that the clock turned over into dusk right before, but I don’t recall where I was.

Interestingly though, I can say with confidence that once I was past the ~3 hour mark, I didn’t experience this again.

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This specific jam welcomes projects that have been in development for a while (and hey, at least 2/3 of the current submissions are in the same boat, haha) , so I'd definitely consider it fair game.

Okay, here are the bugs I spotted:

Re-entering the mayor’s house after obtaining the hat shows the hat on the mayor’s shelf again, and re-selecting the dialog option to get the hat results in a softlock, with the cutscene failing to play out, and the player being trapped in the cutscene room. (Edit: Already reported by Kithran)

After collecting the whole crown (not sure if this is what actually causes it, this is just when I noticed it) there is a crash when selecting available/completed/all quests in the journal:

SyntaxError: Unexpected token u in JSON at position 0 at JSON.parse () at Window_QuestData.getQuestObjectives (YEP_QuestJournal.js:4073:29) at Window_QuestData.drawQuestData (YEP_QuestJournal.js:4025:25) at Window_QuestData.refresh (YEP_QuestJournal.js:3988:10) at Window_QuestData.setQuestId (YEP_QuestJournal.js:3977:10) at Window_QuestData.update (YEP_QuestJournal.js:4752:24) at chrome-extension://odlameecjipmbmbejkplpemijjgpljce/www/js/rpg_core.js:7035:19 at Array.forEach () at WindowLayer.update (rpg_core.js:7033:19) at WindowLayer.update (SRD_HUDMaker.js:276:23)

When entering the second clearing in the forest from the north (either entrance, as long as I'm moving down), I occasionally had the screen go completely black. Moving around until I re-entered the previous screen fixed this every time, but it was still weird.

It's possible to get softlocked until the day timer runs out in the light beam puzzle rooms by moving a block into the exit. I don't have any early enough saves to check, but I imagine this is also possible in the room with 4 statues, but you'd kinda need to be trying to do that, haha.

I also had the game lock up visually (no more graphics updates, but I can hear that the game is still running despite that) a few times, but I'm not sure what caused that. It seemed to be random, and I couldn't reproduce it any time that it happened.

Edit: Oh, one more thing. Ziba's hint for the location of the item in the town (which I personally saw by opening the game up in Translator++) doesn't appear to actually trigger in game after investigating the flowers, unless I'm missing something. Making this trigger correctly would definitely address my criticism of the lack of hints for that section.The cell door puzzle might be better with additional hints though, if I hadn't personally made a TF game with a puzzle featuring notches and modulo, I don't know if the answer would have been as clear, haha.

It's pretty long. I'm currently 5 hours in, and while I imagine I'm pretty close to the end, it's not over yet.

TFs are caused by interacting with cursed items, and the ability to cure them is very rare (in fact, afaik there is only one cure item in the entire game, so it's pretty likely you'll get permanently turned into something that isn't human).

I'm not quite done yet, but this has been tons of fun so far! (55 days/5 hours in, currently)

The puzzles have really been a high point for me. I think you've taken the crown for hardest notches-based modulo puzzle in a TF game, haha. Even once I knew how to get the solution I still needed to break out my calculator.

The puzzle with the 4 statues was a highlight among the puzzles, personally. It struck the right balance for my tastes in challenge, where I feel an additional hint or two could be useful for some other puzzles (in particular, the hidden item in the town).

The dialog has been great as well, and the couple of TFs I've seen have been well executed too. It looks like it's only possible to see two TFs for the player character per playthrough unless I'm mistaken, so hey, there's some replay value there.

I also have some bugs to report, but I don't know if you'd rather have me DM those to you or something, haha. (I had someone get annoyed at me for publicly posting about typos in their project a few weeks ago, so I feel like I need to ask, haha)

Oh, and since you finished during November, this is eligible to be entered into the ongoing TF game jam that Yafath and MalicTheWriter are hosting. You might be able to get a few more eyes on this by submitting it there!

Oooh, very nice!

I'm certainly not the single most experienced solo journaling game player, but I think this is the first one I've seen with a digital component like this.

I actually met them through this jam, so I have very little idea what they're like beyond talking about the games we're making for it, but yeah, they seem to have a clear idea of how they'd like the art/gameplay to be, but they're struggling to start the story. IDK if it's a good match, but hey, maybe! I can send you their contact info, though I sort of feel like convincing them to make an Itch account and post their pitch here would be easier in some ways.

As for me, I'm trying to finish Dogress Bar for the jam, which you might remember seeing some models for a few months ago. Maybe I should post devlogs in this forum or something.... Well, in any case, I'd be happy to DM you more about it at some point, haha.

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In a conversation on Discord, Furandre expressed interest in collaborating with you on an RPG Maker game after seeing this post, but they haven’t made an Itch account yet to reply themself.

Entirely separate from that, I’d personally be interested in your feedback/suggestions for my jam game! (After all, you did find ending 100 in Kettuloch, haha)

(5 edits)

You may have already found these, but to save you some time if you haven't had time to look yet, the error optikalcrow found on the d_wood_7 card occurs because <<set $branchB += >> is missing the number that should be added to the $branchB variable. 

The full moon header bug might be caused by having a $branchB value <2, as that could simultaneously be less than $branchC and 2, but I'm less sure about that.

Oh, and out of curiosity, did you make this during just the short period since the jam started? No shame if you didn't (I'm strongly considering finishing a game I made plans/art for a few months ago for the jam, personally), but if you did, that's insanely impressive, the game is super fun!

Werewolves are people too!

There are three combinations that do stuff.

Per x-lksk below:

  • Red+Blue+White: Larger breasts (3 doses max)

  • White+Green+Yellow: Cow girl (2 doses max; one gives tail, one gives horns, order is random)

  • Pink+Yellow+Cyan: Blonde hair

When uploading an HTML game to Itch, setting the viewport size correctly is essential, otherwise important information will get cut off. You can fix this in Dashboard -> The Latel -> Edit -> Embed Options.

Also, I noticed that this was the only entry to a TF-focused game jam. If you're interested in making a game in a TF-focused jam with higher attendance, there's one happening next month!

But, I do have to ask, did you have permission to upload this game? The developer's page for this game is, and I don't see any connection between you and the developer. Are you the composer or something? If so, Kurtkake can add you as a collaborator on their dashboard. That way, you won't need to host your own page anymore in order to have it featured on your profile.

Hmm.... Is it possible to leave the basement of the spa?

The paintover illustrations in particular are very, very nice!

The handholding update can't come soon enough, haha

The demo has been receiving updates even after Next Fest ended (I'm not 100% sure why), so yeah, it makes sense to put it back up, haha.