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Here's a very unoptimized speedrun of the demo!

Some points of feedback beyond the Google Form's questions:

  • There are some really nice touches scattered throughout! Tarp physics, clear feedback when enemies are dead when their masks pop off, and the music during the credits all stand out.
  • It would be nice if the demo was labeled as being compatible with Windows in the Itch metadata so that the desktop app could manage installations for it. (Addressed!)
  • A way to restart at the beginning of the combat trial without needing to sit through the couple of TV sequences that aren't skipped by the "skip intro" button would make it easier to try out the whole arsenal of weapons. (Addressed w/ version 2!)
  •  I'll second DancingEngie's comment on the AI and level design feeling a bit torn between aiming for very fast/slow gameplay on a first playthrough. (I'm not really able to judge whether this was addressed in v2 as I'm not coming at it with fresh eyes, but hopefully the reaction time changes help!)
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In my work-in-progress version, I've added a border around the bottom domino face and moved all of the dominoes with zeroes to the back of the deck, allowing you to easily filter the dominoes down to function as a triangular deck. For example, looking at the last WIP version I shared, cards 0-54 could be a 1-10 triangular deck by looking at the upper (non-bordered) domino face. This was technically possible in 1.3 as well, but it wasn't convenient enough, IMO.

Oooh, I've gotta compliment the banner ad, I really like how that turned out!

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Here's what Unity gave me, but I don't think I'll be able to sign or test it (both of which would require having access to a Mac on my end).

If anything in it isn't working, please tell me!

While I don't own this specific game to check, games on Itch that include Steam keys typically have a "claim steam key" button underneath all the download buttons on the downloads page.

The update is free. There should be a "You own this game" banner at the top of the page with a link to the downloads if you're logged in.

You can also access the downloads for any game you own on Itch through your library, which is located in the dropdown menu in the upper right, or through the desktop app.

Or, hey, you could also access the downloads from the receipt you get in your email as well, but that seems a bit harder than the other options.

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When making this I was thinking that the answers to those would be yes, no, and no, but I was far from having a very firm idea of how those answers would actually play out in the game’s story.

Though really, if you'd prefer to imagine that she's stuck like this, or that the reindeer that was meant to be brought in would have also been anthropomorphic or something, definitely feel free, haha

( for a sequel, well, I was strongly considering expanding this a bit after the jam to offer a few different endings based on choices in a short exploration segment set in the barn, but I'm not sure whether people would prefer that vs moving on to another project)

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Thanks for spotting the "howp" typo in there!

As for why I tagged it as horror, while I know that a large portion of the people who follow me here would love to be in Anna's position, I felt like the average person clicking on this would think of her situation as something that's at least a little unsettling to be in, haha. I can totally remove the tag if you think it's misleading though!

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Not many! Depending on your reading speed (and how much fun you can get out of watching your avatar swivel her head around as you move the camera), it’s probably 2-4 minutes at most.

(Once the debug menu/animation viewer is finished, you might be able to add another 1-2 on top of that.)

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Probably not super soon, my schoolwork has been preventing me from making very fast progress on it (and while I am on break right now, I'm currently trying to use all the stuff I've learned while making Dogress to build a tiny game for 7DFPS). My plans have progressed quite a bit since I wrote this post though:

I wrote a post a while back detailing my switch to a lowpoly 3D artstyle, and I've recently made a lot of progress on making shaders for easily controllable animated transformations on 3D models. (also, if you follow my account, Itch will notify you when I'm finished!)


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Itch only takes 10% by default and you can set that to any percentage you want, all the way down to 0%, in your settings page.

The low payout was probably due to the $3 fee to pay for the tax interview service, which is taken out of your first payout. You can check how the money was split in your dashboard.

(Ofc, the credit card/PayPal fees ($0.30 +2.9%) are here too, but that happens on Patreon as well.)

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Bug: The music's volume is controlled by the window's size. At 1440P, it's inaudible even with the in-game slider maxed out, but it gets increasingly louder as the window is scaled down.

It looks like your AudioStreamPlayer2D node is set to fade out as it approaches 2000 pixels from wherever the listener is. Using an AudioStreamPlayer node instead seems like it'd fix that 

(I'm not super familiar with Godot, but it seems like the listener is defaulting to being located (0,0), so just putting the node there might also work?)

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There's secretly a fourth option for each of the questions at the end, though, having just replayed it now, the way it's coded really should be changed to allow for stuff other than 0 to trigger it, like in the python version.

 The secret combinations that currently work are 0,0,0 or 3,0,0: No mind or body, 3,1,0: Humanoid inflatable, 3,2,0: Fox fursuit, and 3,3,0: Fox plush.

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This was pretty cute, especially the illustrations!

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Twine (what this was made in) uses cookies to store save data and displays that error when you have cookies blocked.

Just switching to a web browser you use less often is probably the easiest way to play the game, as they'll typically have cookies enabled by default.

On the downloads page tied to your account, there should be a section labeled "Claim Steam key" underneath the windows/mac/linux downloads.

(Note: Steam keys aren't included with any games purchased in charity megabundles)

Yep, the game isn't marked as being compatible with Windows, so the Itch client doesn't think there are any files available to install that are compatible with your OS.

It's an easy thing to fix from the developer side (edit game -> uploads -> tick the Windows checkbox next to, but it's also super easy to forget to do that.

(1 edit)

If you'd like to make your game installable through the Itch desktop app, you can tick the relevant operating system boxes in the project editor that are next to each file. (labeling the files as something other than an executable would also make them downloadable if I'm remembering correctly, but that wouldn't be the best method here)

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If you go to the "edit game" menu on Itch and tick the "enable scrollbars" checkbox in the section labeled "embed options," players will be able to scroll on the embedded version.

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It's randomly generated on each playthrough. For clarity, it leads to the same location as the name guessing puzzle, so if you've already solved that one, you might not need to solve this one as well.

If you guess incorrectly, the game will give you more hints for how to do the math required to solve the puzzle.

The solution is (Number of turns) modulo (total number of notches) = (dial setting). Remember! The zero notch counts, so a 0-9 notched dial has 10 total notches. There are a few other ways to get to the right answer as well, but that's the easiest one to plug into a calculator.

(BTW, if you guess incorrectly a bunch of times your character will decide to just brute-force the combination, allowing you to pass the door without doing any math)

(3 edits)

Sorry, I'm not quite sure what you mean by that. If you're talking about the final door, your character should open it automatically if you have all 3 secret keys in your inventory when entering the final room in the web version of the game.

(If you're playing the Python version instead of the web version, I'm pretty sure the command is "unlock," but I don't quite remember. The "help" command should list it though.)

(1 edit)

The door has holes for three keys, two of which are hidden a bit more than the rest of the game’s items.

Hints: Backtracking is required to get through the door! Mind the time limit, though.

Look at the map for any places you may have missed!

Ogollo (the shopkeeper) has a required item at both of their stalls.

Solutions: (Paste this into a ROT13 translator, or download the walkthrough.txt file from the downloads section) 

Gur svefg xrl vf va ebbz (2,5) oruvaq gur qbbe lbh jrera’g noyr gb bcra va gur obff ebbz (2,4). Btbyyb tvirf lbh gur xrl gb gung qbbe gur svefg gvzr lbh zrrg gurz.
Gur frpbaq xrl vf va gur ebbz jvgu gur guerr ybpxf (1,3). Lbh cvpx vg hc nhgbzngvpnyyl jura ragrevat gur ebbz. Vg’f nyfb gur xrl gb gur purfg Btbyyb unq ng gurve frpbaq fgnyy. Onpxgenpx gb ebbz (3,3) naq trg gur svany xrl!

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Itch is DRM-free and by default offers developers a better revenue sharing split than Steam/GoG/Epic, so it's always my personal favorite, but hey, I definitely wouldn't turn down a GoG release either, haha

Or, alternatively/additionally, an release!

(1 edit)

Hearing stuff like this is always really cool, I'm super happy that the game has continued to help you!!!

Nice! As a note, it works perfectly in Firefox on my end.

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Absolutely! Sorry for taking a while to get back to you, I still have the files for every version.

I'll upload a zip file containing all of them to the Itch page once I'm 100% done with 1.4 (and the instruction booklet), but for now here's a Google Drive folder with PDFs of every version I've put out publicly:

Google Drive link - Deck of Many Dice previous versions

Nope, I ended up being unable to make much time to work on it until school got out, but I'm back to making fairly steady progress as of right now!

Yep, CSS! You can use your browser's inspector to see exactly how it was done, the .screenshot class and the associated .screenshot:hover are the two places to look.

I can't get this error to occur again (thankfully), but the first time I tried running this on my laptop, none of the tiles after the exterior scene at the beginning rendered properly, only the player character and the critter at the front desk were displayed.

The log file located at /AppData/Roaming/Clockwork Manor/logs/godot.log is insanely large (3.4 GB). Here's the beginning of it it:

Godot Engine v4.0.rc6.official.0cd148313 -
Vulkan API 1.3.215 - Forward+ - Using Vulkan Device #0: Intel - Intel(R) UHD Graphics 620
USER ERROR: Condition "slot >= slot_max" is true. Returning: nullptr
   at: get_instance (./core/object/object.h:972)
USER WARNING: Setting autoplay after the node has been added to the scene has no effect.
   at: set_autoplay (scene/2d/animated_sprite_2d.cpp:433)
USER WARNING: Setting autoplay after the node has been added to the scene has no effect.
   at: set_autoplay (scene/2d/animated_sprite_2d.cpp:433)
USER ERROR: Cannot remove TileSet atlas source. No tileset atlas source with id 2.
   at: remove_source (scene/resources/tile_set.cpp:494)
USER ERROR: Cannot remove TileSet atlas source. No tileset atlas source with id 2.
   at: remove_source (scene/resources/tile_set.cpp:494)
USER ERROR: Cannot remove TileSet atlas source. No tileset atlas source with id 2.
   at: remove_source (scene/resources/tile_set.cpp:494)
USER ERROR: Cannot remove TileSet atlas source. No tileset atlas source with id 2.
   at: remove_source (scene/resources/tile_set.cpp:494)
USER ERROR: Cannot remove TileSet atlas source. No tileset atlas source with id 2.
   at: remove_source (scene/resources/tile_set.cpp:494)
USER ERROR: Cannot remove TileSet atlas source. No tileset atlas source with id 2.
   at: remove_source (scene/resources/tile_set.cpp:494)
It continues like this, repeating the "USER ERROR" line over and over.

Trying to run the game again a few days later, it now works as expected, with a much more reasonably sized log file, haha.

It's not impacting me anymore, but I figured I'd tell you just in case it comes up for anyone else, and possibly to let anyone else experiencing the same issue know to delete their log file.

Wow, congrats! 

This was super cute!!

(1 edit)

This year seems totally possible, but I've been pretty busy outside of working on it, so finishing it this month feels like a stretch, haha. (I'll also probably be putting it on the back burner next month to work on a transformation-focused tabletop game jam that'll be going on then.)

If you follow me Itch'll notify you when it's out, but yeah, I don't expect that to be super soon.

You might find this page helpful (after exporting to HTML5)!

People will be a lot more likely to play your game if you allow them to play it without knowing that they need to import it into A browser-playable HTML5 file would likely be the most convenient option for players (and if I'm remembering correctly, C3's free version can only export to HTML5).

Nope, though I have been making slow progress on it for a while. The last time I posted about it publicly was this post, where I detailed my change in focus for the visuals/gameplay, though even that is a bit out of date at this point, haha.

(2 edits)


Here's the other secret ending (max out mercury level):

Day: -1
Encounter: UNDONE
Encounter text: The merchant demands his pound of flesh. The merchant demands his pound of flesh. The merchant demands his pound of flesh. The merchant demands his pound of flesh. The merchant demands his pound of flesh. The merchant demands his pound of flesh. The merchant demands his pound of flesh. The merchant demands his pound of flesh. The merchant demands his pound of flesh. The merchant demands his pound of flesh. The merchant demands his pound of flesh. The merchant demands his pound of flesh. The merchant demands his pound of flesh. The merchant demands his pound of flesh. The merchant demands his pound of flesh. The merchant demands his pound of flesh.

Then you would be presented with 4 options: HOWLING, SCREAMING, NEVER, and ENDING. Presumably, this means that your character has met the same fate as the others who used the mercury potions, and exploded into a burst of confetti. It doesn't display because application.quit() is called before the text can actually be rendered.

And hey, even though you've already seen it, here's the encounter that enables the secret good ending as well since it's pretty rare:

You pass by a young girl in a pink dress rifling through a garbage bin. She hoists herself out, apparently unsuccessful in her search. Spotting you, her eyes go wide as dinner plates. "LOUISE?!"
She vaults the fence and scoops you up in a warm hug.
"I thought I.. I'd never see you again! Mom told me you where under the bed, but I CHECKED and it... it was only socks there..." Big tears roll off her face and wet the top of your head. She kisses you there. "C'mon, lets go home. I remade my bed all nice and there's a tea party waiting for both'a us!" You make no effort to stop her as she cradles you in the crook of her arm and runs back for home. Just another twist in your great adventure... And she seems nice enough. You're looking forward to that tea.
You gently seperate yourself from her and explain that there's been a mix-up. Your name's not Louise, and you're a plush bunny by circumstance, not birth. She nods with a wounded expression, her cheeks still wet. You hate to see her like this, but it has to be done.
You promise you'll look high and low for Louise, every step of your journey, and she hugs you one last time. You feel warm. "Thank you..."

Healed for 10HP!

Oooh, there's some pretty neat stuff here! The roles in particular feel super unique.

It's been a little while, so this might be wrong.

(Encoded to avoid spoilers, paste into

Gurer'f n frperg nern nobir gur ebbz gb gur rnfg bs gur fgnegvat gbja. Oernx gur ivarf naq pyvzo hc gb pubbfr bar bs gjb vgrzf. Gurfr vzcnpg gur raqvat lbh trg, va obgu gur raqvatf jurer lbh fvzcyl yrnir gur gbja gb gur jrfg be zrrg gur qentba nsgre qrsrngvat gur svany obff. VVEP, gur pebja yrnqf lbh gb gur xbobyq freinag raqvat, juvyr gur phc yrnqf gb lbh orpbzvat n qentba.

Oooh, I really enjoyed trying this out!

Definitely consider adding the transformation tag, my TF games tend to get a decent amount of traffic from that.