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This was good!! (oh, also, you should add a link to your site to your itchio page)

Links for up to date versions of the No/Yes Porn Allowed github pages for anyone reading this zine in the future:

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Congrats on making it to the first page of itchio's popular charts!

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Congrats! I'm glad I could help, haha

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The art is super cute and the puzzles are great so far! (Except level ÷. I had to decompile the game to find out that that you can possess the lifeless avatars by clicking them. With that information, the puzzle was fun, but that really needs to be communicated, haha.)

But, yeah, to echo what You're the They/Them Now Dog said, the UI/UX could use a little tuning. On top of what they've said though, adding music/sound effects would really elevate the experience of playing this game! There are a lot of well made and free to use options on OpenGameArt. (If you'd like some recommendations, I can definitely find some tracks for you!) Alternatively, you can create some great results by clicking around on

Outside of music, the only sound effects I can think to add would be for movement (possibly with an altered version for rewinding) and for dialog.

Oh, one more thing: I'm not sure if this is intentional, but some puzzles use elements before they're explained.(I ran into this with the XOR blocks, the goop blocks, and the... dead bodies? I still don't know what they're supposed to be, haha.)

Sounds good, haha.

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Hmmm.... It doesn't seem to be a YouTube link, typing it in while playing doesn't seem to do anything, and I don't see any files that need a key in the zip. Do you have any further clues for what to do with the bridge code?

On all the computers I have access to, it works fine on Chrome (along with Safari, Edge, and Firefox), but I'm definitely willing to help you troubleshoot it!

Two preliminary questions:

Does it work for you in other browsers?

Are you getting any sort of error message when you try to play it?

Olivia and Amber's dynamic is great, and seeing more of the mall in this one was a real treat!

The high scores server isn't up anymore, but for posterity, the original version of the game had a bug where one silver goblet in the inn could be stolen repeatedly, so an auto clicker could get $8 per click, making extremely high scores possible. This was patched, but the high score list was left unaltered. Personally, I had the second highest score, haha.

Since a few people asked, here's the controls:

Left arrow: Turn left

Right arrow: Turn right

Z/W: Forward

S: Backwards

A/Q: Strafe Left

D: Strafe right

Alt+F4: Quit game

Walking is the only way you interact with the world. Take a look around the room, look for anything out of the ordinary, and try things that don't work in real life.

Twine games made in Sugarcube use cookies to store save data, and a lot of extensions break that. Personally, this works fine for me in Firefox, as long as I'm not running any extensions that block cookies.

I had fun with this! I opened it up in Twine to see what if you had started writing any more endings, and I can't wait to see how the couple of things you've started play out!

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I was talking to the developer, sorry for the confusion, haha. If they want their game to work with the desktop app, they need to tell it which files correspond to each operating system, and right now, both files are marked as not being compatible with any of them.

As for you, just install the game manually by going to in your browser, clicking the arrow in the upper right, going to "my library," and downloading it there. Updates are infrequent enough that the desktop app doesn't really offer much benefit over a manual installation.

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Answers based on both "Rumplestiltskin" and "Rumpelstiltskin" are accepted, otherwise that section would be unfairly difficult... just like in King's Quest, haha.

To fix this, go to the "edit game" menu, then tick the Windows checkbox next to "" (Doing the same for the MacOS version will fix the same issue for Mac users)

This error just means that the Itch Desktop App doesn't think any of the files are compatible with Nova25's operating system, and ticking that checkbox will fix it.

The viewport dimensions are set too small for the buttons to be visible.

The game is still playable if you download the launcher and install the game as a backup, but that's definitely harder than upping the vertical resolution of the viewport in your project's settings, haha.

I downloaded this a while ago, but I finally got around to beating it! I haven't ever played a game in this genre before so I don't have anything to compare it against, but this was pretty fun. Now I just need to download the new version so that I can get the "less boring victory screen!"

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I have put these on my Zune, as the instructions directed me to. :)

No, but really, thanks for saving me from an arduous multi-hour train ride and calculus test with these tracks!

My phone was almost dead, and I had no other way to get access to the internet, so streaming music was out of the question, but I was able to download these tracks to my phone, AirDrop them to my iPad and listen to the Mixolumia soundtrack while I finished the test on the train.

Pretty cute!

If you are planning on working on this some more, here are a few things I noticed:

  • It's possible to trigger checkpoints from afar with the dog's bark
  • The rat has a thin orange line above their head when not biting, jumping or falling
  • The final puzzle has an alternate solution that seems unintentional (walk under the box by pushing it into the wall, then barking left)

This is super cute!

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There might be a reason you've chosen not to do this, but you can make this game (and Perchance to Dream) playable within your page by changing 2 things:

  1. Set the "kind of project" parameter to HTML when editing the project page
  2. Upload the zip again, but with any name other than the name of your downloadable version, and with the HTML file (little...0.0.hmtl) renamed to index.html

(You might also want to change the embed mode to "click to launch in fullscreen.")

This was interesting! I really liked your use of linkappends, or whatever they're called in Harlowe, for Alice's rationalization of what was happening to her (or possibly Macie's reassurances?).

After writing that ↑ first bit ↑ I took a look behind the curtain in order to find out what Harlowe's linkappend equivalent is called, but I was surprised to find that you actually had a good amount of the second half drafted up! That was interesting to read too!

If you want a bit more traffic on this page, adding the "transformation" tag will make it a lot easier for readers to find.

Yep, it's fixed!

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Yep, thanks for making this intriguing enough to inspire me into learning how to decompile Unity apps!

I was certain there were things I was missing, but I didn't want to deal with the RNG needed to find 'em all, and, as I found out, it wouldn't have done me much good in the case of the mercury ending since it doesn't actually display onscreen before Application.Quit() is called, haha.

(10 edits)

There are some intriguing mysteries hidden in here, but I either haven't figured out how to access them or I haven't gotten lucky enough with potion generation.

I'm pretty sure that the highest mercury level I've hit is the one after "looming," which seems to be connected to the confetti related disappearances, but I don't think I've met a wizard, and I'm not sure how the rat factors in.

Unfortunately, whenever I get to that level of mercury, the game closes on the next card. (Maybe Unity died of mercury poisoning?) see edit.

Oh! Also, adding the "transformation" tag to this will make it a lot easier for people browsing Itch to find.

Edit: OH. I see. Well, I don't think it even displays for a frame before closing, but, uh, yeah, I see what's going on now, haha. Well, that was definitely fun to find.

Same goes for the "visited every card by cheating" message, though I still haven't been able to trigger the secret ending, (it's plush + bunny + has plush + encounter girl, right?) and I have zero clue what the secret button on the main menu does beyond turn purple, haha.

Ahh! This is so cute!

I really love how pages 6 and 7 give insight into Natalie's life, from the detergent in the shower to how the fish tank would inconvenience anyone else.

Guenevere is excellent.

Even after getting the first item? Weird.

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I used the highly advanced tactic of pressing each key, one after the other, since that had just worked for me when looking for hidden stuff in “Samurai Gunn 2.”

I probably wouldn’t have found it if “o” wasn’t after “r,” haha.

(2 edits)

Yep, the "o" key.

Unfortunately, it only works on the title screen, and often only works after restarting the application. (Pressing "R" should restart it without needing to do it through your OS though)

"o" = Cheat room

"r" = Restart

"i" = Display important variables

Assuming that you've met the character in the first room and you're trying to get over the 4-block high wall that's next to them, try pressing X while holding left. The slide can only be performed when moving.

(8 edits)

I really enjoy sliding up walls, and the little jump/dive animation is very cute, but while the exploration is very well done, I found the amount repetition that would be necessary to complete this without cheats to be tedious.

Now, it's totally possible to use the cheat room to restore lost progress and return to checkpoints, but only if the player exits and reopens the game. The option to have permanent unlocks as an easy mode would be very welcome, haha.

Exploration is easily my favorite aspect of this game, but it's hidden away atop a high skill floor, and without the ability to quickly retry difficult sections, every failure felt far too punishing.

That's not to say I didn't have fun here though. Once I started cheating, and I was able to experience the exploration and platforming puzzles with the full moveset, the game became much more enjoyable.

Also, the bosses look great, the color palette is visually pleasing, and again, sliding up walls is really fun (along with the rest of the movement mechanics when fully upgraded). Oh, the fade-out on the location names is really good too. I can't quite figure out why I like that so much, haha.

I still haven't found the bagel yet (unless it's only in the cheat room), and there might be more than one hidden resting place, but I can say that yes, you forgot to lock the door.

(For players looking to cheat: Press the key on your keyboard that most closely resembles a bagel to enter the cheat room when you're on the main menu.)

(3 edits)

I'm still not sure if I'll make a BGG Geeklist of supported games with any rules alterations written out (for example: this list for the 6 suit, 18 rank deck included below the card numbers) or anything like that, but I'll definitely make a manual to go with the redesign I'm planning.

I'm surprised I that haven't had that issue with other Twine games before, but yep, the issue was a cookie blocking extension interfering with the cookies that "" was trying to store.

It's probably time for me to ditch that extension, since Firefox's built-in tools are now more robust than what that one offered anyways, haha.

Thanks for helping!

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Unfortunately, trying to play any of your Twine games (except for "Natural Pressures") on Itch and in Firefox produces this error:

The error does not occur when playing the games on in Microsoft Edge, and it does not occur when playing the downloaded versions from your FurAffinity profile on Firefox.

I'm not sure how to fix that, and I haven't seen that issue on other Twine games, but adding the downloadable versions to will give users experiencing this issue an easy way to access the games until this can be fixed.

  • Dashboard
  • Edit (on whatever game you're adding the files to)
  • Upload Files, then upload the same file again, but with a different filename, otherwise it'll just update the original file
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I finished it!

I'd definitely recommend that anyone playing this activates a speedhack in Cheat Engine, because the random encounter rate is really high. No, really, don't even bother without a 2x or 5x speed multiplier. This is the case with a lot of RPG Maker titles, and this game is no exception.

Further tips to players:

Equip your starting gear immediately (press X, then navigate to equipment, and for each character, select "optimize gear").

The final room is the best place to grind XP --by quite a bit. You'll want to be at least level 20 before facing Escalion, and only the monsters that spawn there provide even close to enough XP to get to that level.

The final boss is easy, but you'll need to buy a lot of full heal potions and use them frequently.

The chimera boss can be skipped, and should be. It's a lot more difficult than the enemies found after it, but you can just walk around it.

Like most RPG Maker titles, shift is sprint.

Notes to the dev:

For the amount of story content here, the number of encounters needed to get through it really should be a lot lower. More XP, more gold, lower encounter rate. The map layouts are already fine in my eyes, but the combat is pretty repetitive.

That said, the earlier zones definitely have slightly more creative layouts. While the later ones are passable, the early zones have a couple neat hidden areas (hornet miniboss, hidden vine, etc.), and it would have been nice to see those later as well. It's hard to do that under a time limit for a game jam though, so don't worry about this one too much.

I'm not sure if the chimera skip was intentional. As a puzzle, it works well and mixes up the gameplay a bit. If it was intentional, then a hint or two (or a humorous sign located after it) would really make that part shine.

The final boss has way too much health. It's really just a test of endurance, rather than skill.

The choice of music fits pretty well. I imagine that's 99% of the filesize here, haha.

Thanks for telling me! I've added another 30 copies.